Convention Theater

For what theatre?, if we also prostitute it, if it won’t find the genuine smile, but only the easy and superficial (as if life itself is not already filled with all that without anything else), what if we are not going to want to exploit as actors, exploiting other worlds, not what, who are manufacturing this type of theatre perhaps tell me that yes they will explode, that Yes are reborn, yes grow and dawn with a throat full of new winds of creativity (and I use that word last remitiendome at his most mystical sense). Checks sometimes is I it off conservative or square when I touch this topic and probably yes, but rather what I feel is that I was born with an obsession to find senses and provoke deep or interesting – things from my obvious point of view – is that do not have all the same vibration, that we do not all belong to the same world and not every theatre is for all people (this can end the controversy that my) same paragraphs open), but also is which is always good to debate, questioning, not doing to do and, if it has to be done, to do something and hopefully, for the sake of our own species, that that something is not only money. I’m still wondering – I for what the theater? Why is so full of magic that feigned interaction (and not) between people in a pre-designed environment, why and how the theater know and choose us?, why, finally, the man has had this expression for so many years, why the trend, I think, want to see reflected (is simple narcisimo?); When born this Convention that are entertaining and the entertainers, which search there is in that really, and why increasingly it seems that there are fewer search, is only postmodern trend?, why the entertainer has as much tendency to hang with applause and still not see beyond, why we forget that we are messengers and that is laden with responsibility. I think theatre should resume once again certain characteristics of rituals which has lost, I believe in throw down once for all the element backdrop, the theater is life and life is theatre and they would not have to follow separate by a heavy fabric and red, I deeply believe in the impact which can cause this discipline and think that is underestimated, believe that it deserves a special time to devise it, make it, mold it, delight, with – form and then displayed, believe that theater production is in contrast to fast-food production systems, used and disposed of and time is money I think that theater currently (as in other stages of its history) has many enemies, and the first is the ego of the groups that do, the second, unfortunately, are the economic needs of the same and the lack of social and political importance currently has, in the majority of Latin American countries, at least. The list is long and I don’t have all the answers at all. And perhaps time for all that and more, the answer is still endless V..

Private Swimming Pool

For an optimal water treatment in the private swimming pool is the weekly Backwashing of the filter circuit of particular importance. Constant to ensure optimum water quality in private swimming pool, work on the sand filter system must be carried out regularly. Furthermore, are to check the water values of pH and chlorine content and adjust if necessary. But first to work on the equipment: the filters, which usually from PP or Fiberglass is manufactured, is an equivalent amount of quartz sand grain size from 0.4 to 1.0 mm filled. This quartz sand has the function to absorb the solids in the swimming pool water or contaminating substances. This is hair, dandruff, insects, leaves, flowers, etc.

The swimming pool water is sucked in via the filter pump swimming pool and pressed with a carefully calculated speed through the sand bed in the filter tank. The water flows through the small openings between the sand grains again to the bottom of the filter and is there on special cartridges the pool returned to. The pollutants that are larger than the openings between the grains of sand, can freely pass through the filter sand and become lodged in the sand. Where is the speed of pressing water through filter sand of particular importance. Should be neither too high nor too low. The filter speed is too high, creates a resistance in the filter which makes for an extremely high pressure and eventually can lead to mechanical damage to the boiler. Filter for low-speed, is no sufficient circulation of swimming pool water.

The tanks, filter pump performance and filter surface are in a close relationship and a filter velocity of 30 m / h is called optimal. The constant increase in pollution in the swimming pool (especially in outdoor pools) rises also the dirt in the filter tank. This automatically leads to a pressure build-up in the tank.

Magical World

We know that in the tender childhood the form is instilled us in how we must see the world. One says to us that round and smooth object of sweet flavor that we took from a tree calls apple. It is taught to us how it is constituted, his form, color, flavor, from what tree comes and many other things which nobody can put in doubt. Our thought is conditional then to see the material world through our organs of view, ear, sense of smell and pleasure. But a boy would say that the apple is alive and is its friend, all would think that he is a boy with an imagination very developed or that he is crazy. This boy, is wise. The apple without a doubt will not be able to speak with him and nevertheless, it has vibrations energetics and the life beats within her. When entering the world of the white Magic we will perceive what limited is the form to see the Universe on the basis of its physical complexin.

We will begin to notice the life energy that flows around each physical form, in the people, in the animal, the plants and the things. They compose our world infinity of inanimate objects that in their outer appearance, are dead. But we will learn in the way of the spells of white magic that not to have understanding is not to absolutely lack life. The object does not feel pain and either it does not have thought but it is part of the mutable energy of the universe and each plant, leaf, fruit, animal and inanimate object it has a vital pulse. We see so the world overflows with life, of movement and dynamism. To own the knowledge to be able to explore that world is the way of the white Magic which we are going to undertake with the immense joy of knowledge that we are going away to find with a magical world, much more complex and simultaneously simpler than the one than we lived in the present, because all the beings come and comprise of a same Universal source. Original author and source of the article