Social Sciences

For Max Weber, German Sociologist, the object of sociology is the social action, when the individuals orient themselves through the actions of the too much social actors. For mile Durkheim, founder of the School of French sociology, the object of study of Sociology is the social facts, that is, the rules imposed for the society: laws, norms and customs, that are passed of generation the generation. In the current days, beginning of the third millenium, to search the market, media and opinion; to assist exculpatory governments through social research, half-environment, processes, urbanstico planning, violence, scientific politics; to assist agricultural unions, workers and ONG' s for intermediary of social interventions; to give has supported the political parties and companies, mainly in the part of social development, relations of work and mediation of conflicts constitutes the main chances of work for the Sociologist. But the top of this list is being busy, in ascending curve, for the Permitted one in Sociology, that can lecionar in the courses of Average education and for the Master or Doctor in Social Sciences, qualified to give lessons and/or to co-ordinate courses in superior education, beyond carrying through research of high level in university. Sociologist () s! We have an important mission muitssimo: to give maintenance to the Society, of form that it walks in sequence and in constant evolution. Thanks a lot for having loaned to its spandrels to this simplrio and short uprising. August Jose de Pinho Barbosa Sociologist [email protected] Word-Key: Social work, Sciences, Personal Speech, Professions, Vision, World, Life Human being, Theories, Thinkers, School, Career, Mission, Society, Relations. Speech pronounced in 07 of August of 2010, Valena-Ba, the Diplomao of 80 Bacharis in Sociology, that Had glue Degree in 13.03.2010 in the UNIJU – northwestern Regional University of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul..