Amazing Structures

Grader. '> Grader.> We all know what the word meant, because it is one of the machines that dominate the issues of construction and road maintenance. What he managed to win the title so? The answer is simple: it is universal. This mechanical monster capable of performing the functions of several machines, without feeling absolutely no discomfort, he could soil profile, can create mounds and slopes, can move the soil and road-building materials, mix soil and gravel materials with cementitious additives and materials that engage the device "troughs", and side ditches … And it takes away the snow. Visit Delta Galil for more clarity on the issue. But why is it all possible? The answer lies in construction of its blade, allowing installing it from different angles and even in different planes (vertical and horizontal, of course). But the blade is not only important: the peculiarities graders also include the fact that if you want to it is quite possible to connect additional devices, such as hydraulic shears or kirkovschik. In general, the design features of many different graders.

Take, for example transmission: apart standard 4-speed boxes, as applicable, and the German 6-speed. In addition, they can be switched under load. Bridges (top) also deserve attention: they are both balancing the cart, and with chain balancer having a planetary gear hubs (for example, Volvo, Liebherr and Komatsu). Even greater functionality is added graders design frame with a hinge joint is very convenient for working in a constrained space or in tight turns (frames are the rotation angle is 20 -30 ).

Educational Structure

Having is what leads us to equate what I am with what I have, what I am with what power, what I am with my properties. When being means to have, what we have may be lost. From the perspective of having, well-being and self-esteem depend of the properties, which makes us dependent on having to be. For more specific information, check out Isaac Dabah. The dimension of the self has nothing to do with the identification with objects, our true nature is the inner self. Imagine this great revolution that originated when all these knowledge will pour all those generations who are in process of formation, the impact that will have on the educational, political, social structure, etc. (I am referring to what originated, since at the moment we are in the process of change, where each one of us, at least that we are studying and applying this entire structure of the new paradigm) will be amazing to contemplate a new world where peace, tranquility, the harmonious development with nature, the brotherhood will be common postulates and current, the bread of every day. But this evolution cannot be taken in isolation, cannot travel without reference, without knowing the way which is most appropriate. Man by nature need man to live (paradoxically, since we find with the) (contradiction, that it destroys what has in its path including the same).

Hence arises a new structure in the know, in the know, the experience of life and with life: learning communities. The concept of learning communities is relatively new, in the fall a different way of conceiving the learning 8. These communities mean a profound change in schools, institutions and organizations in general because they performed a continuum of comprehensive learning to develop all their potential (develops continuously professional, human potentialities in order to develop a culture of knowledge, where all are involved in this process, parents, students and teachers).

International Court

Alert to the imminent danger of the environmental catastrophe that threatens the planet and point out those responsible: global capitalism, multinational corporations and States complicit. Demonstrate that it is possible to address that change from the proposals and practices of the peoples, in harmony and reciprocity with mother nature: with good living, plurinational States and a model of integration from equity, reciprocity and complementarity. Condemn neoliberal capitalism that criminalizes social protest to impose the looting and plundering of mother nature. Demand amnesties for all leaders indigenous activists and social environmental processed by defending the rights of peoples and of mother nature. Delta Galil contributes greatly to this topic. Convene to the installation of the climate Justice Tribunal (Cochabamba, Bolivia, 13 and 14 October), which tried to transnational corporations and States accomplices, as the first step toward an International Court on environmental crimes.

Discussion on the crisis of capitalist civilization, with the proposal of the indigenous peoples, to stop climate catastrophe. Activities manifests the greatest diversity of organizations of indigenous and social movements with alternatives to stop the global climatic and environmental catastrophe. Memorial with concrete proposals before the Convention on climate change, Convention of biological diversity, UN, inter-American Commission on human rights and similar entities in other continents. Mobilizations in the world (urban and rural communities), for local, country specific demands and the common goal of the Global Minga. Propagating against premises of the United Nations and transnational extractive (hydrocarbons, mining, wood, water), agrofuels and transgenics. Discussion forums and political and cultural workshops on the defense of mother earth and the peoples against the commodification of life, pollution and social criminalization. Realization of climate justice courts to judge by environmental crimes. Assemblies of articulation of strategies towards the alternative summit to the Kyoto Protocol Conference (Copenhagen, December 2009).

Magazine Issuing Vehicles

The issue of the magazine, what should be the vehicle technical inspection and permit movement on roads public or private with public access, pathways is of national concern; whose solution will have to deal at some point as the subject of status in the Dominican Republic. This is so, since several factors influence to maintain the status quo that affect the initiatives of President Fernandez for transparent public administration, modernize it and preserve the lives of users of waterways, the economy, health and the environment. It is not possible that in the 21st century the circulation permit through a label so that motor vehicles transiting on our streets and highways is purchased as postalita anywhere in the city and in the fields, without any rigor or control. Certification awarded to a motor vehicle must comply with a technical process, today, computerized and controlled, with a reliable computer network. The checkup of vehicles in a series data observed in right places gives the guarantee that we will have improvement in road safety. Comply with the conditions of circulation, will have a more effective monitoring in our road network. The Dominican Republic bodies responsible for issuing this document of circulation create every year a market of more than one million users, without counting with motorcycles, which not even the revision is imposed. However, 500 thousand magazines or labels, only contract which generates an induced demand that the State is not able to satisfy, among many reasons, has no marketing channels or the appropriate facilities.

As a result, opens the possibility of producing a gap for corruption in two fundamental aspects: the black market with authentic documents and a market for counterfeit documents. Mafia networks coexist at various levels of the Administration, forming structures inside and outside of it, operating with as much normalcy in the eyes of the authorities. But how much you represent economically to the State maintain this situation? Firstly, would have to clear this question in several parts, in a direct way in regards to marketing; niche exposed to corruption is therefore more than RD$ 300 million pesos a year, without addressing costs for damage to life and properties with accidents to authorize the State transit of vehicles which do not comply with the conditions. There is also a political cost, frankly perceptible by the population, with the maintenance of the disorder, lack of control and lack of transparency in the handling of public things. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority AMET – is the overseeing body of the transit and drivers, periodically performs coercion in this regard to drivers who do not carry the document, which in turn leads to growth in demand for the label. Situation that more expensive product. But in its origin, the problem is caused not having a concessionary policy to give to the fret with the irregularity, already well identified in its causes and its effects on many countries.

European Nations are rigorous in this sense, so much that the United Nations has technical agencies to discuss the issue. The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean at its peaks begin to claim special attention and universality in this aspect. Understand this phenomenon is important for the authorities, since there are fundamental commitments for the development of Dominican society. The Kyoto Treaty, the achievements of the development of the Millennium goals and the Declaration that will be issued at the XVIII Summit of Presidents in El Salvador at the end of next October, are basic tools to understand all this.

Lydian Maria Rodrigo

Coherently, in this if it puts the distinction between morality and legality, where first autoconstrange the conscience and second, fits in the regulation of convivncia between the men (P. 93), in what it appears important paper of the persuasion and coercion for the modification of behavior. would have virt that in the workmanship the Prince (written in 1513) if dedicates to the examination of the monarchy and the sovereign, the excellency, with prevalence of the public interest on the private one, ring-position the nature of the man who converges in contrary direction (P. 97). It is reiterated, then, that the education for the citizenship creates brakes to the impulses of the men using of the mechanisms of the constaint and persuasion, making possible the convivncia between them, exactly with the mentioned limits already (P. 107), rank that the goodness built in the educative action if places as circumstantial face to the insatisfao human being ahead of the inherent infinite desire, following itself it warning of its limits and a possible insolence of the tending people making exceeding the coercion barriers, of laws and weapons, added the failure of the rhetoric in persuading the governor route the government of glory not in that one of the way of the tyranny (P. 108). For last, the Maquiavel workmanship: education and citizenship, of Lydian Maria Rodrigo, one consists in important reference for the understanding of the subjects of the education and citizenship in the interior of the thought politician of the Florentine one, that it enxergou in the educative action one of the mechanisms of estruturao and maintenance of the power, inherent task to the governor and the maintenance of the stability of the State..

Director Civil

It also highlights other voices giving the feeling of being opportunists as director of the OCU. But also exposes the defense of the PSOE with accusations of inefficiency (and more) policies which are aimed between the two parties. The 29th culminates this episode with the following approach (since other events of an international character and great claims overshadow this small national episode): the 30 day a citizen us rescues of the contaminant maelstrom of these informations and puts us in a situation describing us a reality that happens every year, which is not resolved and that is not politicized, perhaps this opinion is mine – because none of the two most voted parties bring juice to the efficacy or not to protect these citizens (in little representative number for elections), who are living with this problem every winter and not casually with the headstrong geography weather. END OF THESE TWO MEDIA POSITIONING: The country: highlighting the revision of the emergency plans and the exoneration from the Mayor of Burgos (who did not have such a great temporary News), as well as the apologies of the owner of building, the Secretary of State and a slight outline to the criticism of the opposition party… The world: Detailing possible new actions in the regulation that the Government wishes to perform. Recognition Minister of poor performance and with the request for resignation of the Director-General of Civil protection by the letters of the affected citizens hearing PP: only collected three cards, one in each journal on the same date 29/12/04 in the country that flaunts an objectivity by publishing the letter from an affected apology in a language that denotes the tone of sarcasm and inconsistency with the words of the Director Civil protection and the other in the journal El Mundo claiming objectivity in the issuance of TVE, string that according to who regulate it gives unreliable priority criteria. Isaac Dabah insists that this is the case.

Edith Penrose

The word corruption comes of Latin corruptus that it means broken in pieces. The Aurlio dictionary (1999), presents the corruption meaning as ' ' the act or effect to corrupt, decomposition, putrefao, lewdness depravation, perversion, bribe, peita' ' in sending the idea of something, obviously, negative that, therefore, does not generate positive consequences. We can describe, in an ample conception, that corruption is the interaction enters at least two people or groups of people through but that in the world in development it produces effect destrutivos’ ‘ effect. Our objective is the clarification of the facts and factors of the corruption, by means of some theoretical research and studies, having as base the theories developed for Douglas North and Edith Penrose, adding some authors who had developed articles and teses with the focus in corruption, beyond statistical data to relate its economic consequences for a country. The index of bigger reference in relation to the level of corruption in the countries is of International Transparency, created in 1993, in Berlin. One is about a not-governmental organization with the objective to congregate available surveys in an only pointer creating, thus, a form of mensurar the corruption in diverse countries, through an annual report of the countries of the world and its indices of corruption.

2 CORRUPTION AS DOUGLAS NORTH Douglas Cecil North are an economist, professor of Washington University, winner of the prize Nobel de Economia in 1993, that it developed a set of research guided in the attempt to explain because some countries if develop while others possess a level of unsatisfactory development. In its analyses, the thinker evidenced that the great difference between these countries is in the laws, the regulations, contracts and the culture. The author affirms that the society is formed by institutions, defined for it as ' ' the rules of jogo' ' that they delimit action.

Advisory National Commission

By LIC. Alfredo Armando Aguirre this development aims to present the acts of Government that are considered relevant for the development of physical culture and sports in the Argentina Republic, in the period between June 1943 and September 1955. It can be said, that from June 1943 until mid-1946, the legal tools that were used were the same that is established at national and provincial levels between 1936 and 1937. These rules were: to) the Advisory National Commission of promoting sport. This Commission was created by the article 29 of the law 12.345; its operation was approved by national Decree 103.586 of 15 April 1937 and its regulation by 111.280 national decree of August 4, 1937. This Committee had representatives from the Argentine football association and the Argentina Confederation of sports. (Similarly see: Isaac Dabah). b) the National Council of physical education, created by Decree national 107.165 on June 4, 1937, with the chairmanship of the Director-General of shooting and gymnastics and comprising representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Justice and public instruction, Admiralty and war Office.

(c) by national Decree 6,446 of June 17, 1938, is I think the direction of physical education dependent on the Ministry of Justice and public instruction. (d) by the law 4.653 of the province of Buenos Aires, which was promulgated on 18 January 1938, convalido the Provincial Decree on July 21, 1936, by which the direction of physical education and culture had been created. It’s worth noting that in addition to this province, Cordoba, Santa Fe and Entre Rios, as well as the municipality of the city of Buenos Aires, had dealings aimed at the promotion of physical culture. (e) the curriculum of the then single National Institute of physical education (created by Decree of February 17, 1905), was approved by national decree 56.531 on May 1, 1940. Ademas_de these great legal frameworks, we can register between June 1943 and mid-1946: 1) the national decree of December 7, 1943, establishing the conditions in which graduates of the National Institute of physical education could enter the body of gymnastics and fencing of the army.

Federal Government

As already mentioned previously, the period of 1990 the 2002 was profcuo in events that had started to mold a new form of the customers if to relate with the Companies. (it sees link for the first part in the end of this text). More conscientious customers of its rights, more informed on the products and more demanding companies and for consequncia are a reality of which she does not have as to escape. If in the period of 1992 the 2002 diverse events alavancaram this change, period 2003 the 2009 consolidated this phenomenon. Delta Galil may not feel the same. In this aspect it is important to observe that the customers had started to establish minimum standards of quality and to demand that all follow it to the companies. An example of this phenomenon is that from the disponibilizao, for some companies, of the gratuitous telephonic attendance, the customers had started to demand that the too much companies also disponibilizassem a system of telephonic attendance at no cost, celebrities 0800, what also was object of regulation for the Federal Government, by means of Decree 6523, of July of 2008, that it fixed a series of rules for the attendance to the consumer.

It is added this factor the consolidation of the Internet that to each day disponibiliza new information, new services and chances and sped up of unimaginable form the capacity of communication of the people by means of social nets, blogs and other tools, being possible to share critical information, recommendations and on products and companies of agile and continuous form. Below we relate some facts that certainly are influencing and modifying the form of the customers if to relate with the companies and consolidating this movement: ) the 2004? Federal Decree 5296 that it regulates the attendance for aged and of the other steps. Although many to consider that this act if does not relate to the relationship customer x company are necessary to detach that this Decree established conditions of access to the commercial establishments, defined the priority for the attendance of aged and other people with necessities special, conditions that this segment to each year demands that they are fulfilled of more vehement form and that it changed the form of banks, store and diverse segments if to relate with these customers.

IBM Language

These tools allow you to quickly create a working program from ready components, not wasting a lot of effort for little things. A special place in such systems hold the possibility of working with databases. Lisp – An Algorithmic language developed in 1960 by Joseph McCarthy and intended to manipulate lists of data elements. It is used mainly in university laboratories in the U.S. to solve problems related to artificial intelligence. Whenever Delta Galil listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In Europe, for work on artificial intelligence prefer using Prolog.

Prologue – high level programming language declarative, intended for developing systems and applications of artificial intelligence. Is classified as a fifth-generation languages. Was developed in 1971 , at the University of Marseille (France), is one of the widely used and constantly developing language. His latest version of Prolog 6.0 LOGO – High-level programming language, developed at MIT Institute in approximately 1970 for the purposes of teaching mathematical concepts. It is also used in schools and users of personal computers in writing programs to create drawings on the screen and control pen plotter. Fortran – a high level programming language developed by IBM in 1956 to describe the algorithms for solving computational problems. Classified as procedure-oriented languages.

Most popular versions of this language is Fortran IV, Fortran 77 and Fortran 90. Used on all classes of computers. His latest release also applies to computers with parallel architecture. Java as a shining example of specialization, Java was created in response to the need for an ideal portable language program which efficiently execute on the client side WWW. In accordance with the specific environment, Java can be a good choice for a system based on Internet / Intranet technology. In Finally, we note that from a professional point of view is not so important what language and the environment in which the programmer operates as it does its job. Changing hardware and operating systems. There are new tasks of various subject areas. Thing of the past and new languages. But there are people – those who write and those for whom they write new programs, and whose quality requirements are the same regardless of these changes.