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Children HorCentrum is opened in Munster Gievenbeck good sound quality of life. More information is housed here: Drew Houston. For children and young people listening and understanding are essential, also to find out the world, to learn and to develop. A child’s hearing is impaired, so professional advice and care from qualified professionals are indispensable. For hearing impaired children and young people, the children HorCentrum in Munster Gievenbeck (Mall Ruschhaus/Gievenbeck, Dieckmann str. 6-10), which was opened today offers comprehensive service now. For years the look the Munster-based HorCentren for competent service around good listening particularly for children and youth advisors.

Our three centers several trained specialists for children-hearing-acoustics work in so-called audiologist”, explains owner Doris Vercelli. The hearing care professional champion and mother of two was five years in the Department of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology at the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Munster has been working, where she conducted all clinically relevant hearing tests and hearing countless adjustments in children and adolescents. 2005 Doris Vercelli opened their first HorCentrum in the hammer road; in 2008, the HorCentrum in the Westphalia road, which houses also the hearing implant Center followed. The current opening of children HorCentrums is a real affair of the heart for Doris Vercelli and their entire team. Free professional computer listening tests can be carried out here. Children, young people and their families will receive an individual and competent advice on virtually all hearing solutions, as well as advice on diverse issues of everyday life.

Offers prefer digital hearing systems in design, the children or young people, still hearing system Accessories, toiletries, individual swimming and Splash Guard and noise protection for concerts, disco and other occasions. And because technical hearing aids at Children are exposed to often stress that the children HorCentrum offers a quick repair and rental services. In addition, the modern Centre provides capacities to stop supply of adults. -by the free computer listening test of to adapt latest and nearly invisible hearing aids.