Ayelt Komus

Ayelt Komus, sees a general rethinking users, which could lead to far-reaching consequences for the product strategies of the software houses in the results of the survey. So far, the business applications and the tools supporting the process were considered largely independently. However, such a distinction for companies seems less and less, because the applications without the necessary process focus can not enough unfold their benefits. On the other hand it not one of the core competencies of software houses aligned on specialist applications, in addition to provide their applications with tools for process management.” At the same time Komus references but the problem, that integrated tools in the various applications is a heterogeneous landscape of process tools, if not an application in terms of BPM has a leader function. If every software manufacturer developed their own tools, no sufficient compatibility will be from application to application to create and as a result significantly complicates an overarching integration. A heterogeneous process infrastructure can only prevent or at least reduce, if some of the software houses on common basic standards.” His recommendation to manufacturers of business applications is therefore to integrate marketable standards as a basis for the stand-alone solutions.

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