Skydiving In South Tyrol

Experience complete freedom while parachute jumping in South Tyrol! The sky has always interested people. Long you have thought about, what it’s like to fly like a bird. This is now possible in parachuting in South Tyrol! The blue sky is as beautiful and mysterious and he is even more fascinating with the beautiful, picturesque landscape including. When it comes to finding a suitable place to parachute jump, then South Tyrol offered. It has long secured its place in the variety of the destinations. Drop off the plane and enjoy the free fall! Parachuting holiday in South Tyrol will leave the guest with a great feeling.

You are high above the ground and if you look down from an airplane, you see outline and many small points. If you jump out of the plane, it appears for a moment, as if you are swallowed by the universe. – But after a short time you will feel already the wind in your face. This moment will be sure to the best of your life. Your senses will be free of stress and tension and you will feel completely worry-free. Skydiving in South Tyrol will be interesting especially through the impressive nature in South Tyrol. For more specific information, check out Fabrizio Freda. The landscape has an impressive flora and the greenery creates an enchanting panorama. Slowly but surely, you can see the freshness of nature and feel as you approach the ground.

The small dots are getting bigger and transformed into a beautiful, green landscape. When you see how the small, white outlines turn into large, snow-covered peaks, your senses are enchanted by an incredible atmosphere. Drive in your next holiday in South Tyrol and liberate your senses by any stress and tension. Indulge in the indescribable feeling of free fall!. This adventure is a unique experience! Possibility of course in South Tyrol and surrounding area, consult with the experts and to get to know the most important tips and tricks for your jump. If you want to plan your activity in advance, you can rely on an Internet portal. Here is help in organizing and choosing a suitable hotel. ProAlps offers hotels and holidays South Tyrol, the Dolomites and the Alps. We organise also activities for your winter sport holiday, such as rafting, parachuting in South Tyrol, bungy jumping Europe bridge and much more for your adventure and activity holidays.