Personal Relationships Skills

Some focus on skills like the case of Julio Rodriguez Santana: 1 – Imagination and creativity. Additional information at Drew Houston supports this article. 2 – Vision for the future. 3 – Righteousness and honor. 4 – Analytical skills. 5 – Modesty. 6 – Authenticity. 7 – Practical. 8 – Personal Relationships. 9 – Ability to listen. 10 – Trust. To visionholistica: The self-control, strategic thinking and management of communication are essential features in a good manager / leader. Features very valid, given that a good manager must have a full command of their self-control, properly handle their emotions and know manage, monitor their staff.

On this we go for seminars, courses, workshops dictate, because in the case of many managers leave much to be said the lack of proper management of self-control, know how to handle their emotions properly so. not lead to conflict, on the contrary, we must encourage personal growth in terms of creativity and productivity. Added to this is the importance of encouraging the mindset that every manager has strategist, for it is necessary to provide modern knowledge management science and other disciplines such as psychology, sociology provide, is emphasized to encourage the creative, innovative each person brings, providing the tools necessary to give way to actual strategy formulation, feasible, successful. We also share the importance, relevance that a good manager should know how to use oral and written communication, which favors that the staff is fully informed of all actions undertaken by the manager in terms of achievements, results that benefit all.

This is very important, because management is responsible for success or failure of a company, it is essential to conduct the business of it. Whenever there is a group of individuals pursuing an objective, it is necessary for the group, work together to achieve it, maintain good communication. Currently, given the characteristics of the economic very dynamic, changing, challenging, threatening, processors, but also full of opportunities managers are required to ensure safety through knowledge of modern management science and analytical skills demonstrating tools , assessment, diagnosis, interpretation them. And capability in innovation, creativity, generating new ideas to give way if necessary transformations that support the development of the organization and know cope with the changes and challenges. Having a good technical capacity required of managers in leadership, coach, empowerment in order to properly manage the resources of the company, in a special way, knowing human resources utilizing the talents of his staff, human capital,

Thus, to ensure productivity, team building, motivation, performance and job satisfaction. Specifically, authors such as Garcia and Martin (1980), Hersey and Blanchard (1977), Terry and Franklin (1986) agree that three types of necessary skills, abilities to effectively develop the managerial work. These are: Technical skills: involves the ability to use the technical knowledge, methods, techniques and resources needed to carry out specific tasks. It involves knowledge specialized analytical capabilities, ease of use of techniques and tools. Can be obtained through formal education or through personal experience or others. Human skill: the manager’s sensitivity or ability to work effectively as a member of a group and gain the cooperation within the team he leads. The conceptual skill: is the ability to perceive the organization as a whole, recognize its elements, interrelationships between the same and how changes in one part of the organization affect or may affect other elements.