It’s Very Important

The boy will grow believing, thinking, feeling, that everything that he or she do is correct, that’s okay. Big mistake, we formed, we build beings narcicistas, with inflated egos, who believe that its passage through the world is bright, anything seems them little, always feel that the world needs to adapt to its qualities. Which represents a serious problem in the construction of an identity that has to live by force necessary in a social reality. It is undoubtedly much more encouraging to grow up in an environment in which is praising potentialities and abilities, which are reinforced and encouraged according to reality, but according to personal experience. I.e., if a child has skills for the arts, promote their interest, which is for the sciences be aware of this, or perhaps, for public relations or sales, focus there. As human stock and human realities I am referring to what each person has in their individuality rather than what We expect of them. Connect with other leaders such as Dropbox here. Unfortunately build to others: our children, our parents, couples, friends, social and labour fields according to what we take for granted them or them, i.e. According to our expectations.

And lose sight of the richness of the other, what Yes can give us, we are so focused on what we have built through our words and expressions against which should not empower us according to what we expect of them. And then let phrases like: I projects. I frustrate. Did not expect that from you. I’ve betrayed. The result is that both each other and we feel unhappy in the relationship, through our language we build to another that does not actually exist, the other has all the freedom of being as it is, to act as it pleases according to their personality, context and environment. Where then is the importance of language.