The P Account. When A Request To The Horror.

Bring on the way to express a request that scares and hazards. When a request to the horror it is incredible really incredible, but still every day on BBs new. Somewhere in the, an address will be picked up. Just like that, there is nothing, what speaks against it. But that’s been the problem. This address is used to put a rope around the neck respectable citizens in the truest sense.Without having done anything wrong. A short time later a letter in the House is noisy. The debt collection company is now on the train after the resourceful address Finder just caused a recovery, although there is no demand.

Now they have little time to react, but the problem is quite different. The problem is, that one is threatening them if they pay the claim within a few days, they are the bailiffs at the door, after they have received a reminder or writ of execution, or not opposed to the. Now we come to the point. You have no idea what happened and why it happened. And now even the bailiffs in the Door, which has the task to raise the money, no matter how.

And the sum is there actually care. The next point is that the debt collection company now has led the Schufaeintrag, which can lead to all other problems. On the one hand can the debt collection company cause now even a seizure, or it even know that she have a oath-stately assurances. At the latest seizure comes to your bank on it and Announces them to the account and it comes an avalanche in the roll, they would not even dream of the. But we hold still, that they haven’t done anything out of nothing are accused of having done something which is not true. So, account garnishment has been received, the Bank gives them 14 days to clarify that.

German Federal Supreme Court Confirms

The German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) has confirmed year separate payment arrangements this in Karlsruhe on 6 November concluded with the customer for insurance products. The AFA AG welcomes this decision. Therefore, it is allowed that insurance agents conclude a separate agreement to equalize costs with customers. The AFA AG from Cottbus had brought this decision to obtain legal certainty on the issue of separate payment arrangements, such as, for example, the cost equalization agreement (KAV). The Supreme Court gave law the OLG Naumburg with its decision in favor of such separate payment arrangements in its rejection of the revision, that 2012 fundamentally had taken a position on this issue. The Naumburg judges had at that time already ruled that the conclusion of so-called “net policies” with an independently regulated remuneration between the representative and customer are allowed instead of traditional policies with an internal compensation claim (“gross policies”). By AFA Separate agreements represent AG mediated cost offsets (KAV). In particular the judges of the Oberlandesgericht now confirmed by the Federal Court of Justice pointed out that this net policies model from customer point of view even above all with regard to the cost structure is more transparent.

Also the closing costs for the buyer could be a total lower, because this model of separate agreement the compensation can be calculated lower and risk premiums does not need to be done differently for the case of a premature termination of the insurance as at a gross police. The German Federal Supreme Court follows as a result of the reasoning of the Court and established the groundbreaking ruling also so that a separate remuneration does not exceed the scope of the permission as Versicherungsvertreterin .den “and it indeed in principle is acceptable to make consulting activities of the intermediary to the subject of contractual paid arrangements. The verdict is in particular the customers of AFA AG look forward and confirm in their decision which have elected a market once recognized costs transparent and beneficial model with the separate cost equalization agreement of protection and prevention. About AFA AG General financial and Assekuranzvermittlung (AFA AG), an independent financial sales based in Berlin and Cottbus, and over 20 years of experience successfully on the market is established. The insurance professionals and system business of AFA AG have a Chamber of Commerce degree and are registered in the EU register of brokers. They work in accordance with the EU directive for financial services. Every year the AFA AG provides nationwide 750 free training places available and promotes 250 young entrepreneurs. New office locations are planned in all Germany.