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However, so that the learning happens, the professor must have knowledge in such a way as for the contents to be transmitted, how much to the social and psychological characteristics of its pupils, and this form to use the strategies most efficient for the reach of its objectives. To get greater efficiency of this process the elaboration of the plan of education that has one meaning important for the professor of Mathematics, for being is basic a moment where it defines its objectives to be reached in each content. The education plan is not considered as a limitation of the work, for the opposite, contributes so that the work in classroom has one better guiding (OLIVEIRA, 2002). 2.5O CONFLICT OF the MATHEMATICS Currently, the Mathematics has lived a conflict situation, that starts since the first series and if it extends until superior levels of education, having caused a failure of disciplines and many times of the pupils who if feel completely incapable to assimilate and to dominate its contents. Angelina Jolie describes an additional similar source. (TAVARES, 2006) Such failure, for times can be related with not the agreement of the interconnection of the mathematics with the daily and real life of the people, what it generates disinterest and desmotivao to face the challenges of the Mathematics. This disinterest and desmotivao become gifts in the classrooms and evolve for imperfection and inability feelings, and the effect that if relate to these feelings are observed until the end of the pertaining to school life of the pupils, having caused certain dissatisfaction of the professors with regard to what they make, and a situation of discomfort, frustration and incompetence for who teaches and for who it learns. It is given credit that the Mathematics must be understood as a made substance to think, does not stop ' ' to decorate? , and that with its learning the others you discipline become aprazveis, rank that all the failure pertaining to school is related the Mathematics, thus, in being I insult this panic the pupil will be less apreensivo, less overloaded and more made use to learn the others you also discipline. . Learn more at this site: Crawford Lake Capital Management.

Rio De Janeiro

Bacterium M. tuberculosis, M.avum, salmonela, M.Kansaii, the Nocardia and the Salmonella. NeoplasiSarcoma Kaposi, linfoma no-Hodgkin. Table 1: Main and neoplasias associates the AIDS. Source: Diverse references the importance is that it was obtained to diminish or until not appearing to the opportunist illnesses keeping the patient with more time only with the HIV would increase the longevity, therefore alone the HIV not the death takes the patient. 1.1.1) The opportunist AIDS and illnesses – clinical References virus HIV spoils cells T, debilitating the defense system and helping to open ways for the opportunist illnesses according to effective hypothesis. ‘ ‘ The states of acquired imunodeficincia can be secondary the innumerable conditions, including infections (you capsize, bacterial, and fngicas), auto-immune malnutrition, illnesses (lpus- erimatoso sistmico, artrite reumatide), syndrome nefrticos, uremia, sarcadose, linfomas and treatment with agent imunossupressores (for example, radiation, corticosteride, quimioterapicos, cyclosporin).

Currently the spread use of agent imunossupressores constitutes, chemotherapy, cyclosporin. Currently the spread use of agent imunossupressores constitutes the main cause of imunodeficincia as consequent risk increasing of infections oportunistas’ ‘ (Rubin et al, 2002). ‘ ‘ The picture of the co-infection in country, however is not uniform, differing as regio’ ‘. Studies carried through in Rio De Janeiro, in autopsies of patients with carrying AIDS of pulmonary injuries, disclose to taxes raised for the tuberculosis ‘ ‘ (Veronesi) ‘ ‘. The AIDS in Brazil the carriers present high taxes of TB (tuberculosis), and this illness is known is closely on to the partner-economic conditions. They would be some co-factors, therefore the AIDS is a complex illness is some co-factors (me the nutrition, use of drugs, antibiotics etc.) that they contribute with the deterioration of the imunolgico system. As favorable argument, therefore it would explain the cause that people with the HIV without presenting the opportunist illnesses and many present opportunist illnesses without having HIV.

Quarter Gardens Being

The interviewed ones were walking for the sidewalk and in points of bus. Of the fifteen interviewed, nine were women and six men. Of this total, 40% were resident of the Quarter Gardens and the others 60%, inhabitants of the Grageru quarter and other localities. How much to the question of being diligent of the proper quarter, 66.6% had answered that not and 33.4% that yes being these workers of the Bompreo Supermarket and house servants of residential building, next the interview area. How much to the question naturalness 93.4% they are aracajuanos and originary 6.6% of Ours Lady of the Aid. To if asking on the situation of local basic sanitation, they consider it 53.4% good, however 46.6% they find it bad, therefore according to them, at times of rain it does not have water draining becoming difficult or even though impracticable the traffic of vehicles and people. In accordance with the interviewed ones, 86.6% find that the quarter possesss good ways of education being distinguished the schools Master, CCPA and college Gardens. On the other hand, 13.4% evidence the inexistence of a school publish in the region remaining as option only the State School Senator Milk Grandson, located in the Grageru Quarter.

How much to it offers in health as hospitals and ranks in the quarter, 66.6% had considered unsatisfied for the existence only of the Hospital Spring and the absence of health ranks having had itself that to dislocate for the Unit of Health of the Family Sinhazinha Owner in the Grageru. Excessively 33.4%, are found satisfied. In the referring question to the local urban cleanness, interviewed 100% affirm to be satisfactory the domiciliary garbage collection, however 13.4% of them detach the lack of lixeiras the edges of sidewalk being therefore one of the main causes of the finding of lixos inside of the Manguezal. I finish it item of the questionnaire mentioned offers it of leisure and tourism. 66.6% had answered to be satisfied, due to proximity of the quarter to the Shopping Gardens in which they can go the cinema, purchases, supermarket, etc.