Planet X – Fact And Fiction

Planet X would recognizable mess on the outside of donate of the solar system on the trail of a planet nor Urbain Le computed in the year 1846 Verrier, French mathematician, that there is a glitch on the orbit of Neptune. It should now be the planet X. But nobody has yet discovered him. An interesting moment for storytellers. You can take this aspect for the punch line of her stories. There are no limits to the imagination. A leading source for info: Vlad Doronin.

Several scientists are of the opinion the influence on our solar system, it affects something our whole solar system. The Earth warms up, also the other planet involved. The activity of the Sun is quite high. This unknown planet, Planet X, attracted the great attention of Marshall masters (he is a former producer of the CNN News) and by the physicist Jacco van der WORP from Netherlands. Masters and Jacco van der WORP the authors of the book are the planet-X survival guide the planet-X survival guide.

It came out in the mosquito-Verlag. The book quickly found his readers, eagerly followed the events. Astronomers, physicists, but also students or students actively interested in the book. Masters his version described in this book How to unknown objects can approach our planet Earth. Such approaches lead to changes. The authors describe why that may be associated with disasters. Every 3,600 years haunted masters told, that our history notes every 3,600 years our solar system is plagued by such objects. So we will see this unexpected visit. 3600 years long. Many avid astronomers prepare themselves now. Some watch the sky for weeks, the others are deepening in the books, to get more information, studying through the figures, compare and expect. The press releases of the NASA that were press releases of the NASA in 1992, unexplained abnormality of Neptune and Uranus would exist. The scientists thought of an unidentified object, the outside of the large Solar system moving, one imagines small and Brown it. Return of Planet X masters and the WORP van are of the opinion that the planet X returns again and again. As soon as the planet appears, changed the climate on Earth. This in turn leads to the mass extinctions. Today we speak of a global warming. The topic everyone. The researchers argue that Pluto, Mars, of which are affected. The Max Planck Institute, located in Munich, confirmed the solar activity would have increased pretty much since the year 1940. No direct clash, perhaps not quite comfortable, you feel when you read such information, but the authors explain that there will be no direct clash. The unknown guest, Planet X, only has to cross the plane of the ecliptic. Then, he removed again, but not forever. After approximately 3600 years, he again visited the solar system. The authors masters and van of the WORP calculated that the planet X 2013 will approach in the years 2012-. Effect of Planet X a strongly on the Sun. One must reckon with a larger radiation, then with drift, with eruptions. Multiple storytellers use this point for their work. One imagines huge changes on Earth. It’s all theory.