National Park

Metamorphic elevations, known as heights of slates, rocks are the oldest in the area, old Jurassic period, about 250 million years ago. They are located to the South of the Valley and over them are Los Jazmines hotel and La Ermita, as well as the Vinales national park visitors center. These elevations are soft and very little slope forms. On them to grow pine trees (Pinus caribaea variety caribaea) and tropical Pinus (both endemic) and Oaks (Quercus oleoides variety sagraeana), all endemic. It is on these elevations and the Valley of Vinales where are designed almost all the tours outlined above.

Information about them and general nature of everything related to the area is provided at the visitor center of the National Park, next to the hotel Los Jazmines, and in the municipal office of heritage, located in the Municipal Museum, in the town of Vinales. The elevations on carbonate rocks are known as mogotes. Some, bordering the Valley of Vinales, while others are in the same Valley or extending towards the East, North and West of Vinales. The highest point of the entire town is on this type of elevations. The age of the rocks is middle to upper Jurassic. They are the most valuable areas of the National Park and therefore on them there is only a distance of high value, whose visit is only coordinated with the Vinales National Park. On all trips, to a greater or lesser extent, some groups of local fauna of great charisma, such as butterflies and birds can be observed. But the best conditions for bird watching are recommended travel wonders of Vinales, which passes through a semideciduous forest Karst, where in the nearby la Aurora hours or at dusk you can hear the birds singing and observed their abundant populations. For those lovers of visiting places from where can be referred fine Visual or make photo nature there are viewpoints that allow to see combinations of landscapes of great beauty, combining many landscapes cultural with the natives of valleys and elevations of slates and mogotes, including in these combinations the sea line.

Side Effects Of Drugs

Methylisothiazolinone – Causes allergic reactions and irritations (Fairley, 2001). Parabens – Petroleum product. – Irritation of the skin and triggers can be a xerestrogen (Fairley, 2001). May play a role in the fall of sperm counts and rising breast cancer rates (Fairley, 2001). Used in 99% of all cosmetics (Fairley, 2001), and in many so-called "natural" products. Parraffin – Petroleum. – In the form of wax, mineral oil or petrolatum. – Comedogenic, ieblocks pores.

Propylene glycol – When oil. – Increases the amount of acid in the body, resulting in metabolic problems. – Large amounts are needed to produce this effect (Agency forToxic Substance and Disease Registry or ATSDR, 2003). Sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate – Forms of carcinogenic nitrogen compounds when combined with specific ingredients. – Irritating to eyes, skin and lungs (Antczak, 2001). – Harmful if swallowed and can cause damage to eyes (Antczak, 2001).

Tallow – animal fats. – Not suitable for vegans, and can be a skin irritant. Toluene – Found in many nail products and nail polish remover. – Produced during the process of making gasoline and other fuels from crude oil or coal. – It evaporates into the air when the productosque containing toluene are opened. – May affect the nervous system, and / or cause fatigue, confusion, weakness, nausea or loss of appetite. – Symptoms disappear when exposure is eliminated (ATSDR, 2003). In Canada, not all cosmetics from its list of ingredients on labels, but have more free telephone numbers that have links to their customer service departments, where inquiries about ingredient lists can be made.

Howard Gardner Information

Our learning style therefore corresponds to the major trends with our most used strategies. But, of course, the existence of a statistical average does not preclude deviations, or in other words, that someone may be generally very visual, holistic and thoughtful does not prevent, however, auditory strategies which can be used in many cases and for task specific. We noted also. our learning style influenced by many different factors but one of the most influential is related to the way in which we select and represent information. All of us are receiving every moment and through our senses a huge amount of information from the world that surrounds us. Our brain selects part of that information and ignores the rest. If, for example, after an excursion ask you a group of tourists that they describe some of each of them will places that probably visited talk about different things, because each of them will be fixed on different things.

Don’t remember everything that happens, but part of what happens around. Select the information to which we pay attention depending on your interest, naturally. It is easier to remember the day of our wedding that on any given day. But it also influences him as we receive information. Some of us tend to look more at the information that we receive visually, others in the information they receive aurally and others that receive through the other senses has written and commented further that one of the theories more exciting and better informed of those that appeared in recent years is the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner.

Gardner defines intelligence as the set of capabilities that allows us to solve problems or make valuable products in our culture. Gardner defines 8 major types of intelligences, or capabilities According to the context of production (intelligence linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, bodily kinesthetic, musical intelligence, spatial intelligence, naturalist intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence). All develop the eight intelligences, but each of them in different grade. Although part of the common ground that not all learn in the same way, Gardner rejects the concept of learning styles and says that the way to learn from the same individual can vary from an intelligence to another, in such way that an individual can have, for example, a logical holistic intelligence perception mathematical and sequential when working with musical intelligence. Gardner understands (and rejects) the notion of learning as something immutable and fixed for each individual styles. But if we understand learning style as the global tendencies of an individual when learning and if we assume that these global trends are not something fixed and immutable, but they are in continuous evolution, we see that there is no real comparison between the theory of multiple intelligences and learning styles theories. Ultimately, Howard Gardner emphasizes the fact that all the intelligences are equally important. The problem is that our school system not treats them equally and has enthroned the first two of the list, (logical mathematics and intelligence linguistic intelligence) to the point of denying the existence of the other.

Hostel Barcelona

When one arrives at a strange city, one of the majors preoccupations is to find a lodging adapted to spend the days during the time that we are residing. And more if you travel in company of your family, friendly or pair. The certain thing is that whatever type of lodging that we choose, we must always demand an excellent service, because finally we are investing our money. The good thing is that there are lodgings like hostel London or Hostel Barcelona, where you will be able to find comfortable and economic a service. Criteria to choose well However, most recommendable it is to plan well before traveling more to a foreign city and if one is your vacations.

Some generally take certain criteria to choose a suitable lodging. – The zone where the hotel is located, can guarantee to the tourist the security and tranquillity to move vice versa from the lodging to a tourist site of the city and in very just a short time. – The hotel must be close to downtown, because it allows to have access to all the main services like the transport, through train or of the meter, the food in the restaurants, pubs or cafeterias and the stores of memories, for the purchase of artisan gifts. – The price of the room is generally going to say to us if the hotel is luxurious or economic, but often we will find lodgings with a great relation quality price. In addition, one is due to think about the type of room that we looked for, since if counts on less beds or baths obvious the cost will be more cheap. – The services that the hotel offers, following the hotel company, sometimes imply the breakfast and dinner. Whereas in other cases, those services are an additional cost. Therefore, he is advisable to ask before renting a room, we do not want to take a disagreeable surprise to us when we pay the final account. – The reserve in the hotel, is the best way to assure the lodging to the place where we will go of vacations because we left if it for last hour, we can be whereupon there are rooms no available, so, is avoided a headache.