European Championship

Everything worth knowing about the sports event of next year Johannesburg 2010 Kiev now past the new target is for the Euro Cup 2012. for the first time Poland and the Ukraine align together European Championship a football. It will take place between 8 June and 1st July in four Polish and four Ukrainian cities. The 16 best European countries from the previous European Championship qualifiers compete with their teams in the competition. First, each team against the three other participants in the group plays in the previously randomly four groups A, B, C and D with four participating countries. At the end are the first and the second-placed team of each group a round further. In the quarterfinals, A join the winner of Group A against the runners-up of Group B, and the winner of Group B against the runners-up of the group.

The same applies to the C and D groups. The loser goes out always knock principle. Step from the four remaining teams in the semi-final then the winners from the games of Group A and B, as well as the victorious teams from the C and D matches against each other on. The winners resulting from these games contest the final in Kiev on July 1, 2012. On the Internet there are a lot of valuable information on venues already, to read game sites and the walking as a favorite in the race teams. On you will find also background information and news to the progress of the construction of the currently still considered unfinished stadiums in EM, and of course lots of interesting facts pertaining to the participating teams, the coach and the rules laid down by FIFA to the sports event 2012. It will be interesting to see whether EM-2008 – and World Cup 2010 winner Spain will deliver a similar achievement again in 2012, or whether 2010 this time to the top on the podium will succeed in the German national team after the 2008 Championship and third place at the World Cup.