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Russia refuses to move to daylight saving time. Indian gunmen kidnapped six environmentalists WWF in reserve on the north-east India. Felling oak Khimkinskaya begin in late 2011. In the animal world: the dialects of gibbons, tiger population, the spotted seal, an emigrant, poisonous frogs and jellyfish in Australia, the friendship of bats. Scientific discovery: radiation reduced the size of the brain in Chernobyl birds, and the biggest fish on Earth may be more more. Nature and health: corals can become a source of drugs against bone diseases.

This is interesting: incineration plant under the ski resort and the Eighth Wonder of the World in New Zealand. Photo fact of the week: 'Ten most unusual hybrids and varieties of fruits and vegetables. " Review of the week from 07.02.2011 to 02.13.2011. Russia refuses to go on winter Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced the cancellation of the transition in Russia in the winter and summer. On According to the President, the Russians will not translate the clock back one hour in autumn 2011. On a traditional clock in March, Medvedev did not say so, apparently, March 27, Russia was the last time translate the clock forward. The Council of Federation of Industrial Policy as early as proshloi supported by the draft federal law that abolished translation of the clock on the 'summer' and 'winter' time. In the bill currently transition to the abolition of 'summer' and 'winter' time is before the State Duma, where he was introduced by a group of senators and deputies.