English Language

English has its origins in the language of old Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons and Jutes) who moved to 5-6 centuries, from the continent to Britain. And finally it was formed in the XIII century, from a mixture of Anglo-Saxon and French languages. In XIV century English literature has become. Are 4 dialects: southern, western, central and north; the latest adjoins the Scottish language. English language belongs to the West German group of Indo-European languages. Importance of English for international communication, for commercial, industrial, diplomatic relations on land and at sea – a truly enormous. Countries where English is used widespread in the UK and Ireland, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, partly in South Africa and India. One of the five official and working languages, adopted by the UN.

Before English was spatially most widespread language on earth. More encyclopedic knowledge you can gather in dictionaries "Small Encyclopadia Britannica, Eleventh (Yandex.Slovari)" Great Soviet Encyclopedia "(Yandex.Slovari)" The Literary Encyclopedia (Yandex.Slovari) Interesting faktyNa English spoken by more than 400000000 people for whom English – native; More than 700000000 people learning English as a Foreign Language, English vocabulary is very rich and has about 10000000 words from 500,000 words that relate to terminology, three-eighths of all correspondence is being conducted in English, English – the main language of the Internet and information technologies, as well as the language of navigation and aviation, more than half technical and scientific publications are in English, 80% of the world's information is stored in English, 5 of the largest radio and television stations broadcast in English. Features of Language and Translation from English into Russian and from Russian to English One of the characteristics of the English language – a short word. Learn more at: Drew Houston. A translation from English obtained by 10-20% "long" Russian originals. Development and strengthening of international relations in the field of construction and engineering entails the need for more accurate translation of documentation and written materials on relevant topics.

With specific regard to the process translation of texts related to the construction industry, it has some specific features. First of all, it is the large number of special terms and words with no English origin. That is why the translation to ensure the most accurate transmission of values relevant terms should be selected with great care. Secondly, based on the translation should be based on only well-established grammatical constructions. In addition, such transfers are usually replete with impersonal and indefinite-personal construction as well as verbal. Frequently used method of inversion. Thirdly, the translation of technical documentation to be avoided emotive words and phrases. Modern technical language characterized by precision, impersonality, and unemotional. Sometimes the text of the catalog, descriptions of supply, specifications and instructions may contain sentences in which there is no verb or subject. Typically, these texts are retained on the template, have a large number of transfers and overloaded terminology. Therefore, for accurate and adequate translation necessary that the interpreter are highly qualified in the field of translation itself, and in the construction industry. Also, the translator must be proficient in the language of technical literature and terminology.

II Administrar

Such administrative-pedagogical positions disrespect proper practical the pedagogical ones that need to be rethink for the accomplishment of necessary readequaes to the pertaining to school work. The societies had only advanced for the democracy in the measure where they had been beyond the choice of managers for the vote and had surpassed all the based social practical conceptions and in the natural and social inaquality, of sort or race, classroom or age. We perceive the reflection necessity here, to go beyond what it is rank to reach the established objectives, and is in this context that the pertaining to school team – pedagogos, managing, professors – starts to act, creating spaces of quarrel between pupils, parents and employees, making possible in such a way the understanding of the function of the school and the attributions of these protagonists. Thus, we question: The one that we came? What we make? Which is our proposal, after all? According to LDB the participation of the community in the pertaining to school management will be given of following way: Art. 12: The educational establishments, respecting the common norms and of the education system, will have the incumbency of: I-Elaborate and to execute its proposal pedagogical; II Administrar its material and financial staff and its resources; III Assegurar the fulfilment of established the period of learning days and hour-lesson; IV Velar for the fulfilment of the plan of work of each professor; V To provide ways for the recovery them pupils of lesser income; VII Articular with the families and the community, creating process of integration of the society with the school; VIII Informar the responsible parents and on the frequency and the income of the pupils, as well as on the execution of its proposal pedagogical (BRAZIL, 1996) the education systems must legitimize to the equality of conditions of learning to all the educandos, making possible the development of its capacities to think, to reason and to learn. .

Lydian Maria Rodrigo

Coherently, in this if it puts the distinction between morality and legality, where first autoconstrange the conscience and second, fits in the regulation of convivncia between the men (P. 93), in what it appears important paper of the persuasion and coercion for the modification of behavior. would have virt that in the workmanship the Prince (written in 1513) if dedicates to the examination of the monarchy and the sovereign, the excellency, with prevalence of the public interest on the private one, ring-position the nature of the man who converges in contrary direction (P. 97). It is reiterated, then, that the education for the citizenship creates brakes to the impulses of the men using of the mechanisms of the constaint and persuasion, making possible the convivncia between them, exactly with the mentioned limits already (P. 107), rank that the goodness built in the educative action if places as circumstantial face to the insatisfao human being ahead of the inherent infinite desire, following itself it warning of its limits and a possible insolence of the tending people making exceeding the coercion barriers, of laws and weapons, added the failure of the rhetoric in persuading the governor route the government of glory not in that one of the way of the tyranny (P. 108). For last, the Maquiavel workmanship: education and citizenship, of Lydian Maria Rodrigo, one consists in important reference for the understanding of the subjects of the education and citizenship in the interior of the thought politician of the Florentine one, that it enxergou in the educative action one of the mechanisms of estruturao and maintenance of the power, inherent task to the governor and the maintenance of the stability of the State..

The Report

Methodology of the Problematizao has a general orientation as all method, walking for distinct and chained stages from a problem detected in the reality. A true methodology, understood consists as a set of methods, techniques, procedures or activities intentionally selected and organized in each stage, in accordance with the nature of the problem in study and the general conditions of the participants. (BERBEL, 1998). Today the universities but they aim at the market and the students feel themselves guaranteed more with a professional formation by means of a superior education, preparing itself for the society that each time more is demanding. For not feeling itself excluded socially, many pupils make random choices in the courses future, resulting in not the identification with the course and a defection. As Cobra and Braga (2004): one of the main challenges of the IES is to understand that the pupils do not buy courses, buys, in the truth, a professional career of success. that the necessary school to add value its courses so that its pupils have conditions to dispute space in the work market.

Still a bigger investment in public politics is necessary, that effectively the population will bring an orientation concerning the insertion of the society in superior level, where if has as example in the accurate courses of the defection is well bigger that the area of human beings. Without a doubt, scientific research must be increased by the pupils so that the society it can be informed which the courses that its locality really needs formed professionals, with the qualification due. As we can evidence the courses of accurate sciences do not withhold the exclusiveness of the high taxes of evasion. The data in itself can take the conclusions precipitated on the institucional efficiency. The Report of the MEC recommends that in specific areas the evasion of incomplete generations is studied to locate its causes better.

Partial Reports

When we ask to which ' ' the topics that are boarded in the autoone; ' , 25% of the interviewed ones (pupil) said that the evaluation of the pupils occurs only, 25% (managing) said that it has the evaluation of the series, 25% (managing) placed that the evaluation of the staff exists administrative technician, 25% (teacher) said that it has the evaluation of the faculty, 25% (managing) said that it has the evaluation you discipline of them and 75% (pupil, director, professor) had been unanimous in saying that has the evaluation of the pertaining to school management. However, with regard to this item of the interview, the interviewed father placed that ' ' if he happens the auto-evaluation, this is internal, only with professors and direction. When the parents participate say themselves of each specific pupil, not of the one general panorama of this institucional evaluation, as a reflection to the act of avaliar' '. Thus, but a time is possible to make mention to the previous paragraph, where already it was placed of the importance of the participation of all the segments of the school, including the parents, in the processes of institucional evaluation. In the sequence, when &#039 was asked if; ' its school carries through the sensitization to promote the shelter, the construction and the participation of all in the avaliativo process? ' ' , 50% of the interviewed ones (pupil and professor) had said that this occurs to the times, 25% (managing) placed that this always happens and 25% (father) spoke that this never happens. With this, we perceive one more time we perceive that, either even so necessary the presence of the parents in the process of institucional evaluation, this does not occur in fact as it would have. After that, when we question which actions that happen to prepare and to develop auto-evaluation in the school, 75% of the searched citizens (professor, director and pupil) had said that accomplishment of meetings with all exists the segments of the Institution, 50% (professor and director) explained that it has collective construction of the pointers and instruments of collection of data, 75% (professor, director and pupil) had placed that all participate of the definition of the methodology of application, analysis and interpretation of data, 25% (managing) said that it has the analysis and interpretation of the data Partial Reports, only 25% (professor) clearly left that quarrel of the results with the community exists intern, 75% (professor, professor pupil) said that it has spreading of the result of the internal evaluation for the pertaining to school community, also to the responsible ones for the pupils and finally, only 25% (professor) said that after all process of auto-evaluation is made a reflection concerning the avaliativo process. .

Tambov School

The base center decided to do school in Voronezh. In Tambov School of territory twice, has a higher certification commission for the protection of theses, which is not in Voronezh. In Tambov biggest and best professors – teaching staff. But the old housing is built in 1915. Previously, it was because the Cavalry School. But there is a free and barracks.

At the end of December 2008 closed the school in Irkutsk. Planes all students and teachers of the war moved to Voronezh. They wanted the best, but it turned out, as always. Of – for lack of barracks students and teachers were placed in enclosures in prison. It's not up to school just to survive, eat, sleep. There are not enough classrooms, housing, housing for officers. Started dysentery.

Validation of the General Staff looked at the work of the authorities, they were afraid and sent in January fifth year aircraft back to Irkutsk write diplomas. And then wait for college students from Stavropol, and then from Tambov. But you can also leave in Tambov, not school, a branch of the Institute, Voronezh. The military did not go after everything in Voronezh, some retired from the army and will join unemployed. Them and so not enough of – the crisis. But there are also several hundred civilian personnel: teachers, laboratory assistants, technical and service staff – they go public. Strange situation: reducing the army officers – although mostly seniors. Schools also reduce the military. So lieutenants will be less. And in the armed forces – namely the lack of junior officers, lieutenants, captains. Where is the logic? Although there is hope. According to some reports, in Tambov 'Link' set will still be, though less than last year. Source: City Wall

The Society

Pointing out that this trend is proper of the democratic and plebeian cultures, the philosopher concludes that, even so the tradition still if he makes to feel, we, ‘ ‘ modern men, us in them we find in this way and each time that a man starts to discover where measured he plays a role, how much he can be comedian, comediante’ becomes; ‘ , therefore, entering in a species of game, more it does not believe that ‘ can; ‘ to count, to promise, to make plans for futuro’ ‘. The situation has a positive direction because the individual sovereignty and the hierarchic order looked by the thinker estimate the sprouting of a capable, first man, of if disentailing of the papers prescribed for its society but, after that and over all, to create and to live new ideals politicians, aesthetic and philosophical. The potential contained there was not, however, insurance to the eyes of the thinker. The modern culture is, without a doubt, each less serious time but this does not assure that the type artist will predominate on the comedian, will arrive at the supremacy in the future, because this does not scrumble an actor, is before more nothing a sculptor of itself exactly, the creator of new values..

New Agreement

In the previous article, we speak, in general lines, on the New Agreement and develop some ortogrficas perspectives how much to the use of some letters. We also mark point in the learning of ' ' S' ' of ' ' Z' ' of the words. Today, we will write a little on the referring change to hifens. At a first moment, we observe a fact in relation to the change of hfens, when considering the didactic-metodolgica information, therefore ' ' dzia&#039 changed six for stocking; ': before, the rule was not very well understood; now, the New ortogrfico Agreement, the difficulty for many people still seems to exist. This discloses in them, on the other hand, an interesting advantage: all we are worried in understanding as the new rule of hfens functions! For this challenge, we again consider the coherence of our proposal that consists of studying the concepts of the grammar with criterion; the rule of hifens cannot be, thus, so complicated; e, in fact, the new agreement simplified a little more the previous rule. We can until saying that it facilitated more the setting of hifens in the words.

Let us start then with a strategical clarification: the composed words that possuam hyphen, those that already kept its phonetic independence (sound) and of felt (meant), as ' ' it keeps-roupa' ' , ' ' foot-of-moleque' ' , ' ' door-retrato' ' etc, will continue with the hyphen. Words that had lost, in its structure also exist, the notion of phonetic autonomy and direction, forming only one vocbulo without this ' ' ponte' ' of linking, that is the hyphen. Illustrating: ' ' planalto' ' , ' ' aguardente' ' , ' ' girassol' '. Now, in the New Agreement, they had been inserted, although the controversy, the words ' ' mandachuva' ' ' ' paraquedas' ' , for example.