Jurez Society

It left eleven years ago, and it spoke of which Jurez as the obvious sample of a society that is expiring. Nevertheless for the people of Jurez City feminicidio, the violation to children, the torture to people, was simply part of the daily life. I believe that the worse signal of than there are lost the sanity as society is when we see things like those like so daily. Is guilty the social body to the complete one? No longer we have bases to tolerate to us like society. The concepts of family, society, religion no longer work. Moment of civilidad is the human being in the last.

The things that happen in Jurez lose all human logic, really you cannot understand them. The feminicidios and disappearances have different authors, but through these years I have seen that there are cases in which the guilty have been from police to the same parents of the children, the fianc2e, the neighbor the same society is the one in charge of to have turned to Jurez in one of the devastating places but to live. Photographer by accident (she studied Psychology and she entered to collaborate in the section of culture of a newspaper to be pleased the race), Mayra Martell studied in center National of the Arts of Mexico DF. For six years she works documenting disappearances in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Algeria. Now she prepares a series on the border cities of Mexico and the USA and in another one on the destruction of the historical center of Jurez City: " They are demolishing all the buildings, has become a ghost city, only a battlefield for the posters of narcotrfico". Source of the news: " Jurez city became broken on the inside, does not have memory, is joined in tristeza"