Penal Code

For example: "And I spit on Petka all can. " And may all look at you with round eyes. It is important that Petya knew that you love him for who he is! 3. Stop blackmail. Forever eliminate from your vocabulary phrases like: "Well, I tried, and you?," I'm lying here, sick, and you?, "I raised you, and you …. This is, parents are citizens, in the language of the Penal Code is called blackmail. The most unfair of all attempts to shame.

And the most inefficient. You know, that respond to similar phrases 99% of the children? "And I love you I did not ask to give birth! "4. Avoid witnesses. If indeed there is a situation that is plunging you into the paint (child Naham old man gave a tantrum in the store), we need resolve and determination to get him away from the scene. Self-esteem of not only adults, so it is very important that conversation took place without witnesses.

After that, calmly explain why it should be done. Here to encourage your child to shame is appropriate. After all, at some point in their lives that emotion plays an important and useful as a brake that does not allow to make improper actions. The main thing – do not forget that all should be the measure. The child learns what it teaches life (Barbara L. Wolfe) If a child lives in an atmosphere of love and acceptance, he learns to find love. If the child are hostile, he learns to fight.

Color Documents

More and more modern office use in their daily work full-color printing. The main devices for printing in the office of “native” are laser printers and, more recently, multi- device. Today, among the well-known brands in the “black and white office” are the HP and Xerox. Unconditional trust are the manufacturers of these brands with confidence to the Ukrainian market by supplying its own color laser device. But few people know that in 2009-2010 a special place was occupied by color printers OKI. Quality and reliability of devices made devices OKI main competitor in the color laser market. But what about the economy? Toner refill oki become available even for the most “heavy” vehicles.

It is possible to reduce the cost of printing has become one of the criteria for selecting equipment. But for color devices are more sensitive to the quality of filling materials. More recently, among system administrators a common opinion that it is impossible qualitatively fill color laser / LED printer cartridges OKI. Yes, and cartridges for monochrome devices often do not refueled. Why now the situation changed? Today, the technology has changed production techniques Soho, China has become the main production partner, Japanese and American companies.

Many Asian production associations have both signed contracts with major brands that are direct competitors. If yesterday the company could create and produce a product of the actual developed and manufactured parts incl and toners. Now most of the developers of electronic products rely on the fact that you can create a new device, the maximum saving on cheap Asian assembly, components and “Relatively generic components.” An interesting fact is that the OKI monochrome not refill because of totally original in its properties of toner, compatible toner production was inefficient as the proportion of the park OKI printers in the total volume was negligible for the beginning of sound production of compatible supplies. The situation with the aids OKI color was diametrically opposite. Service toner refill oki available on all models of printers and MFP lines. All cartridges for OKI models are now able to print quality after refilling.


Many people have the belief that anyone who has a mere knowledge of two languages can translate. But this belief is completely false and, often, dangerous. A professional translator is a person who not only have knowledge of linguistic and grammatical aspects of two languages but it also dedicated many years of study to learn the techniques that allow to perform accurate translations and quality. It also delves into diverse areas of knowledge which will define their fields of specialization. It is important to educate the people and teach that not anyone is apt to translate and which depends on the professionalism of the translator the final outcome of the product. When is needed to translate legal documents (contracts, acts, powers), technical documents (manuals, instructions on how to operate specific equipment, computer-related documents), Web sites, brochures or need a job of dubbing and/or subtitling, among others, there are that recourse to a professional translator. In these cases, the translator must demonstrate a perfect mastery of the languages with which we work and an excellent knowledge of the subject on which will be translated.

Of course, an excellent spelling and an impeccable writing are other so long-awaited features that must have professional. It should not be forgotten that the recipient of the translation should read the text as if it were an editorial in their language of origin. Also, the translator must be able to transport from the source language to the target language as many characteristics of the text, i.e., to recreate it. Another very important aspect is adjusted to each customer’s specific orders. In summary, the translator must have a clear idea of the topic on which will be translated, who will be the recipients of the translation and what use will be given to the final product. Specifically, the translator must guarantee the fidelity of translation which produced.

Transport Documents

Trunk trays – practical and robust people mountain / Munschwitz, 22nd December 2011 – with practical trunk trays, RA now has a reliable protection for the trunk in the offer. In his shop, Germany’s largest supplier of towbars offers custom-fit trunk trays for a variety of car models. RA offers drivers a cheap way to keep the Panel in their luggage trunk from dirt and damage. Customers can find the appropriate trunk tray easy on vehicle selection, which leads directly to the desired product of car manufacturer, model, and year. Also luggage are always noble: where once bare sheet metal, particle board and robust plastics dominated, everything is knocked out today fine with carpet – sometimes even in bright colors. It looks at first glance although elegantly, but quickly the beautiful carpet is dirty or damaged by sharp-edged or heavy objects.

With his practical trunk trays, RA transport specialists provide inexpensive protection. For a Variety of car models from Alfa to Volkswagen delivers in vehicle-specific variants, which are optimally tailored to the respective trunk RA trunk trays. The right pan for the trunk can be quickly determined on with the configurator. Should be exceptionally not doing your own vehicle or the trunk tray used in different cars, the trunk protection in one size (100 x 90 cm) is available. All trunk trays have a 5 cm high edge, leaking liquids could not get on the carpet or spill over.

The trunk trays of RA are equipped with a foam anti-slip pad made of PVC, so that all items remain safe in their place. The durable PE material of the mats for the car trunk is resistant to oils, acids, gasoline, and a variety of other chemical substances: so, even lawn mowers, chain saws or cleaning agents can be transported safely and cleanly. Who needs more space, receives at RA also a universal rubber mats for the trunk in the dimensions 108 x 140 cm. The universal rubber mats can be associated with a Cutter knife or large scissors easily to the desired length help pre-drawn cut edges. In any case, the trunk remains neat and clean, so even the finest leather suitcase feels still here on vacation. Company description of RA: RA trailer couplings and autoteile GmbH is a medium-sized company that was founded in 1996 and has specialized in the distribution of towbars, electric rates for cars and vans. The company has achieved a revenue growth of 50-100 percent annually in the past. With more than 180,000 nationwide sent towbars RA is in the range of retro-fitting of towbars and electric rates market leader.

DMS Agorum

Store electronic documents documents in a document management system is an integral part of business processes and can be in terms of legal certainty for companies of great importance. As especially the audit-proof archiving fixed about a procedure documentation of electronic invoices, which can serve as evidence against the Treasury. However, only 17% of the companies that employ a DMS, have certified it and 1/3 of the companies surveyed include no documentation of the process, as shown in a recent study of the Association organizational and Informationssysteme e.V. (VOI). The document management system agorum core has been tested by an audit company confirmed that agorum core Pro when used properly enables an accounting corresponding to the GoB and GDPdU.

Ostfildern 22.04.2013 company would archive right – and audit-proof electronic documents, so it is important to comply with statutory regulations. Delta Galil shines more light on the discussion. Agorum core Pro version 7.0 is designed for this: with the Document management system documents can be according to accountancy firm, when used properly, for the IRS law according to the principles of proper accounting (GoB) and the principles of data access and the verifiability of digital documents (GDPdU) tamper-proof archive. But also includes that describes the document-based processes in a documentation process. The documentation of the process required by the law describes the invoice processing in the company all operations E.g. invoice processing must be logged and saved as a copy. Where: the processed, stored documents must be reproducible at any time during the whole storage period, i.e.

be readable. The IRS understands at any time so in case of a tax audit, what edits have been made. This requirement met agorum core through an automated versioning of documents. Can using a visible history always used to determine when and by whom a document was changed. In addition, agorum enables core to put archive flags that prevent that original invoices can be changed, moved in the database or deleted. The documents stored in the document management system can be made at any time through links in various acts, such as accounting, supplier folder or an extra field, visible for the tax inspector. In addition, agorum enables core to burn the data on an external drive to transfer them to the IRS as needed. Other functions of archiving with agorum are core: individual workflows for auditing with audit trail and the ability to provide documents in the archive, so that they can be deleted automatically after the date with a deletion date. Learn more about the audit-proof archiving: startseite/produkte/produktuebersicht-dms-ecm-agorum-core/pruefbericht.


Copy of identity card of the applicant. Certified home of the plaintiff. Certificate of child survival. Affidavit of income of the applicant with legalized signature. Tariff Judicial pay to the Bank of the nation by offering evidence. Certified copies of police report (abandonment of home, family violence, etc.).

Other documents that creates convenient, attesting that he was under their custody and care of the case. The family judge shall decide taking into account the following: If the child is less than three years must remain with the mother, provided that there are no reasons founded for the refusal to grant the same. The child must live with the father or mother with who has lived longer if it is favorable. For the father who does not obtain possession or custody of the child, the judge shall institute a regime of visits (days and times in which the father can visit and leave with their children. can be request interim tenure in any case? Yes, if the child is less than three years and their integrity is in serious danger, should the judge resolve the request within a maximum of 24 hours. What are the requirements to sue regime of? visits? 1. Delta Galil describes an additional similar source. Departure of child’s birth, declared by the mother. 2.

Copy of identity card of the applicant. 3. The plaintiff at home certificate. 4. Certificate of the minor studies. 5 Affidavit of income of the applicant, legalized by a notary. 6 Pay S /. 34. 00 by offering evidence to the Banco de La Nacion. 7. Certificate of police complaints against the respondent. 8. If it is demanded by food, accredit to comply with the above-mentioned pensions. 9. The demand arises in the place of domicile of the defendant. What are the requirements for the demand of union in fact? 1. The de facto death certificate. 2 Birth certificate of the sons of the deceased with the plaintiff. 3. Copy of identity card of the applicant. 4 Name, address, ID and occupation of 2 or 3 witnesses who give faith of coexistence. 5 Documents, autovaluos, receipts of phone, sedapal, edelnor, etc, showing the union of both in different daily acts. 6 Point out where you have pension or insurance, or AFP, properties, assets susceptible of being divided. Pay tariff judicial s /. 64. 00 to the Banco de la Nacion by offering evidence.

Colloquium Speakers

‘ Burnout – not a disease, but a problem for the economy under this motto met on April 24, 2013, over 120 representatives from the economy, politics, to inform the pension insurance institutions, professional associations, health insurance companies and the employment agencies from all over Germany, to find out about the latest findings on the topic of burnout and to discuss with the experts present. Already, the list of speakers proved to be particularly interesting, as many facets of the topic could be lit by the different areas, from which came the speakers. Since Monday, June 17, 2013, can as well as download the summary in form of a Sondernewsletters, as well as the presentations of the speakers from the pages of BFW Leipzig interested participants in the Colloquium. Get both on the home page under events to the extra switched sides or at this direct link: wir-ueber-uns/veranstaltungskalender/kolloquium-2013/zusammenfassung.html on the six faces of the Sondernewsletters are both the individual Presentations in addition to the presentations once again combined, as also the concluding panel discussion. Additional still a report about one of Burnout was listed with stakeholders in the newsletter, which is symptomatic of the views raised at the Colloquium on the topic of burnout.

A small gallery on the page conveys impressions of the event. In addition buyers have a form for the Rehawissenschaftliche Colloquium 2014 prebooking the possibility. BFW Leipzig Leipzig is active for more than 20 years the vocational promotion work as a specialist in the field of vocational rehabilitation. Here people are trained and supported demand, which had to divorce due to illness or accident from the usual working life. With individual training, qualification and integration measures, new possibilities for the way back offered in a full working life. The services as a large regional service provider in the areas consulting, Diagnostics and In addition to the head office in Leipzig in the branch offices in Chemnitz, Dobeln, Plauen and Zwickau available are assessment, training, prevention and rehabilitation. The various retraining, qualification and integration measures are an important contribution not only to return people to the work process, but also by the orientation on the labour market contribute to tackling the lack of skilled workers in the economy. In addition, several courses of vocational training are offered at the educational institution.

Antoni Tapies Foundation

Luis Mansilla and Emilio Trunon Madrid have won the prize by the hotel and restaurant Atrium. The President of the jury, Benedetta Tagliabue, argues that all the works presented were very good. The catalan architect Enric Ruiz Geli has obtained a mention by the TIC building, located in the 22 @ Barcelona architecture 2011 FAD award has been, ex aequo, for two locals, Emilio Tunon, Luis Mansilla, by hotel and restaurant atrium of Caceres, and lisboeta Ricardo Bak Gordon, for his project two houses in Santa Isabel. This year have been submitted to the FAD awards in its various forms a total of 498 works, of which 282 correspond to the category of architecture; 74 to the Interior; 37 city and landscape; 58 to ephemeral interventions and 47 thought and Critica.estos awards are considered the most prestigious of the Iberian panorama in its scope. The Chairperson of the jury and architect, Benedetta Tagliabue, has very positively valued the level of all the projects submitted.According to Benedetta, it has been a difficult choice and all were very good, well presented and very cared for. Although the sector is suffering from the economic crisis in a very direct way, Tagliabue has argued that there is no crisis of creativity in architecture. Furthermore, he argues that currently is experiencing a kind of rebirth of creative ability, despite the global crisis, the jury is formed also by Eugeni Bach, Beth Capdrro, Edgar Gonzalez, Daniela Hartmann, Imma Jansana, Santiago Loperena and Jose Mateus.estos are those who have finally decided that the prize is, conjunatmente, for two locals and a lisboeta.

In the case of Luis Mansilla and Emilio Tunon have highlighted the reinterpretation have made a home in the city of Caceres, converted into a hotel and restaurant. The Chairperson of the jury holds that they have managed an intervention very elegant and integrated, in which new structures and the ancient walls of the building are mixed. The work of Ricardo Bak Gordon, has been particularly valued by rereading that has made of an interior of Apple in the urban centre of Lisbon. Tagliabue believes that this action is a masterpiece that can look from the outside, although it is not showing what happens inside. Other mentions and awards on the other hand, the catalan architect Enric Ruiz Geli has obtained a mention by the TIC building, located in the 22 @ Barcelona.

According to Tagliabue, as well as having built a building absolutely fantastic and great, Ruiz Geli is deserving of the distinction because it is the re-inventor of the figure of the architect, who has become Advisor to the client, in its promoter and, in addition, patented everything what they invent. The FAD Prize for interior design 2011 has been for Inaki Abalos for his work on the Antoni Tapies Foundation in Barcelona. The city and landscape has corresponded to Michele Orliacq and Miquel Batlle for the Park of the waters of the orchards of Vilabertran, located in Figueres (Girona). Other distinguished works they have been home for a collector nomadic, Martin Lejarraga and Ana Martinez Martinez, in the section on ephemeral interventions. On the other hand, the FAD of thought and criticism has been, also ex-aequo, for the laboratory Gran Via exhibition catalog, edited by Telefonica, and collective architectures: trucks, containers, groups, urban lines, edited by Editions Vibnok-Paula Alvarez. Source of the news: two locals and a lisboeta jointly win the FAD Prize for architecture 2011