Yo El Supremo Narrative

Through the violence and of its ' ' poder' ' staff it looked for to make solid its image that it mixed the one of a free nation. The historical narrative of ' ' Yo El Supremo' ' as ' ' espao' ' it was primordial so that it was possible implantation of an ideology of full domination in all the sectors of the Paraguayan society. For in such a way, we focus here, the universe of the literary narrative, the construction of public works, the assemblies, the conservation of palacetes and castles, as well as aspects of the life summon of the dictator in the way of controverted feelings as the inserted envy and the admiration in its circle to be able, its contradictory and paranico behavior, when the personage places in evidence a mixture of to be able total with a madness capable to make of its simpler personal wills the will general of the people, the dither of fanatic form for its subjects, miscigenando one feelings maniquesmo mark of and alternated by the love and the hatred, the solitude and the collectivism. The determination of the supreme power of the dictator possua a related optic spread to the transformation of the historical moment which Paraguay was living at the moment of the action historical narrative and, giving wing to an independence focused in the figure of a leader with being able ample, being this indispensable one for ideological engineering in the conduction of that government. It governed in such a way carrying through a skillful set of accomplishments of public works of basic importance for its personal project, as for, thus, ludibriar to the people, deviating its eyes of the antidemocratic acts committed by Francia. , For in such a way it needed the organization of a laicizado State to a nationalized education loaded of elements politicians capable to engrandecer each time more the image of the Dictator and, for consequence, of Paraguay.