New Report Without Political Criteria

It will send its proposal to the other 4 affected cities in case they are desired to add itself. It considers that the contribution to the process of peace in the Basque Country does not have to influence. One of the members of the selection committee denies that the designation responds to political criteria and assures that they could choose with freedom. San Sebastin is chosen Capital European of Culture 2016. The mayor of Saragossa, Juan Alberto Belloch, is going to ask to the Ministry of Culture that gives back the report of the jury on the designation of San Sebastin like European Capital of Culture 2016, so that it returns to make a decision that does not emit political valuations.

In a press conference after chairing a meeting of the Government of the city, Belloch has informed into which a document with the proposal will elaborate that &quot will send to the other four cities; afectadas": Cordova, Segovia, Burgos and Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, in case they are added to his expositions. According to the mayor, the jury in charge of the selection of the cities " incumpli" the ministerial order that marks the criteria by which it must to be in force and in that " caso&quot is not spoken in any; of political questions. Political reasons According to Belloch, the president of the selection committee, Manfred Gaulhofer, mentioned " explcitamente" that the reason for which chose San Sebastin was based on the contribution that could suppose the European capitalidad to " proceso" of peace in the Basque Country. The mayor is going to propose the Ministry of Culture that step the file and does not give back the report to the members of the jury so that they return to realise a new evaluation in which they exclude the political criterion from " to favor or not the process of paz".