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You must take into account for the preparation of the class the approximate time that will be devoted to the implementation of each activity and measures necessary for its rational use, and it must start and end to regulated time, using every minute of class reasoned, ensuring the learning at all times in a way such that to avoid loss of time and to obtain the expected result should be selected carefully raise forms the activities, make them and control them, being of high educational value then take advantage of the student in this way. every minute of learning, creating the conditions so that they appreciate the importance that it is that every student take their journey and get greater productivity. It should attention be given to the activities undertaken as a whole student Professor in order to participate actively in the search for and consolidation of knowledge, obtaining the development of capacities, skills and habits by ensuring adequate diversification to maintain stimulus during whole class. Vitally important is that control is exercised during the class by the teacher to know the level of assimilation with a view to take appropriate measures that facilitate the learning of students, also pay attention to the activities of the students allowing students classify and take the necessary measures for differentiated carePlan aid that will be taught to pupils who have difficulties and additional tasks for high-performance. It is necessary to consider ways of teaching to be used in the facilitation of the learning process, focusing the attention of students toward common essential characteristics which must assimilate. It is precise that each class has an internal logic taking into account the objectives, content, methods and means to be used, the creative character that print you each teacher being present at all times, making impossible the creation of a single structure, but does not contradict the determination of some requirements that must be considered in its structuring and realization, among which: Classes are divided into two types: face-to-face and blended learning classes.

Classes: classes the Professor taught content directly, still the same conferences in case of not be televised, practical classes, seminars and assessments are. Semi classes: are the classes that the student is responsible for preparing without the presence of a teacher in front of the classroom, being the same the televised lectures, laboratories. 1. Introduction duration 20 minutes. -The first thing that must be done on a class is the Pass list, although when the group this step is known not performed in the usual way but using other methods that the teacher designs to make it. -Then must rea blog related LFG family Business: Profile: art Monaco Monaco hot news & trend There completo Always Room for Polaroids d’Arte Board Canon wants its own top level domain FayerWayer Canon wants to have its own domain .canon Blumex Canon wants to have its own domain on the internet Gizmodo domain .