GmbH Managing Director

Innovative dental technology of the InterDent highly available InterDent since it was founded in1985 affordable dentures in German master quality offers. The company from Lubeck is a pioneer in its sector and today the three major providers in Europe. The recipe for success – the unique combination of quality and competitive prices. InterDent founded a laboratory master in the same high quality guidelines as in Germany to do so in the Philippine capital of Manila. The Philippine dental technicians are trained in accordance with the German profession, also all the material and all work instruments about the InterDent central laboratory in Lubeck is purchased to ensure the high quality standard.

InterDent has commissioned soIT with enterprise-wide consolidation and virtualization of the server. The convincing overall concept and the practice-oriented approach was crucial. soIT uses powerful IBM servers and the easy to use DMZ solution pro!A DMZ of soIT. So this is company against attacks from protected externally by a central firewall including spam filters and virus scanners. With the introduction of the DMZ was the corporate network with VPN (virtual private network) optimally tailored to the needs at InterDent. With the full consolidation, high availability of systems with Xen ensured so that can further be used also in case of failure of a server without data loss.

Is used to virtualize the Citrix Xen environment an IBM X 3650. “Bernt Penderak, soIT GmbH Managing Director and representative of the InterDent, illustrates the concept: with our open source solutions we provide medium-sized companies through a fair, affordable cost model which holds the investments within manageable and through free updates helps to reduce operating costs by waiving license fees and one-time Numbercrunching.” In addition to the high availability, the Lubeck open source specialists per have mail archiving!MAILARC on a royalty-free basis Software introduced. All emails are archived quickly and compliant with the law.