Penal Code

For example: "And I spit on Petka all can. " And may all look at you with round eyes. It is important that Petya knew that you love him for who he is! 3. Stop blackmail. Forever eliminate from your vocabulary phrases like: "Well, I tried, and you?," I'm lying here, sick, and you?, "I raised you, and you …. This is, parents are citizens, in the language of the Penal Code is called blackmail. The most unfair of all attempts to shame.

And the most inefficient. You know, that respond to similar phrases 99% of the children? "And I love you I did not ask to give birth! "4. Avoid witnesses. If indeed there is a situation that is plunging you into the paint (child Naham old man gave a tantrum in the store), we need resolve and determination to get him away from the scene. Self-esteem of not only adults, so it is very important that conversation took place without witnesses.

After that, calmly explain why it should be done. Here to encourage your child to shame is appropriate. After all, at some point in their lives that emotion plays an important and useful as a brake that does not allow to make improper actions. The main thing – do not forget that all should be the measure. The child learns what it teaches life (Barbara L. Wolfe) If a child lives in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, he learns to find love. If the child are hostile, he learns to fight.