Tambov School

The base center decided to do school in Voronezh. In Tambov School of territory twice, has a higher certification commission for the protection of theses, which is not in Voronezh. In Tambov biggest and best professors – teaching staff. But the old housing is built in 1915. Previously, it was because the Cavalry School. But there is a free and barracks.

At the end of December 2008 closed the school in Irkutsk. Planes all students and teachers of the war moved to Voronezh. They wanted the best, but it turned out, as always. Of – for lack of barracks students and teachers were placed in enclosures in prison. It's not up to school just to survive, eat, sleep. There are not enough classrooms, housing, housing for officers. Started dysentery.

Validation of the General Staff looked at the work of the authorities, they were afraid and sent in January fifth year aircraft back to Irkutsk write diplomas. And then wait for college students from Stavropol, and then from Tambov. But you can also leave in Tambov, not school, a branch of the Institute, Voronezh. The military did not go after everything in Voronezh, some retired from the army and will join unemployed. Them and so not enough of – the crisis. But there are also several hundred civilian personnel: teachers, laboratory assistants, technical and service staff – they go public. Strange situation: reducing the army officers – although mostly seniors. Schools also reduce the military. So lieutenants will be less. And in the armed forces – namely the lack of junior officers, lieutenants, captains. Where is the logic? Although there is hope. According to some reports, in Tambov 'Link' set will still be, though less than last year. Source: City Wall

WINAICO Offers Insurance Protection

In the future also plants with WINAICO WST series modules can be assured the comprehensive insurance protects the entire photovoltaic system from almost all property damage, business interruption losses and possible reduced income. When purchasing from WINAICO plant operators get for free this insurance cover for the period of two years modules. In addition, the operator has the possibility to extend the insurance coverage for eight years on a total of ten years. New is that the insurance from 2014 for the modules of the WINAICO WST series can be completed. Here are the first two years but not free of charge included and the insurance conditions differ from the already known terms for the WSP series. Also, the insurance can be offered in the future in all European countries. In addition, WINAICO from January 2014 offered a similar insurance protection for Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Philippines and United States. We have our 3 in 1 “insurance package already in the year 2011 introduced, to provide even more safety our customers and the plant operators.

While many of our competitors already completely retreated from the market can no longer offer an insurance package of its kind, we have even extended the package and WST modules can offer insurance from next year also for the WINAICO”, as Sascha Rossmann, international sales manager at WINAICO. Out the insurance package worked together with the Willis GmbH & co. KG, one of the leading global insurance brokers. Secured the scope of insurance is the renowned European insurance company ERGO Versicherung AG. The fact that WINAICO directly supplies its customers is crucial for the outstanding performance and the attractive terms to the contract extension, in addition to the stringent measures for quality assurance.

WINAICO manufacturer and system supplier as a 100% subsidiary of the semiconductor company win win Precision technology co., Ltd., headquartered in Taiwan manufactures and distributes world’s crystalline high-performance modules WINAICO. In addition, WINAICO as a system House for photovoltaic delivers complete PV system packages. Customers of the company are solar specialists, solar installers, installers and project planners. Installers benefiting from above-average product quality, the products manufactured in Taiwan according to highest quality standards as well as the comprehensive consulting, planning and services by WINAICO. A generous storage ensures the rapid availability of the WINAICO products. Press contact: WINAICO Germany GmbH Marketing Europe: Katharina link Tel.: + 49 7933 700 30-16 fax: + 49 7933 700 30-22 E-mail:

German Federal Supreme Court Confirms

The German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has confirmed year separate payment arrangements this in Karlsruhe on 6 November concluded with the customer for insurance products. The AFA AG welcomes this decision. Therefore, it is allowed that insurance agents conclude a separate agreement to equalize costs with customers. The AFA AG from Cottbus had brought this decision to obtain legal certainty on the issue of separate payment arrangements, such as, for example, the cost equalization agreement (KAV). The Supreme Court gave law the OLG Naumburg with its decision in favor of such separate payment arrangements in its rejection of the revision, that 2012 fundamentally had taken a position on this issue. The Naumburg judges had at that time already ruled that the conclusion of so-called “net policies” with an independently regulated remuneration between the representative and customer are allowed instead of traditional policies with an internal compensation claim (“gross policies”). By AFA Separate agreements represent AG mediated cost offsets (KAV). In particular the judges of the Oberlandesgericht now confirmed by the Federal Court of Justice pointed out that this net policies model from customer point of view even above all with regard to the cost structure is more transparent.

Also the closing costs for the buyer could be a total lower, because this model of separate agreement the compensation can be calculated lower and risk premiums does not need to be done differently for the case of a premature termination of the insurance as at a gross police. The German Federal Supreme Court follows as a result of the reasoning of the Court and established the groundbreaking ruling also so that a separate remuneration does not exceed the scope of the permission as Versicherungsvertreterin .den “and it indeed in principle is acceptable to make consulting activities of the intermediary to the subject of contractual paid arrangements. The verdict is in particular the customers of AFA AG look forward and confirm in their decision which have elected a market once recognized costs transparent and beneficial model with the separate cost equalization agreement of protection and prevention. About AFA AG General financial and Assekuranzvermittlung (AFA AG), an independent financial sales based in Berlin and Cottbus, and over 20 years of experience successfully on the market is established. The insurance professionals and system business of AFA AG have a Chamber of Commerce degree and are registered in the EU register of brokers. They work in accordance with the EU directive for financial services. Every year the AFA AG provides nationwide 750 free training places available and promotes 250 young entrepreneurs. New office locations are planned in all Germany.

Study English

Study English in England is faster and better studies most never stop and kept updated throughout life. Such is the case of English where practice makes the master and not would have accommodated without sufficient communication quality teaching, whether oral or written. Therefore, the English courses in England give sufficient guarantee that you will learn the theory with the same intensity that practice, grammar will be on par with the conversation, supported in a welcoming and supportive environment. It is always best to go to the source of knowledge to achieve the best results. In the case of a language, the course English Ireland and England give you the support of learning faster and better, inter alia by the following: as soon your country of English environment salts will be present in all activity to encourage you to lose your fear to express yourself.

Relies on the experience of several years and thousands of students from all parts of the world, allowing to refine the method and the means of teaching English. England and Ireland are quintessential a destination enjoyed by all young people to pursue their studies of all kinds, because it has quality, institutions, technology and adequate teachers. The proximity to other European countries allows students to make contacts and travel to integrate into the European world of antiquity and modernity. An entire culture together to benefit and to welcoming you all and each of the students. The study of English in England and Ireland’s offers a special value because they represent the cradle of culture and universal music, which feels in every place you visit. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and improve the language in one of the most important development centers of the world. Source: Press release sent by jcmedinave.