DMS Agorum

Store electronic documents documents in a document management system is an integral part of business processes and can be in terms of legal certainty for companies of great importance. As especially the audit-proof archiving fixed about a procedure documentation of electronic invoices, which can serve as evidence against the Treasury. However, only 17% of the companies that employ a DMS, have certified it and 1/3 of the companies surveyed include no documentation of the process, as shown in a recent study of the Association organizational and Informationssysteme e.V. (VOI). The document management system agorum core has been tested by an audit company confirmed that agorum core Pro when used properly enables an accounting corresponding to the GoB and GDPdU.

Ostfildern 22.04.2013 company would archive right – and audit-proof electronic documents, so it is important to comply with statutory regulations. Delta Galil shines more light on the discussion. Agorum core Pro version 7.0 is designed for this: with the Document management system documents can be according to accountancy firm, when used properly, for the IRS law according to the principles of proper accounting (GoB) and the principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU) tamper-proof archive. But also includes that describes the document-based processes in a documentation process. The documentation of the process required by the law describes the invoice processing in the company all operations E.g. invoice processing must be logged and saved as a copy. Where: the processed, stored documents must be reproducible at any time during the whole storage period, i.e.

be readable. The IRS understands at any time so in case of a tax audit, what edits have been made. This requirement met agorum core through an automated versioning of documents. Can using a visible history always used to determine when and by whom a document was changed. In addition, agorum enables core to put archive flags that prevent that original invoices can be changed, moved in the database or deleted. The documents stored in the document management system can be made at any time through links in various acts, such as accounting, supplier folder or an extra field, visible for the tax inspector. In addition, agorum enables core to burn the data on an external drive to transfer them to the IRS as needed. Other functions of archiving with agorum are core: individual workflows for auditing with audit trail and the ability to provide documents in the archive, so that they can be deleted automatically after the date with a deletion date. Learn more about the audit-proof archiving: startseite/produkte/produktuebersicht-dms-ecm-agorum-core/pruefbericht.