Private Classes

Since my student life often know the concept of private lessons, help teammates with mathematical chemistry. We used to study for a test and it always ended up explaining the exercises and the methodology. When I was in College earn some money with private lessons in mathematics and and being the engineer to leave him in my first year of professional practice. But life had I prepared again the path of teaching and being Professor of programming, help my students with physics for free since we were a very supportive promotion and created charisma was help – help. DpysYoepdrXqwsQ6bifOEvDsC&TARGET=-SM-https%3a%2f%2fhr%2eprimerica%2ecom%2fWelcome%2fhr%2femployeeHomeExt%2ehtml’>Primerica jobs, then click here. Always the idea was to help the student to reason, them towards questions so that they respond and begin to understand the approach and repeatedly were told: that kind of questions should make you when reading the problems now that I’m in classroom with mathematics, I find many students who prefer not to make them to take them to her private tutor against some exercises, and cominezas to think that your classes are not good as for which the student understands in 45 or 90-minute length of the class.

And I wonder: what does the tutor? Is it that it can not place new exercises or the student prefers to bring those assignments by the teacher in classroom, thinking that it will pass the next test? A student answered me the question: is that your teacher not teaches you to think? Clear that if teaches me, then I replied: because prove it now making this problem. When you use several tools for teaching and in a dynamic of class 80% responds, you feel confident that the strategies are appropriate, then by which particular classes?. In different social strata, which I have been teaching I have seen teachers who enrich themselves giving classes once they disapprove their students in schools, i.e., have a high percentage of students who must review all the ontenidode matter at end of year and the same teacher is responsible for preparing outside the institution and gaining by their services. On the other hand, there are students who have money pay tutors 4 hours a week throughout the school year. There are students who tend to have particular teacher throughout his student life, leaving behind part of investigate, read, interpret and understand.

Why teachers (including me) are not more creative and help the student to understand?, but also thought, if I use the tools there is always a don’t understand!, will be true or is just a product of adolescence?. It is true that we all have not the same skills and obviously there are some students who need support outside the classroom, but it should be a minimum percentage. Tutorials must be a strategy to help reasoning and teach where to look for solutions, rather than do the exercises repeatedly.