Australian Continent Airport

These are the five airports with more transit of passengers of the United States. Airports that in addition appear in top ten of ten more journeyed worldwide: 1, the airport of Atlanta, Hartsfield Airport, in Georgia he is the one of greater transit of passengers, landings and takeoffs of the United States, with numbers that exceed the 88 million passengers. Although the airport is nourished mainly of the domestic traffic of passengers towards small cities of the south of the country, the Airport of Atlanta also has international service of flights towards North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 2, Airport of Chicago – ' Hare, in Illinois it is a terminal with a strong international presence, flights to more than 60 destinies abroad, being the fourth American airport with greater transit of international flights. It annually reaches numbers around the 64 million passengers, and is considered by the users, one of the best airports of the United States.

3, Airport the International of Los Angeles, California It is an airport with a strong presence of international traffic; in fact, it serves to 87 domestic destinies and 69 international destinies as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Australian Continent, being the third party of the country in international traffic. Altogether, their facilities are used by 56 million users annually. In order to move by Los Angeles to become essential to count on own vehicle, if you have intention to rent a car in the Airport of Los Angeles you would have to reserve it in advance. 4, Airport the International of Cut with a scythe Worth, Texas In terms of surface, it is the greatest airport of the state, and the second greatest one of the USA, only behind the one of Denver. It is operated in many aspects like a small city.

Account with its own postal office, postal code and services public. He is journeyed every year by numbers of passengers who go up to around 56 million. 5, Airport the International of Denver, Colorado It is the airport international greater of the USA and the third greater airport of the world in earth surface. Also it is catalogued, in terms of track, like the longest airport of the USA and all the American continent. Account annually with around 50 million passengers. It is an ideal destiny to reserve a car and to begin your route of trip by the state of Colorado