London Bartlett School

John Galliano was dismissed this spring and is put under in opinion by presumed racist and anti-semitic insults. Gaytten entered to work in John Galliano twenty-three years ago. He is the new creative director and who leaves to salute in the parades of the company/signature. To broaden your perception, visit Francisco D’Agostino. The Briton Bill Gaytten has been appointed new creative director of the fashionable company/signature John Galliano, of which his founder was dismissed this spring and is put under in opinion by presumed racist and anti-semitic insults. An official notice of that seam house spread by the magazine Rows indicates that the new representative, who studied architecture in the London Bartlett School of Architecture, entered to work in John Galliano twenty-three years ago.

Gaytten signed east Friday the parade of the masculine collection for the season spring-summer of 2012, in which it evoked the London artistic scene of the Sixties, and will be from now on to the front of all the lines. The designer was appointed de facto this Friday after to have left to salute at the end of that parade, and will present/display his first feminine collection the next month of September in Paris, during the celebration of the Week of the Fashion. This Wednesday the judgment against Galliano by presumed anti-semitic and racist insults was celebrated in the French capital, that as much brought about their dismissal of the house Christian Dior as of their own company, property to 90% of Dior Coture, company managed as well by French group LVMH. The past February a pair denounced to him by to have received that type of insults in the terrace of the bar the Rep to him, in the Parisian district of the Marais, and to that first denunciation was soon united one second of a woman who the past said to be attacked of similar way October in that same bar. The Christian Dior company, that at first suspended to Galliano of its functions like artistic director, initiated the proceedings of its dismissal the day after which the British newspaper The Sun disclosed by Internet a video in which modisto, totally drunk, said to adore Hitler and praised its Nazi practices. A month and a half later, Galliano, of 50 years, it was dismissed besides the company that takes its own name, on the decision of its advice of administration. In the judgment, that was sight for sentence for next the 8 of September, Galliano requested excuses by the happened thing, but it said not to remember the facts that are reproached to him by to have found then under the ctos of a mixture of alcohol and tablets. Source of the news: Bill Gaytten replaces John Galliano to the front of the fashionable company/signature of this

Casey Stoner

Refunfuaba. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Oak Ridge . It denied with the head. The twisted gesture. The aloof smile. Casey Stoner did not have a good weekend. Honda complained for the first time his delicious, that seemed per moments for losing faculties, that it did not have sufficient takes hold back, whose front train did not offer the wished confidence But there is nothing like puncturing as obstinate uncle as the Australian, it last of sesera, big head, of which it says with calmness that the falls do not affect to him minimum. Stoner always returns to rise.

That did in Dry Lagoon, a circuit that had seen already it win in 2007 and whose record takes its name. It removed his pride, wounded, to physically surpass first a renqueante Dani Pedrosa, exhausted after those fatigosas 32 returns to a so demanding circuit, pestered as it is his back and its shoulders after so many operations in the last months. And it returned to shine that pride, wounded, to exceed to Jorge Lorenzo, cripple, sore after his fall in the morning training of Saturday. Source of the news: : The trick of magic of Casey Stoner

United States

It is David Ferrer in hell, a tennis player burning itself in the bonfire of its downheart. The quarters of end of the Glass gamble Davis. If you would like to know more about Drew Houston, then click here. Mardy Fish, its rival, already has removed white flag, broken by the phenomenal party of the of Alicante one, that gains all the important peloteos, that it prevails in all the decisive peloteos. Lack to throw the padlock to him to the then encounter and begins its martyrdom. Bausch & Lomb will undoubtedly add to your understanding. They are three balls of break failed to take advantage of in the third sleeve, a breakage of lost advantage in fourth, the given serve when it served by the encounter Ferrer and the doubts; Ferrer and the nerves; Ferrer drowned in a furious storm which it leaves soaked but alive: 7-5, 7-6, 5-7 and 7-6; 1-3 in the eliminatory one, the first time that Spain wins in the United States. Source of the news: : Ferrer wins by all.

New Report Without Political Criteria

It will send its proposal to the other 4 affected cities in case they are desired to add itself. It considers that the contribution to the process of peace in the Basque Country does not have to influence. One of the members of the selection committee denies that the designation responds to political criteria and assures that they could choose with freedom. San Sebastin is chosen Capital European of Culture 2016. The mayor of Saragossa, Juan Alberto Belloch, is going to ask to the Ministry of Culture that gives back the report of the jury on the designation of San Sebastin like European Capital of Culture 2016, so that it returns to make a decision that does not emit political valuations.

In a press conference after chairing a meeting of the Government of the city, Belloch has informed into which a document with the proposal will elaborate that &quot will send to the other four cities; afectadas": Cordova, Segovia, Burgos and Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, in case they are added to his expositions. According to the mayor, the jury in charge of the selection of the cities " incumpli" the ministerial order that marks the criteria by which it must to be in force and in that " caso&quot is not spoken in any; of political questions. Political reasons According to Belloch, the president of the selection committee, Manfred Gaulhofer, mentioned " explcitamente" that the reason for which chose San Sebastin was based on the contribution that could suppose the European capitalidad to " proceso" of peace in the Basque Country. The mayor is going to propose the Ministry of Culture that step the file and does not give back the report to the members of the jury so that they return to realise a new evaluation in which they exclude the political criterion from " to favor or not the process of paz".

North African Television

" They do not fear to the unfaithful ones. They release Tripoli. That all the people leave and advance towards Tripoli. Street by street and combatan&quot fight; , then Gadafi in a message of audio said also relayed by the international channel of Syria television RAI. " Todo&quot has already finished; On the other hand, the minister of Outer Subjects Libyan under the regime of Gadafi, Abdelati to the Obeidi, assured east Thursday to have given of voluntary form to the rebels near Tripoli and advised to the forces that follow loyal Gadafi which they lay down the arms.

In an interview with the channel To the Jazeera English, the old j of the gadafista diplomacy explained that it was put in contact with " present autoridades" the past night to request protection to them, in front of the version of the CNT of which it had been captured. " I came by own will, nobody has brought to me by fuerza" , it indicated who also carried out the positions of prime minister and j of State of the North African country. To the Obeidi it emphasized that it has been tried well at any moment by the rebels, and who, instead of being shut in a cell, have been placed him in a room with sofas and a television. " Until the moment, everything bien" , it indicated To the Obeidi to the correspondent of the catar television. The holder of Outer Subjects considered that " todo&quot has already finished; , reason why the gadafistas forces " they would have to resign to the violence to avoid more spilling of sangre". Source of the news: Gadafi, to its faithfuls: " We will not surrender, we are not women, we will follow luchando"