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I’ll condemn if you make a mistake by negligence or omission. Remember that you’ve chosen a career that you committed for the rest of your life. You can commit and in fact those commit, many errors in your profession. The sentence that says, we all know that if there are 10 doctors gathered around a patient safety that there will be 11 different diagnoses. Medicine is an art, not a science, and therefore errors can occur, despite how much you spend to it and worry continue permanently. These errors are all forgivable, but not those that you mentioned. And of course your friends will be the same fate. Never doubt these words.– be brother it-, said Natasha while he made a gesture indicating that he had recorded in his mind, his words.

You’ve said a hundred times in the latter years. I have it etched fire. I promise that will do everything that this my best not to disappoint you. – Can’t – emphatically said his brother-remember it! Later, along with her parents, approached the car to congratulate Ruth and Gladys, who had not wanted to go down, because it was quite uncomfortable to descend in the car when they were located in the rear seat. -Congratulate them all.-affectionately told the brother-all three deserved this final. They have worked hard for years to get it, but at the end, it is of you.

-Ya know, both Ruth and I, – said with a mocking air Gladys to Natasha’s brother, while loomed a little his head through the front window – that we can not make that mistake. That you yourself you ordered send us to jail-. -I’m glad for you that have it present-, said brother very seriously. – As to not have it, with the times that we’ve threatened, said Ruth – but none we will give you that taste. You will not get a job at coast our, that we guarantee it with emphasis. -It is not my intention get a working extra, my intention is to make them understand that ye were those who freely chose that profession and have a commitment to meet. – And we will do it, he continued saying Ruth, don’t doubt it. We have the magnitude of the responsibilities we have acquired – very present. -Congratulations to all of you: you doctors, – the mother of Natasha said, approaching the window of the car, while she walked away to his son of the same, trying to put an end to the theme that cargosamente maintained.

Britain ELCON

ELCONs remote feed system helps operators optimize their fiber rollout and accelerated the market introduction ELCONs remote power supply system (RPS 1600) offers a unique opportunity to optimize the distribution of energy and to take full advantage of this bandwidth and performance of connected via optical fibre access networks. ELCONs RPS 1600 allows operators access networks savings of up to 40% of the costs incurred in the fibre-optic expansion for power supply and operation Regardless of the regional electricity distributors, the times for the establishment of FTTX can be and small cell networks shorten By continuing to use the existing copper wire network, a defined output of up to 15 watts over a distance of 6 km along a copper wire pair is guaranteed High energy efficiency of over 90% on the participants page Hartmannsdorf, 17 Dec 2013 – the rising demand for higher bandwidth and faster Internet connections forcing network operators continually to optimize their networks and develop. The To meet requirements of the end customer, access networks must be converted and completed closer to the customer and on glass fibre. The glass fibres is up to the KvZ (FTTC), an external network node (FTTN), or a distribution point in the vicinity of the building (FTTdp) in fixed networks. The fiber end is all these variants to a remote location and the active device technology requires an own power supply. The number of cells increases constantly in mobile networks, so that the network’s performance with the limited available spectrum. Therefore, mobile operators have now started with the construction of “small cells” or “HetNets” (mixed networks).

This requires more sites with “small cells”, which must be fed locally. Operation and maintenance of power supply systems for access networks are now more complex and expensive. In addition, the times for laying glass fibre, as the coordination of various regional utilities will be extended in These distribution networks is the real challenge. Secure network operation and service in event of power failure, need many new locations of battery systems for emergency electricity supply, causing considerable investment and ongoing maintenance costs. All of this provides network operators face major challenges: you must plan investments and at the same time provide a fast payback on these costs. ELCONs new remote power system (RPS) will help operators cope with this task. ELCON has many years of experience with remote power technologies in networks of leading network operators.

“The rising demand for fiber optic access networks is a big challenge for many network operators on the one hand, for but also the opportunity to optimize their current distribution in the increasingly complex network structures. The operating costs be a centralised food distribution control much more efficiently and achieve significant cost savings”, emphasizes Werner Neubauer, CEO at ELCON. About ELCON: ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH is a leading provider of innovative and future-oriented telecommunications solutions in the areas of network access and food distribution. With a focus on optimization of telecommunications networks, ELCON is leader in remote power solutions and network completion technology for private and business customers, as well as mobile phone services. ELCON has sold more than 10 million products worldwide to leading telecommunications operators in 34 countries. founded in 1990 and headquartered German, ELCON maintains two research and development centers, a State of the art manufacturing facility in Germany, as well as sales and service centres in Germany, France, Italy, Britain and Austria. More information under: your contact person: ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH Katarina Schinke Tel.: + 49 3722 7351-331 E-Mail:

Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes – drainage pipes are part of the drainage system and are the main working body. Drainage is used since ancient times and are made of different materials. Today culverts made from polyethylene because this material has several advantages over the others. In the first instance to the main advantage of drainage pipes hdpe include their longitudinal stiffness at the same time axial flexibility. The service life of culverts is a term of about 50 years, and their weight is negligible, which greatly facilitates their installation (for comparison: one bay drainage pipe diameter of 110 mm and weighs about 25 killogramm, and one bay pipe diameter of 160 mm and weighs about 50 killogramm). Drainage pipes manufactured by pbt are a quality product, which in comparison with analogues produced competitors has the following advantages: the holes in the drainage pipes do not pierce or make their way as most analogues, which makes two significant advantages. First, the holes in the drainage pipes are closed, as in the hole tube is left hanging material (in the case of a puncture drainage pipes such residues may block the drain pipe and eventually stop working). Secondly, the width of the hole can adjust the width of slotted mills, ie, holes can be of any depth and width, depending on customer needs. Also, it ensures success of the drainage system as a whole, as in the case of siltation of the drainage holes continues to successfully work. Drainage pipes wrapped in a protective filter material (geotextile), which provides protection for the holes in the drainage pipes from silting. To purchase culverts wholesale or retail, please contact our managers listed on the site phones.

The Causes of Art

etc. In fact, any person engaged in selling daily, even if his work is directly connected with them. For example, selling a child the idea that he went to bed, or selling the idea to her husband, so he bought a fur coat. You can cite many examples on this topic. We sell ideas, products, opinions, orders, what we like, dislike, and more.

There is a very simple and precise definition of sale. SALES – ART IS CHANGING VIEWS OF ANOTHER PERSON about anything, this puts him DESIRE to do something. To be effective salesperson, you first need to learn to take care of a man … "Now I can tell you this the most important thing in real estate sales and more. In any case, sit back. Attention! – Sold ideas, not objects! Understand this well. It is really important! You never sell your property, even an ideal buyer, if, before that, have not sold him the idea of the desirability and attractiveness of most of this purchase, just for him! The ideas are primary – and only objects of the investigation of previous ideas.

We are interested in a result – the object was sold, then it's time to take care of the causes of those ideas, which, after their sensible use and create such investigation. There are two main aspects, both equally important. This is the content of the ideas and ways of its location (messages, reports it to the appropriate terminal.) Let's start with the first, with the content.


We are made in the image and likeness of God and, therefore, are unique with intelligence, rationality and spirituality. We all have skills and talents that we can develop. We all have an enormous potential within ourselves. That potential is virtually unlimited. Everything that we are able to imagine and visualize can achieve this. Many of the barriers that limit our actions are mental barriers than ourselves, at some point in our lives and sometimes without realizing, we have set out.

These barriers prevent us to develop the enormous potential that we all have. Necessary to eliminate those mental barriers to succeed, be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. Always, remember if you think you can, you can; If you think you can’t, you can’t, everything is in our thoughts and our mental attitude. Anything that you can visualize and wanting to can be yours if you propose it, a goal is set to achieve it and acts according to a specific plan. We must all recognize that there is great abundance in the world. This is a reality, we need to convince ourselves of this; There is great abundance in everything around us and there are also great abundance within ourselves. When we appreciate the nature, we can see abundance and Marvel why.

In the celestial Vault there are millions of stars, many still undiscovered. There are millions of fish of various species in oceans, seas and rivers. The flora and fauna and Earth are composed of millions of species. There are variety of minerals, metals, and hydrocarbons in the earth itself. There’s plenty of oxygen and other gases in the air that surrounds us. In our world there is abundance everywhere. All, also have an abundance of mental and spiritual resources that we use to make us fully within ourselves. The unlimited potential that we possess is part of the abundance that exists in this world.