Madrid Border

This is one of the most important tasks that it has before himself the Spanish society. Until now we have been proportionally the country of the EU that more foreigners has welcomed to be in the border border of that EU, along with Italy and Greece. But the common language with the countries of Latin America has caused the call and facilitated his insertion of immigrants for who it has been easier to reclaim the familiar unit. This it is a serious subject then to the Moroccans and to African the sub-Sahara ones to them it becomes more difficult that their families integrate themselves in our society, by their customs, traditions and levels of education. Subject that can be surpassed with the obligatory education for all whatever inhabits the Spanish ground. After years, nobody is able to distinguish to children of others playing in the patio of a school, studying or being inserted in the university or professional formation. This data is incontestable, and is good that they take advantage of the hispanohablantes as a form repair which had by the suffered thing in his cultures during the Spanish domination. The benefits also have been great and nobody sensible one can deny them but the challenge that we have before us must be assumed and be solved by the governors of all the implied countries. Jose Carlos Garci’a Fajardo Professor Emrito of the University of Alcala of Madrid (UCM) Director of CC Original author and source of the article.. Speaking candidly Herbert Simon told us the story.

System Inteligente Company

Storage In the basic definitions of this concept, used in industrial engineering, says that the Storage happens when an object or group of them is retained and protected against movements or uses nonauthorized. In the context of the processes of the System Inteligente Company, conceived by Anbal Basurto Amparano i, the Storage is located between the activities that represent waste, because they only add costs and delays. It says the following thing: Storage (it delays programmed): This activity also constitutes part of the process, and happens when the product, information or service happen to be stored. This period is a delay, but programmed; it can be a programmed delay of parts, resources or materials. Obvious it does not add value, is " desperdicio" in the process.

This is one of the six types of activities that conform any process: operation, transport, inspection, delay, storage and re-work; only the operation activities add value in direct form. An operative activity makes advance the process, represent " trabajo". The other five types of activity: transport, inspection, delay, storage and retrabajo, represents waste, they only add costs and delays; and if they are eliminated or they reduced, it does not pass anything, is not affected the value of the yield; in financial terms, really one rises. In the System Inteligente Company, we looked for to make best, faster and less expensive the processes; it is why to begin, the first step is: to identify the diverse types of activities that conform the process of the company, not to realise efforts in vain, as they are those to deal with better what would have to be eliminated and trying to eliminate what really would have to improve. Functional illiterate the functional illiteracy, in its basic concept, talks about to incompetence in the basic functions such as the reading, the writing and the mathematics; and several types of illiteracy have been exposed also, like cultural, cybernetic, social, the technological one, among others.