Bicycle Club

‘ See & be seen place pale look ‘ Dusseldorf – the ADFC Dusseldorf e.V. Under most conditions Dropbox would agree. has set up white bicycles in three places in the city. With the clear message “see & be seen instead look pale” labeled wheels should urge all road users to more awareness and cooperation. Also, the wheels reminiscent of serious bike accidents in the respective positions. Distributed in three places, over the whole city, the striking white wheels are available. “Clearly a poster with the words: see & be seen instead look pale”.

“The ADFC Dusseldorf has the wheels in the city-wide campaign appearance and be seen ‘ set up and want so also heavy accidents involving cyclists the locations on the Ko, Wersten and Munster road remember. Bicycle Club wants to achieve with the action that each traffic participant himself and everyone else more attention, so many accidents could be avoid. One of the conspicuous white bicycles stands on the Ko. Here, a truck driver at the turn by the stone road in the Konigsallee saw over a cyclist in the summer of 2010 and injured it severely. Of cyclists to have been traveling on the cycle path of stone Street in the direction of Carl place. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Quicken Loans and gain more knowledge..

The victim in the leg was critically injured in the accident. “Another white wheel with the unmistakable message see & be seen instead look pale” stands at the corner of Werstener Street Cologne road, a busy intersection in Dusseldorf versts. Here a cyclist was seriously injured at the beginning of the year also. After testimony, he defied the Red pedestrian / bicycle traffic lights at the intersection. Then, he was hit by a car in the intersection area. One of the bikes is also visible on the Munsterstarsse house number 36. Here, a Radlerin end of 2012 of a car coming from a land exit was approached. After the cyclist on the bicycle path in the direction of Julich Street Dodge a trash container to the right had to, it was not observed by the car driver and it resulted in the collision. ADFC Dusseldorf e.V. Since 1989’s ADFC Dusseldorf of competent contact person for bike – for citizens, city and politics, as well as for its more than 2,000 members. In addition to guided tours and an extensive course programme, he ADFC Dusseldorf including working groups actively participates the transport planning for a bicycle-friendly city. Press contact General German Bicycle Club Dusseldorf e.V. Tim Stenzel press – and public relations

Chief Secretary

For Europeans, crises are incorrectly – more evidence of failure. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Green. Life crises can affect anyone with 30 or 60 years of age. The 30-year bank employee who leaves the family with a young girlfriend. The 50-year Chief Secretary who puts the Tarot cards in the future only for others. Or the 40-year old with a surprising diagnosis: incurable cancer. Here the question arises then for those directly and indirectly affected after the previous and newly revised life plans and future new patterns of action.

How goes it on now? What do I in the future? What to do I win at life quantity and quality? What’s my plan B? Only a few people remain affected by these changes. British American studies analyzed 2008 worldwide 2 million people from 80 Nations. The midlife crisis (psychological low point) reaches us in General, in a U-shape, with about 44 years. Regardless of our personal and social situation. The crisis occurs gradually. We put our lives into question and arguing with us. Europeans view their life course (growth, development, consolidation and rounding) causal, linear and static.

It starts his private and professional life and plant it at best to the pension in the ICH position. In a second attempt, you must plan then even up to the end of life. You forget that in our lives is dynamic, complex and also other people constantly compete with us. If fifty people a job applying the application losing neunundviezig. This shall be deemed a loser (vs. winner) the are quantitatively and qualitatively not enough dedicated. Our problem is the ignorance of our absolute and relative position in the context of our individuality (health, death, etc.) and social position. Optimistic start his life and plans and realized the next few years, based on ongoing successes. Own life as pure best-case scenario. In many people, there is an energy blockade in the psycho-soma area, as a result of the child’s education course but after many years.

Kennedy Space Center

The launch has taken place with delay by a helium leak. It is expected that the probe reaches Jupiter’s orbit in 2016. During Earth year you fly past the planet 33 times. NASA Juno launched this Friday the probe with the aim of studying Jupite r and decipher what’s in the inside of the gaseous planet, what amount of water contains and what role played in the formation of the solar system. Juno departed on an Atlas V rocket, equipped with five solid fuel boosters, from the Kennedy Space Center of NASA in Cape Canaveral (Florida), a few minutes late after detecting a leak of helium in the rocket, according to the space agency confirmed, did not affect any of its systems. It is expected the probe to reach to Jupiter’s orbit in July 2016, after touring 2.8 billion miles, and terrestrial year fly past the planet 33 times to a height of about 5,000 kilometers from the giant planet, eleven times larger than Earth, in search of answers. Source of the news: NASA Juno launches probe to study about Jupiter

Parquet Bonding

There are two forms of bonding. We can put it into strips or glue with a continuous layer. The tail can also deliver in two ways: by applying parallel strips of glue along the boards or as a continuous layer of glue all over the floor. In a wooden strips glued to the tail is divided into strips in the place where we will place the plank of wood. We can apply this system where the wooden slats have sufficient size.

Glue strips are placed perpendicular to the floor parquet strip, leaving a gap between each strip. Strip parquet place and press for a correct grip. We must wait a couple of days to dry the glue. We will keep the parquet comes right up the wall. We leave a perimeter clearance of about 10 millimeters between floors and wall to allow expansion and contraction of wood caused by changes in temperature or humidity.

Later we will cover this space with the socket. It is used for wooden wedges. It is important to keep this separation, because the park with the passage of time and by performance factors such as humidity might change in size, which may cause the parquet to deform if it has this little space for expansion. In a continuous bonding using a serrated knife extend a uniform layer of glue all over the floor. We must respect the type of glue recommended by the manufacturer of parquet and suitable dose. In this way we ensure that all parts are firmly secured. This type of glue is used for parquet or mosaic composed of small tablets. If we consider it necessary to place a layer of sound insulation on the floor prior to installation of the parquet. In the market for acoustic insulation boards are designed precisely to place under the park and include channels on which to apply the glue. We must ensure that the insulation is perfectly sized, dried and fixed to the ground before proceeding. To this we must wait two or three days to make sure that the tail of the insulating layer has dried before applying the park on the surface. In we take account the distribution of the floor and, above all, the distribution of the windows. Parquet slats should be placed in the direction of light. If on the ground there is no natural light, or when we have several windows on different walls, we began placing the first strip against the wall bigger. The parquet glue is thick so it can lower the number of times, depending on the thickness of the tablets.

Karsten Werksnies

Note You should, also, whether the insurer offers a free position in the event of the need for care. Whenever Quicken Loans listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Finally, it just is financially very tight in case of maintenance. If the insurer paid simultaneously releases the care of the payment of its contributions, then this is certainly a very positive criteria for the appropriate tariff. More information around the topic of securing long-term care can be found on the website. Contact: Bergische insurance broker Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal Tel: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 contact for the press: Bogdan Kalid image source: Yuri Arcurs / corporate information: company Bergische insurance broker was founded by the diploma economists Bogdan Kellinger and Karsten Werksnies as an independent insurance broker. With the Internet presence of young the company specializes specifically on the needs of private individuals and professionals, who would want no advice-bound insurance representatives an individual insurance company, but based on independent comparison calculations to get low-cost and high-performance offerings of from various companies. Bergische insurance broker has connections to more than 100 different insurance companies. There are special rates available for various professional groups such as students, trainees, graduates, or certain traders.

In addition, all other age and occupational groups will advise comprehensive, fair, independent and competent. Since 1998 in the insurance industry are active customers via the Internet, by telephone and by post served – when preparing offers, as well as in the event of a claim. The strength of the Bergische insurance brokers is characterised by a very high market coverage, highly trained staff and variety of services tailored to the needs of specific target groups. With an individual analysis and the use of cutting-edge financial comparison software, customers are advised objectively and independently.


INTRODUCTIONThe present article is made for teachers wishing to enter higher education. To develop a methodology of work they should focus on the study of the different branches of the pedagogy as a science of education having as object of study the learning process of students. It studies the laws of the direction of the training process, determining the theoretical foundations of teaching content and methods to be applied in the classroom. Studying and applying the instruction and teaching experiences in higher education, providing also the domain of the methods and procedures of teaching and the complex art of the pedagogical influence on the pupil; the focus on the study of the activity of the educator and the learner in correspondence with the characteristics of the educational process. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from actress and filmmaker. On this basis shall be drawn up the theory and methodology of direction and organization to refine the content, methods, procedures and means, becoming vital problems for the progressive movement of society.Brassilia education means the set of influences exerted all of society in the person, so man is educated throughout life, this process being the result of form in men the values linked also to your instruction and training.In a narrow framework education is characterized by work aimed at the objective qualities of the personality as well as modes of conduct training, organized for educators. Each class to teach is one link in a chain, and the changes that occur in the mental activity of the students, as well as those taking place in the formation of beliefs, are not achieved suddenly, but are the result of the continuous work of the educator, is why they have to meet a scientific and methodological criteria systemi.e. they have to form a harmonious whole from the point of view of the objectives, content, methods and organisational measures necessary for teaching, considering the fundamental role the preparation of teacher development classes, and not should be forgotten that each class is nothing more than an item within the complex process of teaching, so it not is should teach a class isolated since it brings as consequence that the learning and training of students is not properly guaranteed.To achieve the target path should see the class as part of a system that is composed of subject, course and the rest of other subjects, and only when class is properly linked with the anterior and the posterior of the same subject and which are developed in other subjects, you can hope to contribute effectively to the development of the traineescontributing to the development of skills and habits, consolidate and enrich knowledge acquired previously, supporting the formation of convictions and establish the necessary foundation for the development of future work.The class is a directed process with defined objectives which are controlled, so that information and feedback is obtained through the exams in class students, serving to rectify the way.The selection of the contents of the classes, their order and structure, is made from the target paths for the subject, but to comply with the objective, content must be assimilated by the student body with the degree of depth that it requires.The methodological structure of classes has a universal character, since they apply to all subjects and school levels, being essential and determining the form of the same organization, being mandatory compliance with the structure of the classes, considering how should be structured the same.Structure methodological Clases.La structuring of class is a complex process and creator, constituting the Summit stage and fundamental of the work of the teacher, therefore the same manifests itself in the preparation, the sense of responsibility and skills, taking basic demands that must meet the class and is of transcendental importance take into account the characteristics of the Group of students that is It works. .

Thomas Mann

” The fundamental element of the lobbying is to secure that a member of the Congress votes by one, by its objective or his causa” , Meek says. ” In order to obtain this, one must convince to that person that it can do it without losing its next election. Thus it is of simple”. In order to do it, sometimes it is necessary to mobilize to the voters of that legislator by means of refined campaigns at popular level and in mass media, so that the public finds out the question and exerts pressure on the legislator so that he votes in favor of the cause that one maintains, adds Meek. To lobby has one ” importance enorme” in the operation of the government, it indicates Thomas Mann, director of governmental studies in the Brooking Institution, organization of political analysis with soothes in Washington.

As the Government expands and the problems become more complex, the members of the Congress and their assistants, crushed of work, must depend more and more on experts of outside obtaining data. This has taken to the development of great companies of lobbying, able not only to make contact with the enemy with the congressmen and their assistants, but also to follow the track to them thousands of regulations, to place announcements, to do that voters send letters and make calls telephone and to obtain that their spokesmen pronounce themselves in mass media or newspapers to way to position positions that could become from great acceptance or popular rejection, depends on the proposed objective. The lobbying companies generally take care of congresionales subjects and of the complexities of the legislation, whereas the companies of relations you publish take care of ” rather the mass media, or publish announcements at popular level that will cause that the public writes to his congresistas” to them; , it says to the lawyer and lobbyist Mary Lyman..

President of the Republic

In case of absolute lack of the President of the Republic, the Vice-president will assume the position until the end of the period. The President of the Republic will be able to trust to the Vice-president special missions or orders and to designate it in any position of the executive branch. The Vice-president no it will be able to assume functions of Minister Delegatario. ARTICLE 203. For want of the Vice-president when it was exerting the Presidency, this one will be assumed by a Minister in the order that establishes the law.

The person who in accordance with this article replaces the President, will belong to her same party or movement and will even exert the Presidency when the Congress, by own right, within the thirty days following to the date in which the presidential vacancy takes place, chooses the Vice-president, who will take possession from the Presidency of the Republic. ARTICLE 204. To be chosen Vice-president the same qualities are required that stop to be President of the Republic. The Vice-president could be reelected for the period following if Integra the same formula of the President in exercise. The Vice-president could be chosen President of the Republic for the following period when the President in exercise does not appear like candidate. (Article Modified by Decree 2310 of 2004) ARTICLE 205. In case of absolute lack of the Vice-president, the Congress it will reunite by own right, or call of the President of the Republic, in order to choose to that there is to replace it for the rest of the period.

They are absolute lack of the Vice-president: its death, its accepted resignation and the permanent physical incapacity recognized by the Congress. CHAPTER IV – OF THE MINISTERS AND DIRECTORS OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS ARTICLE 206. The number, denomination and order of precedence of the ministries and administrative departments will be determined by the law.

Natural Exercise

Something that regularly forgets when we decide to exercise memory. Take water! In addition to being important for the body, is essential for the proper functioning of the brain, then I explain that has great importance. For it! If you were to have a 1 to 2% dehydration lose balance of minerals in the body, and thus greatly affect the functioning of the brain. The memory and the water have previously talked about the importance of exercise as the best exercise for memory. Scientists from the United Kingdom scanning the brains of two youth groups exposed to hour and a half of physical activity, a group with special suits to sweat more and others with nothing. Those who were involved lost nearly 1 kilo of sweat and his brain tissue had been reduced. They came to the conclusion that the water is vital for the proper functioning of the brain. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out actress and filmmaker. But beware, there to stop doing exercise, believing that it will affect us the memory, contrast is very important as ejercicio for the memory thing the only that never, but never be forgotten is staying well hydrated during physical activity.

Alternatives to Natural water! Of course not! Any beverage, as juices, gatorades, etc. make the same function of hydration. Also when eat, the liquid is present in almost everything that we consume every day. Mainly in fruits and vegetables. Recommendation recommendations indicating the experts are:-consume at least two litres of water a day, recalls that it also includes everything that contains liquid, juice, fruits and vegetables etc. – these here you want to improve and develop memory truth? So do not take into account liquids with high content in sugar or stimulants, such as coffee for example. -It is that simple water does not like many people, so you could prepare a delicious fruit juice, as a complement to natural water. -Continuous doing memory exercises recommended in this blog! -If you do any sport the amount of water to the day must be greater, whether in your business most of the time or you’re sitting 2 to 3 litres of water will be sufficient.

Are you ready? My challenge is to take action, if improvements your, we improve all, improves the world over, continues to develop your memory, if you’re a good consumer of water, I congratulate you, if not I challenge you to start at this time, changes not only in your brain really, really in your whole body and your health. It is not a great effort, it’s just a question of changing small habits, and results impact for the rest of your route. Or prefer to continue buying those combos of mc donlads, that you go up a few pounds of more (that matters while the bass) but if you know that all that fat and excessive sugar affects your mind of course would see you something different. It is better to prevent than to spend money in the doctor and medicine. Take a glass with water and health! Thanks Ignacio Monroy dedicated to your creative success of the course: original author and source of the article.


When we suffer from hemorrhoids must know how developed are to take adequate treatment, and specifies its location. According to his State found bleeding hemorrhoids, swollen, thrombosed, and its location are internal and external. Well first of all we must not confuse when we talk about hemorrhoids swollen with hemorrhoids trambosadas, since in both there is an increase in size, but the difference that becomes something very hard since there is an internal clotting of veins, and in the swollen in the trambosadas there is flushing, heat, pain and burning caused by segregated prostaglandins. If you would like to know more about actress and filmmaker, then click here. He is recommended for a good treatment for inflamed hemorrhoids: home treatments: baths of cold seat, and the application of ice covered with soft fabrics help to decrease swelling, although you can soothe much pain, paramount is that hemorrhoids does not continue to grow. Medicinal plants: Chamomile is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, well we can consume 5 to 10 times a day, and using envelopes can apply them in the wounds. Take sitz bath baking this herb also get excellent results. Other important plant in the treatment for inflamed hemorrhoids is the lapacho, we use its crust through cooking, and with him you can debug all your body.

Other plants effective but no less important are horsetail and alfalfa. Medications: If you don’t have home remedies available to, we can make the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, among them we find to NSAIDs or anti-inflammatory drugs. In this type of medicines must have great care not to take excessive, as a dose adequate help much in our problem, but in high doses causes bleeding in the stomach and intestines, and it is more desirable when they are thrombosed, the best-known find ibuprofen and ketoprofen. Topical glucocorticoids is the other option for inflamed hemorrhoids. In any case, ask your doctor’s trust for a better recipe.