The Same

I’ll condemn if you make a mistake by negligence or omission. Remember that you’ve chosen a career that you committed for the rest of your life. You can commit and in fact those commit, many errors in your profession. The sentence that says, we all know that if there are 10 doctors gathered around a patient safety that there will be 11 different diagnoses. Medicine is an art, not a science, and therefore errors can occur, despite how much you spend to it and worry continue permanently. These errors are all forgivable, but not those that you mentioned. And of course your friends will be the same fate. Never doubt these words.– be brother it-, said Natasha while he made a gesture indicating that he had recorded in his mind, his words.

You’ve said a hundred times in the latter years. I have it etched fire. I promise that will do everything that this my best not to disappoint you. – Can’t – emphatically said his brother-remember it! Later, along with her parents, approached the car to congratulate Ruth and Gladys, who had not wanted to go down, because it was quite uncomfortable to descend in the car when they were located in the rear seat. -Congratulate them all.-affectionately told the brother-all three deserved this final. They have worked hard for years to get it, but at the end, it is of you.

-Ya know, both Ruth and I, – said with a mocking air Gladys to Natasha’s brother, while loomed a little his head through the front window – that we can not make that mistake. That you yourself you ordered send us to jail-. -I’m glad for you that have it present-, said brother very seriously. – As to not have it, with the times that we’ve threatened, said Ruth – but none we will give you that taste. You will not get a job at coast our, that we guarantee it with emphasis. -It is not my intention get a working extra, my intention is to make them understand that ye were those who freely chose that profession and have a commitment to meet. – And we will do it, he continued saying Ruth, don’t doubt it. We have the magnitude of the responsibilities we have acquired – very present. -Congratulations to all of you: you doctors, – the mother of Natasha said, approaching the window of the car, while she walked away to his son of the same, trying to put an end to the theme that cargosamente maintained.