Genotec Regional Director

New RTL docu series: on Pentecost Sunday, IAE offers help in the TV Cologne / – under the hammer “is the new series in the RTL-Helptainment format. “From Sunday, May 16, 2010, beginning 19:05, shows Germany House expert no. 1, TV icon Tine Wittler, how to be successful even under the hammer home” brings order to get rid of the debt burden. In the second episode on Sunday, May 23, 2010, at 19:05, a GenotecExperte occurs with regional director Sven Frerichs, which those concerned can help to solve. Many have the dream of homeownership, around 40 percent of Germans have him already. But what happens if the proud homeowners can no longer come up for the monthly installments? If the income falls, people are unemployed or unable to work due to a serious illness, the possession ends sooner or later under the hammer.

But what if no one wants to have the real estate? House expert Tine Wittler is needed here. She wants to save the families before the official foreclosure, which is usually only a fraction of the actual value of a House brings. To bring in the new help documentation under the hammer “attacks the real estate expert stakeholders under the arms and tried according to an overall plan, the affected object even to the man”. The second case Genotec Regional Director of Sven Frerichs in this broadcast shows that the Geno concept always secure Wohnen”(auch) provides perfect solutions for people in emergency situations.That you must not miss! Anke k.-E. (42) is bankrupt, and at the end. After the death of her husband five years ago, the mother of an old House, a large flower shops and a giant mountain two inherited debt.

She manages with much effort and full force of the 380,000 euro debt to work off 160,000 euros. Then came the blow and she no longer could. They and their two children, Annemarie (17) and (18) Klemens exhausted sitting on packed suitcases in the unheated too big house and don’t know how it will go. You can find simply no buyers for the big real estate. The only one that interested until now, is bailed out again. For Tine Wittler and her team a hard piece of work. The RTL House expert must approach not only with much empathy on the thing, but have also a decisive incidence, to save the family from the final. Will Tine cope with this task?