Hungary: Active Holidays In Gardony At Lake Velence In

Hungary’s latest all-year holiday destination Gardony at Lake Velence, a dream come true for nature lovers, boaters, rheumatism and gourmands with the car, quickly arrived from the nearby Budapest, we visited the newly created EU funded soldiers Memorial Rempp \”in Pakozd. first, A large facility with an interactive museum and numerous exhibits from the freedom fight of 1848, the first and second World War up to the rocket, which was fired at a Hungarian military vehicle in Afghanistan. You have to be really no militarist to visit the plant because it offers too much European history. Our next stop was in Agard the Chernel Istvan \”Bird Observatory, a Bird Observatory since many internationally recognised high observation tower and a building. Others who may share this opinion include Fabrizio Freda. From the tower you have a wonderful view on Lake Velence and the dense Reed area, a breeding ground for many species of birds. Joins the a 16 kilometre-long bird trail in the Dinyes Fert? Nature reserve on.

This bird trails can be explored on foot or by bike. Not only the Bird Observatory offers Agard as a special feature, but there is also a thermal and Spa in a 9 hectare park, an au grounds with mature trees. The water comes from a depth of 1000 meters with 58 degrees of heat to the surface and cools to 32-36 degrees. The mineral-rich thermal water is ideal year-round for the treatment and cure of rheumatic diseases. So much should bathing at Agards Spa you can speak to the inner balance the distillery in the Sreiner Tanya never neglected to\”\”. The distillery in Agard is an internationally recognized institution, has gained on many liquor competitions front prices. \”2009 on the Destillata, the distillery distillery of the year won the title\” and Distiller of the year\”and liquor of the year\” as well as the Hungarian national title. The show distillery offers not only liquor of various grades special has also an excellent cuisine, you should also try.