John Marshall

Any store in the physical world, with the intention of seeking better relevance of its products and articles, always try to make small changes, according to behavior patterns revealed by their own customers.The same thing happens with any business on the Internet, is necessary to study customer traffic in order to increase sales.Analyze your web traffic and carried out a study of behavior patterns so that you know how behave in your business consumers.Listening .tus customers are talking. There are a number of web traffic analysis companies, such as and, which analyzed patterns of commercial customers. They follow customers clicks through its web pages and give you valuable information about how was the experience of your customers on your website. 1. Thanks to these companies you can see the amount of traffic that it brings each keyword, as well as the number of clicks and the highest conversion rate.Many people use generic keywords to get a lot of traffic, serious error, since this type of generic words only get average a stay shorter on the site, since it is not a generic interested in the products it offers to your site traffic.Spend much more time on your site, more likely you are to buy something. Analyze the data that allows you to see what keywords are effective for you. 2. Also you will see the average amount of time users spend on your site.

Due to latent conversion, this is a good indicator that will give you an idea of how ira business in the coming months. If users take your time in seeing your offers carefully, will give you an idea that you are really interested and is likely to return to complete the transaction. 3 Analyzes your traffic website and see if you are leaving as soon as it arrives at your page, with this information you will know what kind of problem is that they have and be able to search solutions. As soon as users come to your site, want to reinforce it to make them more time in the right place. Says John Marshall, founder of CEO and make sure that the user keyword zdonde makes clicking is associated and is strongly connected to your landing page only paying a little attention you will get 20% to 50% improvement in the percentage of conversions. 4 You will see that people are leaving your site. This is especially important when you have customers abandoning at the moment of payment and shipping. If you see a high rate of users, with shopping carts, leaving your page, can be as follows: if they are leaving the page in which you explain shipping costs, you can see if your shipping charges are higher than those of your competitors.

If they will be halfway through the completion of the information of the purchaser, you can consider that the questionnaire for the buyer is too extensive and complicated. Analyze your web traffic so you can see what is running on your web site and what not. It is a way to see where you need to make changes and then measure the effectiveness of these changes once made. By an effective entrepreneurship.

Eva Bracamonte Feber

Much has been written in the press of Peru about the Feber case, about the murder of Miriam Fefer, and in most cases is said to the letter: that Ms. Fefer was a wealthy businesswoman, but that is not true. Who was wealthy businessman was her father, Mr Enrique Fefer, grandfather of Eva Bracamonte Fefer. Ms. which peace rests, Member of the Jewish community in Peru, was a daughter, but not the owner of the assets of its parent. What’s more, Mr Enrique Fefer, father de la Sra. Miriam Fefer, did not want to leave her daughter, nor to his brothers, his personal fortune, but that in life I declare his heir to his granddaughter Ms. Eva Bracamonte Fefer.

These clarifications are very necessary to start this article, proving that the press in Peru, writes because if. Peruvian journalists seem to have been cattle his title in a raffle at a Fete, playing roulette, by raffle, a raffle, but not studying. Especially if we have that they act in Peru as journalists: lawyers, unemployed, papelucheros and people even without title one, as it is the case of Radio programs of the Peru, free press, and others that is worth quoting. A written press which publishes barbarities and is very addicted to give huge spaces to prostitutes best known country that Act of dancers, to mask the true and very profitable activity are engaged in that, which is prostitution, does not enjoy any credibility for its moral quality. Nor should be taken into account their opinions, very questionable. Returning to the case that interests us and occupies, the assassination of Ms. Miriam Fefer, he said that the press in Peru is too prone to accuse people, without any evidence, as it is the case of Eva Bracamonte Fefer, looking for morally disqualify that fall her friend Ms. Liliana Castro Manarelli, student of superior athlete as recently reported by the press itself looking to dig up more in the case, to have something to talk and sell more newspapers and capture tuning to really educational, transcendental content-poor programs and devote himself to encourage the curiosity of the Peruvian population.

Xavier Vallhonrat

The Spanish franchisers Association (AEF) has presented its annual report the Spanish franchise in the world. According to the study, closed with data relating to the first quarter of 2010, the Spanish franchise has increased significantly its presence abroad is so much so that today there are 234 brands working in 112 countries, 24 marks and 4 countries more than in 2009. Moreover, franchises in international fairs participation has been high, which has helped increase the presence Spanish in the international arena by 11.43 per cent increase over the previous year, as well as the number of countries. The study shows there is an increase in number of establishments over the previous year and that it amounted to 0.5%. In relation to the growth of the flags, the number of points of sales has been reduced due to the incorporation to the franchises first international market and adjustment of data produced in the Latin American market.

Of this mode has gone from 10.186 against the figure of 2009 which was of 10.135, an increase of 51 new local. When evaluating the results of this report, Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF, points out that before the economic situation we have suffered over the past years in the domestic market many ensigns, which so far had not raised its output abroad, seek new business opportunities through the franchise system in the international sphere dominates fashion as regards the sectors that led the presence of franchises you Spanish abroadfashion continues to be the main reference. Currently there are 57 brands of this activity with their labels abroad 12 more than in 2009, operating in 100 countries 4 more than last year and with 2672 284 stores increase over the previous study. Second sector of the hotel and restaurant, is located with 40 flags 3 more than in 2009, installed in 47 markets 3 the previous year and with a total of 1,157 establishments 16 more than in the past report.