Handy electronic dictionaries for everyday use Florstadt, July 23, 2008 – after the agreement now reached COS memory sells the handy language computer and electronic dictionaries by Franklin on its IT distribution channels throughout Europe. The Franklin products such as memory cards and other accessories also absorbs COS memory in its sales portfolio. Both companies ensure very short delivery times dealers and end customers. Typically, the customer receives his ordered goods within two days. Quicken Loans is likely to increase your knowledge. Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc., Burlington/NJ United States, was founded in 1981 and today is the leading provider of electronic reference handhelds. Of the European headquarters in Feldkirchen bei Munchen from the company supplies the German and European market through its own central warehouse. The assortment of Franklin electronic dictionaries, translation computer, Bookman Bookman SD include and Windows plus accessories and expansion memory cards (SD and microSD), the electronic dictionaries for Palm, Mobile and Smartphone products of various manufacturers make available. SEIKO are also multi-title-dictionary brand products to the product portfolio of Franklin.

Market leader in the German-speaking market since its entry into the German market mid of 1990s the company the segment served by him always reflects new momentum. Now Franklin has also here with a market share of well over 50 percent (Franklin – and SEIKO products) become the leader. Walter Schilling, Managing Director of Franklin Electronic Publishers (Germany) GmbH, is convinced that the issue of languages in the advancing together Europe is becoming increasingly important. \”Therefore we are pleased to have found, through his Europe-wide and cross-industry customer contacts with the COS memory AG a trading partner will enable a significant expansion of Franklin products in the field of IT distribution.\” More information about the products of Franklin Electronic Publishers, see. More information on the COS memory products can be found under. Of course we deliver images on request gladly. Return mail is enough to.


New software for all of ONTIV of Siegen, Siegen. In February 2010 the company ONTIV management system from Siegen has released a new program in addition to its successful quality management systems: kenbase. While the management software primarily for large companies is intended, kenbase offers many attractive benefits the Otto ordinary consumer. kenbase is a program that ensures all right on your computer. It organized collections of files by it arranges files of any formats in areas specified by the user. Others who may share this opinion include Drew Houston.

Whether images, music files, all in one place is documents or emails – with kenbase. The best: Links and html addresses can be copied simply drag and drop to kenbase. Also, if the information found on the Internet should go once offline: kenbase the link is secure and can be opened as easily. But how much data a user also collects: all information is instantaneously recovered thanks to the direct search function of kenbase and the ability to show files with tags (keywords). The individually creatable rooms let out also easily located from the software as E-Mail versenden-that both as a normal folder file as a compressed zip file. Different versions for different needs the kenbase freeware is free for private users and temporally unlimited usable but limited features. To read more click here: Bausch & Lomb.

For example, this software on five rooms is limited, which can not be divided into other folders. Also eliminates the possibility of connecting rooms or to separate and to export. As well as with the kenbase version of the purchase, the more rooms (up to eight), the folder divided into can be providing, but neither the Exportier – and shipping container option. The kenbasePro version, however, enables its user to create up to fifteen rooms and to integrate in other folders. Also rooms can be connected and disconnected and exported. In addition the possibility of versioning: various Work stands of a document are saved and can be viewed again and again.

GmbH Managing Director

Innovative dental technology of the InterDent highly available InterDent since it was founded in1985 affordable dentures in German master quality offers. The company from Lubeck is a pioneer in its sector and today the three major providers in Europe. The recipe for success – the unique combination of quality and competitive prices. InterDent founded a laboratory master in the same high quality guidelines as in Germany to do so in the Philippine capital of Manila. The Philippine dental technicians are trained in accordance with the German profession, also all the material and all work instruments about the InterDent central laboratory in Lubeck is purchased to ensure the high quality standard.

InterDent has commissioned soIT with enterprise-wide consolidation and virtualization of the server. The convincing overall concept and the practice-oriented approach was crucial. soIT uses powerful IBM servers and the easy to use DMZ solution pro!A DMZ of soIT. So this is company against attacks from protected externally by a central firewall including spam filters and virus scanners. With the introduction of the DMZ was the corporate network with VPN (virtual private network) optimally tailored to the needs at InterDent. With the full consolidation, high availability of systems with Xen ensured so that can further be used also in case of failure of a server without data loss.

Is used to virtualize the Citrix Xen environment an IBM X 3650. “Bernt Penderak, soIT GmbH Managing Director and representative of the InterDent, illustrates the concept: with our open source solutions we provide medium-sized companies through a fair, affordable cost model which holds the investments within manageable and through free updates helps to reduce operating costs by waiving license fees and one-time Numbercrunching.” In addition to the high availability, the Lubeck open source specialists per have mail archiving!MAILARC on a royalty-free basis Software introduced. All emails are archived quickly and compliant with the law.

Building Futureoriented Structures

Guide of the FELTEN Group assists in the realisation of demanding productivity and quality objectives in the production of TPM requires a significant reorientation and move away from the classic BDE/MDE systems Serrig, 16.03.2011 – with the basic idea of a zero fault tolerance in the whole performance processes of production optimization philosophy established itself in the market increasingly total productive management (TPM). The FELTEN group the guidance document referred to as a navigational aid issued overlooking the systematic structure forward-looking TPM free a comprehensive guide on the one hand is the possible improvements in production processes. On the other hand he deals systematically with the backgrounds, why measures for efficiency improvements in the past have achieved the desired effects. An essential part of the fifteen-page navigational aid then enters productive management on the possibilities of the approach of total and how he introduce himself in the practice. Also is a best practice model for the Management of TPM activities with automated optimization processes in the production presented. Completely new possibilities of performance improvement and cost reduction in the production obtained by TPM”, describes Werner Felten, Managing Director of the FELTEN group, the benefit of this philosophy of zero error tolerance.

She should be confined to but a conceptual statement of intent, but must be represented consistently technically. This also includes the companies not on the status of the BDE/MDE systems aimed primarily at Automation effects remain, but aimed at a workflow-driven flexibility. Until then, TPM is indeed meaningful affair, but this requires a significant realignment in the consequence”, Felten justified the publication of the Guide. Practical help can be ordered free of charge at. FELTEN group: The FELTEN group is an international operating software and consulting company, the solutions to the Process optimization for all production areas and according to international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21CFR part 11) developed.

Clients include Beiersdorf, Boehringer Ingelheim, Symrise, Sensient, Texas instruments, etc. Isaac Dabah is actively involved in the matter. FELTEN has become the first supplier the holistic and process-oriented production intelligence approach. The company is present except in the German-speaking European room also in the United Kingdom, France and Singapore. think factory groupcom Wilfried Heinrich Tel. 022 33 / 61 17 – 72 fax 022 33 / 61 17 – 71 Pastorat str.

DMS Agorum

Store electronic documents documents in a document management system is an integral part of business processes and can be in terms of legal certainty for companies of great importance. As especially the audit-proof archiving fixed about a procedure documentation of electronic invoices, which can serve as evidence against the Treasury. However, only 17% of the companies that employ a DMS, have certified it and 1/3 of the companies surveyed include no documentation of the process, as shown in a recent study of the Association organizational and Informationssysteme e.V. (VOI). The document management system agorum core has been tested by an audit company confirmed that agorum core Pro when used properly enables an accounting corresponding to the GoB and GDPdU.

Ostfildern 22.04.2013 company would archive right – and audit-proof electronic documents, so it is important to comply with statutory regulations. Delta Galil shines more light on the discussion. Agorum core Pro version 7.0 is designed for this: with the Document management system documents can be according to accountancy firm, when used properly, for the IRS law according to the principles of proper accounting (GoB) and the principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU) tamper-proof archive. But also includes that describes the document-based processes in a documentation process. The documentation of the process required by the law describes the invoice processing in the company all operations E.g. invoice processing must be logged and saved as a copy. Where: the processed, stored documents must be reproducible at any time during the whole storage period, i.e.

be readable. The IRS understands at any time so in case of a tax audit, what edits have been made. This requirement met agorum core through an automated versioning of documents. Can using a visible history always used to determine when and by whom a document was changed. In addition, agorum enables core to put archive flags that prevent that original invoices can be changed, moved in the database or deleted. The documents stored in the document management system can be made at any time through links in various acts, such as accounting, supplier folder or an extra field, visible for the tax inspector. In addition, agorum enables core to burn the data on an external drive to transfer them to the IRS as needed. Other functions of archiving with agorum are core: individual workflows for auditing with audit trail and the ability to provide documents in the archive, so that they can be deleted automatically after the date with a deletion date. Learn more about the audit-proof archiving: startseite/produkte/produktuebersicht-dms-ecm-agorum-core/pruefbericht.

Windows Server

A method of versioning provides the grandfather-father-son-principle. Here, numerous backups on different media at set periods of time are made. From the original file, the grandfather, the father file spring and from which, in turn the file of son of. While the younger versions are substituted for short periods of time, the previous are substituted by longer periods of time. So, it can be prevented that files that were destroyed by viruses or application errors, are ever lost. Specifically for files of the operating system and software, which are not only large, but often little change, it helps delta compression space and hard disk drives as profitable to use. This includes also software virtualization, used especially in farms in claim. The virtualization platform draws the specified hardware completely, by They virtual machines (VM)!SPIN!SPIN provides.

Delta encoding helps in this case specifically to reduce space and hence hardware, as well as the enormous costs involved. A virtualization platform, such as for example, Hyper-V for Windows Server 2008, and VMware, represents a special challenge for a server hardware. All the hardware, such as network card, drive and CPUs, are provided by the server host and can be used only to a limited extent by virtual machines. Thus, the workload of the hardware must be coordinated to keep the performance of virtual machines at a high level. If a server is down, all virtual machines that are on it are eliminated.

A powerful Hyper-V backup program and VMware backup program software virtualization can transfer consequently virtual machines on other servers. The varied use of a backup program can be conducive also the cluster shared volumes (CSV) in Windows Server 2008 R2, a feature of failover clustering. If a virtual machine should fail, stepping in a different virtual machine for the former. It replaced the first virtual machine fully, because on the basis of the server backup software all required files were backed up, now on this virtual machine. Utilization of processors at a backup can be, distributed with effective PC backups on multiple processors, thus multiple threads using modern processors the editing has the increase in the overall performance. The multithreading used makes possible simultaneous backups and carries out both quickly and consistently. The remote data backup is new in FTP server backup software contained therein. Backups can run elsewhere wide web live, but nonetheless surely, by receiving from a hard disk on the world. Can be omitted in this way with a Web hosting FTP backup, which you in turn can save money. The de-duplication provides this, that the FTP backup regardless of disconnection unmolested at the discontinuous point keep as soon as the Internet connection is restored. In particular for enterprises are a means to cost to reduce backup software and to reduce even a good investment to time. Backup software programs are, not least through their versatile application and yet simple use for households extremely helpful. A secure retirement because of the loss of that data could be priceless.

Technology Partner

The YouCon cube integrates communication systems with SAP ERP and SAP CRM Munich, the 24th December 2013 the YouCon GmbH is a technology partner of unify. Linking different telephone systems with SAP applications is the essential feature of the CTI middleware YouCon cube. Because communication systems of from different vendors are used in many enterprises and contact centers, a close cooperation with the respective manufacturers is necessary for the smooth integration of the YouCon cube. The recording in the international technology partner program of unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, ensures that the YouCon cube ideally harmonizes with the communication systems of unify. Unify is a global company, present with its products for many decades. The communication solutions enjoy an excellent reputation and are used in businesses of any size and alignment. Also in contact centers is used often on technology unify”, explains Peter Kugler, founder and Managing Director to make the YouCon GmbH. our new YouCon cube for as many companies, close cooperation with unify for us is indispensable.

Inclusion in the technology partner program is the best prerequisite for this.” The YouCon cube is a CTI middleware, which serves professional voice data integration in the SAP environment and which consists of various modules. The software is based on the integration into SAP CRM and SAP ERP. By linking the data with the respective PBX, callers are identified automatically. Employees, for example, in the contact center, have access to the correct customer data at all times. The YouCon cube integrates all digital channels such as social media, email and fax in addition to the telephony. This information will be associated with each customer and provide comprehensive care. Multi session capability ensures that time-critical actions are automatically detected and front lined. Because systems are used worldwide by unify, YouCon is contact center now unify advanced technology partner”in the Technology has been absorbed.