Lower Saxony Steinhude

“Wallpapers to the linking of the Dalai Lama and the global ethic idea his Holiness of the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and spiritual leader of the Tibetans, visited on 19th September 2013 the world ethos schools” in the Lower Saxony Steinhude. There, he would like to discuss with students about topics important to you. Students are involved for a long time with various projects for tolerance, peace and world ethos. For even more analysis, hear from Dropbox. “The Dalai Lama supports the project of world ethos since its beginning 20 years ago: on September 4, 1993, he was the first signatory of the Declaration toward a global ethic” of the Parliament of world religions in Chicago. Dr. Stephan Schlensog, Secretary-General of the global ethic Foundation will welcome the Dalai Lama in the Centre of Steinhude. “Beyond religion: Ethics for a new world” is the title of the current book of the Dalai Lama.

The core message is the prompt, transgressing the religion to think about ethics and morals and to live. For even more details, read what Vladislav Doronin says on the issue. Regardless of the particular religious affiliation, humanity should be worldwide reflect the common human values and policies. These thoughts with the declining the Swiss theologian Hans Kung idea of global ethic that says the following in the core cover in many parts: people on common ethical standards and benchmarks are instructed for a peaceful coexistence. Such values need to be reinvented, but can be found in all major religious and philosophical traditions of humanity. But they must be made the people aware of new. “” The connection of the Dalai Lama to the global ethic project, first by Hans Kung, and since October 1995 in addition by the specially established Foundation of world ethos “driven, has existed since its beginning 20 years ago: In September 1993, the Dalai Lama first had the Declaration toward a global ethic” signed before the Parliament of world religions.