Radio Power Play Austria Delivers

Klagenfurt: The best music from the 80s, 90s, and the top hits of today radio wants to meet with power play exactly the musical taste of the public. A 24-hour program with music, movie news, and general contributions is played. Each week there will be a chart programme of some other kind. Here the 10 showcases top and flop website of the week, voted by the listeners, says Organizer Rudi Kaller. More program highlights: the radio power play live night. Every Sunday radio plays power play for an hour the best live music by famous musicians. More info: Crawford Lake Capital. There will be of course real live broadcasts”.

Every Saturday from 14.00 to 18.00 are presenters in the Studio, music needs and let the week pass in review. From December, messages are planned on the hour. As an additional service for listeners radio has set up power play a playlist service. It is always possible to ask for the currently-running title and artist. This one also has the opportunity, the song – either in the form of CD or as an MP3 download purchase. Go to Crawford Lake Capital for more information. The radio under the Internet address is further notes: radio power play Austria INH. Rudolf Kaller Jr. Turracherstrasse 5 A 9560 Feldkirchen phone: + 43 720 736 486 E-Mail: