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Diverse means aim at that one of the central subjects of Bilderberg 2010 will return to be the economic situation of the countries of the south of Europe (Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece) and Ireland, calls PIGS by their initials in English. These sources aim at an intervention of government president Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in the sense to offer confidence to the international investors the press is prohibited. Nobody informs envelope which there one struggles, are no official photos. The annual meetings of this select association, well-known like Bilderberg Club, are held from 1954 in " a strict atmosphere of secretismo". Thus it defines the very same British Encyclopedia. They defend themselves of the accusations of " oscurantismo" alleging that they are not " a secret club, but privado". On the matter adds to us, that according to the experts in Bilderberg, the Club works according to the system of concentric circles.

Concretely, this association counts on a directive committee – the Steering Comitte- made up of forty people. These choose to the guests of the edition of this year according to the anticipated thematic agenda. The norm more or less established is that each one of the members of the directive committee invite other two people. Altogether, one hundred fifty people at the most. The members of the Steering Comitte debate on the most discreet subjects. Later, the long hundred of assistants holds other meetings of more general character.

In no of the cases, the conclusions will become public, although in the last years final notes of press are emitted in which the subjects treated during the intense weekend are enunciated. One of the most repeated is the one of the nuclear power. Recently, the biotechnology is another one of the subjects stars. Also in last editions, the secretariat of the Bilderberg Group makes a list with almost all the participants public.

Principle External

If not outside because our mind says to us that we needed this or that one or catalogues east good or bad moment of, we could be happy here and now Even as simple thoughts as must have left sun, prevents us to enjoy this wonderful cloudy day Principle 3: The secret: You can control your thoughts. Perhaps you have been able to notice the difficult thing that he is this. Perhaps you can levantarte in the morning and decirte today I am not going to think? or Today I will only have positive thoughts? Difficult truth? As Byron Katie says, the thoughts are like rain, simply appear. You cannot control your thoughts but you question when them they leave of afectarte. When you question your estresantes thoughts and you see that what you consider negative or a problem not is it, then your perception of the life changes and the thoughts although they appear in your mind no longer affect to you. Example is like of serpent and rope, while you believe that the rope that you see far is a serpent you will suffer and you will not want to advance but you approach a little and are able to see that serpent in fact is a then rope the belief that it is a serpent no longer can affect to you, has seen the truth and is free to advance and to enjoy the way Principle 4: The secret: it teaches to you to attract external things to create the wished life. If I believe that my happiness depends on the money, the pair, the recognition, the health, then few opportunities I have of being happy, the people and external things do not depend on my, and I will be constantly suffering to control them, not to have them or by the fear to lose them? Your happiness does not depend external don’t mention it you do not hope to have money, pair, health nor recognition to be it. .

National Institute

The typical conduct consists of executing acts of culture, elaboration or traffic or otherwise to promote, to favor or to facilitate the illegal drug consumption or to own them with those aims. a) Culture, elaboration or traffic. – The acts of culture, elaboration or drug traffic do not pose special problems. Perhaps solely, on the one hand, regarding the more and more frequent culture of plants of marijuana and on the authenticity or not of the possession of the seeds and equipment for seedtime and, on the other, on the traffic acts and what concepts are included in the same. 1.a) The culture. – The culture of the cannabis plants sativa when it intends the own consumption is not typical, according to a repeated jurisprudence, but when it exceeds the amounts indicated by the National Institute of Toxicology as own of the normal consumption of a person, then this conduct yes is encuadrable in the type of Art.

368, interjection 1. Therefore, in the case of occupation of plants to an individual, to determine if the same are or no for the own consumption it will be necessary to calculate: a) First of all, the weight of the same and to discount those nonexcellent parts (earth, roots, trunk and branches) that habitually pays attention to a 40%. b) The consumption is of the dry parts reason why next it is necessary to discount between 80 and a 85% of water of the plant. c) The resultant, without being a mathematical criterion, since it would have to be put under on approval expert in each tactical mission, will be the part of the consumable plant like marijuana and that amount is the one that will be to consider to appreciate if the drug were for own consumption or no. For example: We find 20 plants that weigh 50 kg altogether (including trunk, roots and others).


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Human Rights More

Prezados Friends and Brothers in Jesus Christ. It wanted to reveal, to all, that today I woke up with an inexplicably huge Joy. Of where it came so great Joy, it asked to me, when I bound the TV. vi a news article of the Periodical of the Globe that explained: The ONU is creating a law that it determines that the Man (and women, children, etc) have the RIGHT the HAPPINESS. Something as the Human Rights. in the Brazilian congress (very small proposital) Mr.

Cristovo Buarque (if it will not be little matters) is creating one same law to be voted for Brazil. (' ' That Beleza' ' as the esportivo speaker says By the way) -, to discover extraordinary things, is proper of the cristovos …… We will not have more lixes, omde the rats and urubus coexist entire families now searching foods …… will not in general have sick more and women in labor with problems in the public and private hospitals Brazilian education will enter in the age of the biggest schools of the world, it is not without reason that the Haward director – (I do not know Portuguese English and nor) it comes to Brazil to take students Brazilians to study there also he has already meetings set appointments with a member of the house of representatives, I do not know if of psdb, if of psb or pmdb, I do not know the name well, but me it seems to be CHULAPA or CHULIPA, considered, the Pope of the Brazilian uneducated ……. house for all with all infrastructure – that he will pass to be called ' ' my house, mine felicidade' ' . to the signed being this law for our president, the corruption will leave to exist ….. . .e in the world will not have more wars, the Children of Etipia, Somlia and of the world all, after the publication of the decree, will be gordinhas and exempt of any sequelas of the problems of greets the law previous …….

I go to stop this way to tan, since already, so great happiness and because I do not obtain more to write therefore the tears are jumping to the keyboard, not leaving to see me the same. . .tudo already on account of this happiness. Congratulations for all. Already we are living ' ' NEW ERA' ' ' ' HAPPY GLOBALIZAO' ' obs: but as we always have somebody to confuse wonderful ideas, as a certain Norwegian young, sees a little of the poem of a certain Portuguese young (of Portugal) ' ' the happiness is where the pomes but the pomes where never we are ' ' as it says jabour ' ' we go to be happy and that the world that if lixe' '

Brazilian Services

3, interpolated propositions I the XXII, of Law 116/03. It occurs, however that in such a way, beyond consisting of the law and as it defends this author the City is the active citizen of this obligation and in face of the beginning of the strict legality, so that if it can charge the ISSQN of the service rendering, it by means of proper Usual Law must be instituted (SUZIGAN, 2011). I resell some authors, perceives it unamimity in questionings concerning this taxation. For Chagas (2011) the services given for societies formed for these professionals, will be citizens to the tax on the basis of a fixed annual value, calculated in accordance with the number of professionals integrate who them. Since in the terms of art. 9, paragraph 3, of DL 406/68, is assured to these societies the right to the differentiated treatment of the ISS.

This author understands that ' ' … does not have that to say in revocation of the differentiated treatment of the civil societies of profession regulamentada' '. Since ' ' … the cities cannot charge of the rendering societies of professional services service occupation tax (' ' ISS' ') incident on the price of servio' ' (CHAGAS, 2011). Still, the example of other diverse cities that intend to charge the ISSQN of these societies on the basis of the price of the services given in the month, the author of the one interesting approach concerning what it praises Law 9,799/2009, that it presented new writing to art. 13 of Law n 8,725/03, the one that if it relates to the ISSQN in one determined Brazilian city, deliberated that … when the services of doctor, nurse, obstetra, ortptico, fonoaudilogo, prosthetic, medical veterinarian, accountant, technician in accounting, agent of the industrial property, lawyer, engineer, architect, city planner, agronomist, dentist, economist and psychologist will be given by society consisting of professionals of the same qualification, the ISSQN due will be demanded monthly in relation each partner of the society, as well as in relation to each professional qualified, used or, that it gives service on behalf of the society, even so not assuming personal responsibility in the terms ofthe applicable law (CHAGAS, 2011).

North African Television

" They do not fear to the unfaithful ones. They release Tripoli. That all the people leave and advance towards Tripoli. Street by street and combatan&quot fight; , then Gadafi in a message of audio said also relayed by the international channel of Syria television RAI. " Todo&quot has already finished; On the other hand, the minister of Outer Subjects Libyan under the regime of Gadafi, Abdelati to the Obeidi, assured east Thursday to have given of voluntary form to the rebels near Tripoli and advised to the forces that follow loyal Gadafi which they lay down the arms.

In an interview with the channel To the Jazeera English, the old j of the gadafista diplomacy explained that it was put in contact with " present autoridades" the past night to request protection to them, in front of the version of the CNT of which it had been captured. " I came by own will, nobody has brought to me by fuerza" , it indicated who also carried out the positions of prime minister and j of State of the North African country. To the Obeidi it emphasized that it has been tried well at any moment by the rebels, and who, instead of being shut in a cell, have been placed him in a room with sofas and a television. " Until the moment, everything bien" , it indicated To the Obeidi to the correspondent of the catar television. The holder of Outer Subjects considered that " todo&quot has already finished; , reason why the gadafistas forces " they would have to resign to the violence to avoid more spilling of sangre". Source of the news: Gadafi, to its faithfuls: " We will not surrender, we are not women, we will follow luchando"

New Challenge

Challenges that the same life imposes to us, all of them related to the absolute and necessary change for the humanity. As we already know it, at present our planet is plenty of conflicts, of countries in war, countries with hunger, sunk in the injustice and the terror, zones of the Earth devastated by phenomena ” naturales” , more and more unacceptable violence and thus could continue mentioning them The challenge which the life faces to us in this new cycle is a change challenge and of taking of it brings back to consciousness that it initiates in the heart and which, we hope, all we pruned to include/understand in the necessary scale. The future on our life it depends and it begins in our present, unique the concrete thing and real it is what today we lived all. Our daily attitudes and actions, our emotions and feelings will be materialized in the future, of there the importance OF LIVING our present on the best way, trying to help same and the others; fighting to obtain that our works, hobbies, pastimes or entertainment are full of the energy of the joy, of the satisfaction to make the things or and for or. That little of it brings back to consciousness additional in our daily tasks can mark an incredibly great difference for the life of each. To give us accounts of if our actions go towards communal property, to the well-being of somebody the more, to value if ours to act it will affect the surroundings or if helps it Just by to take responsibility from the life that we are to day, we will be recognizing what is to live to fullness in wisdom, and that one is the true knowledge that the humans as much we needed at present..

World Philosophy

Certain he is that it tends to horizontes more remote, situated stops beyond the world, similar from there obtaining the experience of the world. Not even the deepest meditation will have felt if not to become related to the existence of the man, here and now. The philosophy sees indistinctly last criteria, looks for to the light of the impossible one, the way for the o man will be able to be enobrecer in its empirical existence. The philosophy dirige it the individual, of the place to the community, moved for the desire of the truth, and who if dedicates to filosofar would like to be admitted in this community.

It is granddaughter world and institution could not become duly warned to sacrifice the freedom of its truth. The philosopher cannot know if he integrates the community, but he desires for the thought to live in such a way that the acceptance is possible. The philosophy she is too much complex, is beyond my reach, this is equivalent to say: the interest for the basic questions of the life is useless; it fits to supply itself to think about the general plan to dive in a chapter any of practical activity or intellectual and the remaining portion will be enough to have ‘ ‘ opinies’ ‘ to content itself with them. The vital instinct hates the philosophy. If understood I it, I would have to modify my life. He acquired another state of spirit, you would see the things to an uncommon clarity and would review my judgments. The philosophy inhales to the total truth, that the world does not want.