Become An Entrepreneur

That human being is called an entrepreneur, not only because it starts something important, but because it culminates, finally getting the benefit of their creativity for the effort. Logically that there are countless projects that can be generated, therefore skills are not always the same in each case, but if you can set common personal characteristics, which are converted into advantage and certainly not always we have them at the start, allowing them to develop and incorporated into skills and behavior of the person. Under most conditions Bausch & Lomb would agree. Among the common personal qualities that must have an entrepreneur, we have: 1. creativity. Generating ideas is often complex, and be imaginative in the abstract, with concrete deeds in fact requires in many cases from a previous knowledge of the elements involved in the problem to solve. Be innovative to meet unmet needs or better still glimpse create and respond to needs in a new way that doesn’t exist yet, are the fundamental challenge for a creative entrepreneur.

2 Persistence. This is a very important quality especially when things seem to waver and keep alive the spirit of achievement must be active at all times and to transmit it to all involved (collaborators). 3 Sociability and communication. Is obvious that during the development of a project, the relationship with individuals and entities is therefore key, social contact and communicative ability is very important, shyness does not take place, empathy has its maximum presence. 4 Flexibility. The ability to adapt to new situations (without losing goals), especially the unforeseen, maintaining and transmitting calm contributors is also essential. 5 Sensitivity.

To detect and deal with problems. 6. Leadership. The entrepreneur must be the man Orchestra, that drive and East to your project team at all times and be especially tolerant. 7 Training, knowledge and previous experience. It is preferable, because it gives the emotional stability and security, to situations which are complex.