Paving Plate

Along the perimeter of blind area is desirable to make concrete tray removal water for these purposes, you can use the sawn pipe, laid on concrete base. At the junction of the blind area to the wall is the seam width compensation of 1-2 cm Some people recommend to patch it with sand or Epps, but it is better suited for this purpose two layers of roofing material, or bitumen, or sealant. If the home is made waterproofing the basement, it just shows up to the level of blind area. Blind area to connect to a wall socket or can not be tight, as in If her little precipitation may suffer a facing material, such as crumbling tile in the basement. Stages of the device blind area (core) unit blind area begins with excavation to a depth equal to the width underlayment and cover (25-30 cm). Trench preferably treated with herbicide to kill weeds roots, as they can destroy the coating.

Along the outer edge of the blind area is set curbs or removable formwork. Then the underlayment is placed and thoroughly compacted. Underlayment is laid on blind area coverage. Each cover has its own peculiarities installation, so we'll cover every option separately. Cobblestone. Small rock or stone, the height of 4-10 cm, is placed on the underlying layer of sand (10-20cm) or fine gravel (3-5cm) or on gartsovku (3-5cm). The gaps between the cobblestones are filled with sand. Paving slabs. Paving Plate (4-8cm) are placed on the same cushion as the boulder, the gaps are filled with sand.