Century XX

If to this fact we added the preoccupation to him by evident sonrojo face, the momentary tremor in the voice or the pulse; really, that the others realize their nervousness, the fear increases. Like in all the phobias or situations that are to us uncomfortable, the tendency is to try to avoid the malaise. This situation is very useful in the short term but it maintains the problem and aid not to solve it. Sociologists and investigators social maintain that new malaises social of this time to hper consumer and absolutely eglatra not are consequence of relations of production, because is a malaise that it does not require of a social reading, much less political since that sorrow is private, of each individual, of the pathology of its emotional misalignment because it has not known to be around the time or the destiny. It comes to confirm the strategies of individualisation and patologizacin of numerous modern malaises.

What has happened? With the posmodernidad the notion of the then present was lost and the reality it reconverted. And thus, little by little, the individuals of the societies posmodernas were leaving by work and grace of the narcisista relativismo to the paralyzing nihilismo, apostatizing even of the future. Then the social biographies, like referring of culture, fragmented, were published the stories of social emancipation, more importance to the aesthetic one occurred him that to the ethics, and egolatra to hper consumer served to justify, from the flexibilities of the market to the historical containment of our bodies. Old woman solidarities of class were debilitated by the historical strategies of the communitarian protection. The vital space remodel and the delocalisation used to perpetuate the distances between the subjects. The policy, like concept restored at the beginning of Century XX, and like promise of social .redemption, has been defeated like weapon battle, and the right to I over todo" it has compensated the increasing depoliticisation of the social relations.

GmbH Managing Director

Innovative dental technology of the InterDent highly available InterDent since it was founded in1985 affordable dentures in German master quality offers. The company from Lubeck is a pioneer in its sector and today the three major providers in Europe. The recipe for success – the unique combination of quality and competitive prices. InterDent founded a laboratory master in the same high quality guidelines as in Germany to do so in the Philippine capital of Manila. The Philippine dental technicians are trained in accordance with the German profession, also all the material and all work instruments about the InterDent central laboratory in Lubeck is purchased to ensure the high quality standard.

InterDent has commissioned soIT with enterprise-wide consolidation and virtualization of the server. The convincing overall concept and the practice-oriented approach was crucial. soIT uses powerful IBM servers and the easy to use DMZ solution pro!A DMZ of soIT. So this is company against attacks from protected externally by a central firewall including spam filters and virus scanners. With the introduction of the DMZ was the corporate network with VPN (virtual private network) optimally tailored to the needs at InterDent. With the full consolidation, high availability of systems with Xen ensured so that can further be used also in case of failure of a server without data loss.

Is used to virtualize the Citrix Xen environment an IBM X 3650. “Bernt Penderak, soIT GmbH Managing Director and representative of the InterDent, illustrates the concept: with our open source solutions we provide medium-sized companies through a fair, affordable cost model which holds the investments within manageable and through free updates helps to reduce operating costs by waiving license fees and one-time Numbercrunching.” In addition to the high availability, the Lubeck open source specialists per have mail archiving!MAILARC on a royalty-free basis Software introduced. All emails are archived quickly and compliant with the law.

The Structure

But the procedure of purification of consciousness can not change the structural formula of consciousness. For his re-purified consciousness enters into the material world, and this happens as long as the mind or not transferred to the new stage of its evolution, falling for life in a more committed towards our worlds, or is the dismantling of soul consciousness, and in this case, consciousness loses her memory and all experience cumulative evolution, since its development from scratch. In this case, the more ancient structure of consciousness, so it is more developed, the more intelligent and highly educated person is capable to represent the material world, the more offensive then the consciousness of the soul to lose the experience of evolution. But this happens only with the consciousness, which is steadily growing percentage of dark consciousness. In this case the consciousness of the universe makes it very simple conclusion – the way forward for this blind alley of consciousness, assisted by the consciousness of the universe for the soul consciousness does not lead to desired results. It should be noted also that the more highly structure of consciousness, the greater responsibility for actions committed she is. After all, no wonder the development of dark consciousness in the structure of the archangel Lucifer has made him an angel of light – Satan. Mankind knows many examples of how the representatives of a highly consciousness due to a large percentage of dark consciousness of the possibility of using his mind is not for the benefit of people, but against them.


The explanation of these processes is that they are determined, and may be given a causal explanation, i.e. There is a psychic determinism, but they would not only a cause, if not a meaning, and the meaning of the meaning has to be radically reviewed, since the meaning of these well-intentioned expressions is generally unknown to those living, i.e.There are purposes of which knows nothing, are involuntary, ideas or unconscious in that person. This opens a new psychic reality of the intimate nature of which we are so ignorant as we are from the reality of the outside world, and that our consciousness can not detect. Thus the psychoanalysis is nothing more than the discovery of the unconscious in the life of the spirit. Isaac Dabah is actively involved in the matter. But in addition, another Freud hypothesis, is that these unconscious ideas are not aware because they are denied and rejected by the conscious self. Why: the psychoanalytic theory is in fact built on the perception of the resistance which the patient exercises when we try to make it aware of the unconscious.

Thus, there is a conflict between the two, and psychoanalysis is the science of that conflict. The unconscious is set when the individual refuses to admit in his conscious life an intention or a desire that has, and in doing so sets itself a psychic force opposite to your own idea. This rejection is the suppression, but the intention or the idea remains. The essence of repression is in the role of reject or hold something out of consciousness, but those ideas appear in dreams and neurotic symptoms which are the emergence of the unconscious into unconsciousness, thus creating a compromise between the two systems conflict that cannot be resolved. Freud illustrates the nature of repression with a series of metaphors taken out of the war and of police life. Psychopathological phenomena also shows the existence of the unconscious.

Santiago Bernabeu

If tour Europe is, it is impossible to sidestep Madrid. It is the Capital of the Spanish State and only in his city is home to more than 3 million people. Along with its metropolitan area concentrates 6 million people making it one of Europe’s most populated districts. Since then, a city as large, has a varied housing offer for tourism. There are countless amount of cheap hotels in Madrid. Since then, by their place of Capital, Madrid has the headquarters of the Government, Ministry, institutions and public bodies that give the hierarchy needed to be at the height of the circumstances. While it is true that it is one of the richest cities in Europe, it is not difficult to find cheap hotels in Madrid.

Like any cosmopolitan city has different strata of economic access and at the height of various niche tourism pocket. However, staying in this city is ideal to scroll through hundreds of inevitable places within a tour of Europe. In Madrid, it is possible to visit the Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol, and the zone of Arguelles. Those who have weakness for art, will find some of the most famous museums in the world. Works by Spanish artists such as Goya, Velazquez, Picasso, Dali and others, you can find in the Prado Museum or the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Many of the cheap hotels in Madrid are close to these places.

It is also the stadium of soccer Santiago Bernabeu of Real Madrid that is tourist attraction by itself. There are many visitors staying only to see a party within their establishments. In addition, the Real is one of teams with the best players that everyone. The passion for football, generates make it an ideal Center for staying at one of the cheap hotels in Madrid. In addition, Madrid is a city that does not sleep at night. Their albums and pubs guarantee divertimento without limits. Some of the cheap hotels in Madrid guarantee access to the disks more alleged by young people who come in search of fun. But Madrid is also a space of recreation family and for all tastes. In addition, it is easy to move in the means of transport available in the city. Nowhere is far away or is inaccessible in Madrid.

Hair Structure

It is important that headgear is not was close: a cap should not push and compress the forehead. Tight gum. Even one day with a tail, remove the rubber band taut, fraught with trouble: are weakened hair follicles, destroys the structure of hair, starts producing excess fat, and also shrinks the scalp. Give up on the “ponytail”, especially on top. At night let one’s hair down and let them rest.

Braids overnight. Francisco D’Agostino may help you with your research. Do you wash your head, braids and dreadlocks set go to bed. But wet hair is especially susceptible to damage, and such execution will not benefit them. Tomorrow will be difficult to comb them – look how much hair left on the brush. In addition, you can wake up with headache – the scalp is contracted through the night, and it triggers a rush of blood.

Many procedures at once. If you do immediately after application perm, hair can not twist, and also change color. Wait at least 7 days! If you want blood from the nose colored curls today, first made the wave, then – staining. After such stress curls need special care and treatment masks. Too hot air dryer. Under the high temperature hair issushivayutsya become unruly – then it is difficult to lay. How do dryer safe? Make sure that the distance from the tube to the head was not less than 20 cm Use your dryer less often, but if it inevitably, turn it on only the power. Inappropriate shampoos and conditioners. If you have dry hair, and you use shampoo for oily, they will become even drier. Hair greasy, and the means you use to dry – hair will look as if you have not washed my head at all. Buy cosmetics for your hair type and try to shampoo and conditioner were the same brand. Intensive treatment. Constantly rubbing his head in a mask, you perenasytish hair with nutrients, and they will become fat. The mask to use 2 times a week for a month, make a monthly break and repeat the course. A mask over the entire length of hair, but do not rub it into the hair roots. There are still many errors and many can not describe everything, but these are the most common, so to treat hair and they you will have beautiful and most importantly – healthy.

Building Futureoriented Structures

Guide of the FELTEN Group assists in the realisation of demanding productivity and quality objectives in the production of TPM requires a significant reorientation and move away from the classic BDE/MDE systems Serrig, 16.03.2011 – with the basic idea of a zero fault tolerance in the whole performance processes of production optimization philosophy established itself in the market increasingly total productive management (TPM). The FELTEN group the guidance document referred to as a navigational aid issued overlooking the systematic structure forward-looking TPM free a comprehensive guide on the one hand is the possible improvements in production processes. On the other hand he deals systematically with the backgrounds, why measures for efficiency improvements in the past have achieved the desired effects. An essential part of the fifteen-page navigational aid then enters productive management on the possibilities of the approach of total and how he introduce himself in the practice. Also is a best practice model for the Management of TPM activities with automated optimization processes in the production presented. Completely new possibilities of performance improvement and cost reduction in the production obtained by TPM”, describes Werner Felten, Managing Director of the FELTEN group, the benefit of this philosophy of zero error tolerance.

She should be confined to but a conceptual statement of intent, but must be represented consistently technically. This also includes the companies not on the status of the BDE/MDE systems aimed primarily at Automation effects remain, but aimed at a workflow-driven flexibility. Until then, TPM is indeed meaningful affair, but this requires a significant realignment in the consequence”, Felten justified the publication of the Guide. Practical help can be ordered free of charge at. FELTEN group: The FELTEN group is an international operating software and consulting company, the solutions to the Process optimization for all production areas and according to international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21CFR part 11) developed.

Clients include Beiersdorf, Boehringer Ingelheim, Symrise, Sensient, Texas instruments, etc. Isaac Dabah is actively involved in the matter. FELTEN has become the first supplier the holistic and process-oriented production intelligence approach. The company is present except in the German-speaking European room also in the United Kingdom, France and Singapore. think factory groupcom Wilfried Heinrich Tel. 022 33 / 61 17 – 72 fax 022 33 / 61 17 – 71 Pastorat str.