The Report

Methodology of the Problematizao has a general orientation as all method, walking for distinct and chained stages from a problem detected in the reality. A true methodology, understood consists as a set of methods, techniques, procedures or activities intentionally selected and organized in each stage, in accordance with the nature of the problem in study and the general conditions of the participants. (BERBEL, 1998). Today the universities but they aim at the market and the students feel themselves guaranteed more with a professional formation by means of a superior education, preparing itself for the society that each time more is demanding. For not feeling itself excluded socially, many pupils make random choices in the courses future, resulting in not the identification with the course and a defection. As Cobra and Braga (2004): one of the main challenges of the IES is to understand that the pupils do not buy courses, buys, in the truth, a professional career of success. that the necessary school to add value its courses so that its pupils have conditions to dispute space in the work market.

Still a bigger investment in public politics is necessary, that effectively the population will bring an orientation concerning the insertion of the society in superior level, where if has as example in the accurate courses of the defection is well bigger that the area of human beings. Without a doubt, scientific research must be increased by the pupils so that the society it can be informed which the courses that its locality really needs formed professionals, with the qualification due. As we can evidence the courses of accurate sciences do not withhold the exclusiveness of the high taxes of evasion. The data in itself can take the conclusions precipitated on the institucional efficiency. The Report of the MEC recommends that in specific areas the evasion of incomplete generations is studied to locate its causes better.

European Championship

Everything worth knowing about the sports event of next year Johannesburg 2010 Kiev now past the new target is for the Euro Cup 2012. for the first time Poland and the Ukraine align together European Championship a football. It will take place between 8 June and 1st July in four Polish and four Ukrainian cities. The 16 best European countries from the previous European Championship qualifiers compete with their teams in the competition. First, each team against the three other participants in the group plays in the previously randomly four groups A, B, C and D with four participating countries. At the end are the first and the second-placed team of each group a round further. In the quarterfinals, A join the winner of Group A against the runners-up of Group B, and the winner of Group B against the runners-up of the group.

The same applies to the C and D groups. The loser goes out always knock principle. Step from the four remaining teams in the semi-final then the winners from the games of Group A and B, as well as the victorious teams from the C and D matches against each other on. The winners resulting from these games contest the final in Kiev on July 1, 2012. On the Internet there are a lot of valuable information on venues already, to read game sites and the walking as a favorite in the race teams. On you will find also background information and news to the progress of the construction of the currently still considered unfinished stadiums in EM, and of course lots of interesting facts pertaining to the participating teams, the coach and the rules laid down by FIFA to the sports event 2012. It will be interesting to see whether EM-2008 – and World Cup 2010 winner Spain will deliver a similar achievement again in 2012, or whether 2010 this time to the top on the podium will succeed in the German national team after the 2008 Championship and third place at the World Cup.

New Report Without Political Criteria

It will send its proposal to the other 4 affected cities in case they are desired to add itself. It considers that the contribution to the process of peace in the Basque Country does not have to influence. One of the members of the selection committee denies that the designation responds to political criteria and assures that they could choose with freedom. San Sebastin is chosen Capital European of Culture 2016. The mayor of Saragossa, Juan Alberto Belloch, is going to ask to the Ministry of Culture that gives back the report of the jury on the designation of San Sebastin like European Capital of Culture 2016, so that it returns to make a decision that does not emit political valuations.

In a press conference after chairing a meeting of the Government of the city, Belloch has informed into which a document with the proposal will elaborate that &quot will send to the other four cities; afectadas": Cordova, Segovia, Burgos and Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, in case they are added to his expositions. According to the mayor, the jury in charge of the selection of the cities " incumpli" the ministerial order that marks the criteria by which it must to be in force and in that " caso&quot is not spoken in any; of political questions. Political reasons According to Belloch, the president of the selection committee, Manfred Gaulhofer, mentioned " explcitamente" that the reason for which chose San Sebastin was based on the contribution that could suppose the European capitalidad to " proceso" of peace in the Basque Country. The mayor is going to propose the Ministry of Culture that step the file and does not give back the report to the members of the jury so that they return to realise a new evaluation in which they exclude the political criterion from " to favor or not the process of paz".

Partial Reports

When we ask to which ' ' the topics that are boarded in the autoone; ' , 25% of the interviewed ones (pupil) said that the evaluation of the pupils occurs only, 25% (managing) said that it has the evaluation of the series, 25% (managing) placed that the evaluation of the staff exists administrative technician, 25% (teacher) said that it has the evaluation of the faculty, 25% (managing) said that it has the evaluation you discipline of them and 75% (pupil, director, professor) had been unanimous in saying that has the evaluation of the pertaining to school management. However, with regard to this item of the interview, the interviewed father placed that ' ' if he happens the auto-evaluation, this is internal, only with professors and direction. When the parents participate say themselves of each specific pupil, not of the one general panorama of this institucional evaluation, as a reflection to the act of avaliar' '. Thus, but a time is possible to make mention to the previous paragraph, where already it was placed of the importance of the participation of all the segments of the school, including the parents, in the processes of institucional evaluation. In the sequence, when &#039 was asked if; ' its school carries through the sensitization to promote the shelter, the construction and the participation of all in the avaliativo process? ' ' , 50% of the interviewed ones (pupil and professor) had said that this occurs to the times, 25% (managing) placed that this always happens and 25% (father) spoke that this never happens. With this, we perceive one more time we perceive that, either even so necessary the presence of the parents in the process of institucional evaluation, this does not occur in fact as it would have. After that, when we question which actions that happen to prepare and to develop auto-evaluation in the school, 75% of the searched citizens (professor, director and pupil) had said that accomplishment of meetings with all exists the segments of the Institution, 50% (professor and director) explained that it has collective construction of the pointers and instruments of collection of data, 75% (professor, director and pupil) had placed that all participate of the definition of the methodology of application, analysis and interpretation of data, 25% (managing) said that it has the analysis and interpretation of the data Partial Reports, only 25% (professor) clearly left that quarrel of the results with the community exists intern, 75% (professor, professor pupil) said that it has spreading of the result of the internal evaluation for the pertaining to school community, also to the responsible ones for the pupils and finally, only 25% (professor) said that after all process of auto-evaluation is made a reflection concerning the avaliativo process. .

Experience Report

Spiritual life coaching by Lina life awareness expert knowledge of karma and karmic relationships spread increasingly in the West – and yet Karma for many people remains more abstract theory from a foreign Eastern worldview. “Sometimes karma is even misused pretext as compassion to abandon the other has shut their own fault to have created such a bad karma” and the meaning of karma does not meet. Karma is a reality that shaped people’s lives. That is why it is very important, with karmic becoming familiar contexts, if one wants to improve his quality of life. Can be concretely experienced karma and overcome the entire human karmic system awareness expert Lina describes how life in their review of spiritual death”.

That awareness expert Lina life perceives Karma personally experienced, subtle, and even paints, can the various Eastern traditions such as Buddhist karmic cycle, subtle energy performances and Vedic With Western methods of psychotherapy (inner child, therapy) to an integrated coherent system connect involution theory. Karma is specifically experienced in everyday Western. Spiritual death”by Lina life is a fascinating experience report that specifically and vividly makes karma and at the same time offers a solution, as particularly bad karma can be overcome. The report provides explanations to the karmic contexts and the development path the reader / reader’s Guide might therefore that awareness expert Lina is already personally gone the way of spiritual life – always bearing in mind. The response to the spiritual death experience report”by Lina life awareness expert shows that there is significant need for advice to karma.

That’s why awareness expert Lina has decided life, to offer telephone advice of karma and to support people on their personal spiritual path. The Western world is now interested in karma and there is very qualified advisory services important, the Karma will be concrete and practical can be and integrated into everyday life. To the review offer spiritual extinction”(ISBN-13: 978-3-8334-5336-6; and the personal telephone consultation with awareness expert Lina to life. Detailed information about the Karma advice, feedback and also the dangers of repatriation can be found on the website and erfahrungsbericht.html content: dissolve karma, Karma return, Karma consulting Norderstedt, Lina, life 14.02.

Why Some Dogs Are Destructive

Cordial greeting to all readers. Here we are again, with a theme that restless and affects many dog owners.The destructive behaviors of dogs. Which are the main causes that our dogs do damage inside House?To address this issue, it is essential to take into account the origin of our dogs, since it is there where lies much of the explanation of the destructive behaviors in our pets.The main ancestor of our dogs is the Wolf. In the wild, wolves need to hunt to survive, this work of Hunt implies large wear of energy due to the enormous physical and mental effort that involves asechar pursue and kill prey. As we have already mentioned in previous articles, much of the genetic background of the Wolf, found in the modern dog, this means that many of the basic behaviors of the dog are equal to the Wolf, including of course the natural hunting to survive momentum.

To this we can add that many races in principle were bred and used to work in the field involving long hours of work next to the man. The life of modern man is quite different from the man of decades ago with the technological modernization has become sedentary, the main activity focuses on big cities, in factories offices and similar places. The field is synonymous with rest and recreation for the modern man. The problem is that changes in routine for humans, have also affected the lives of pets who live beside her.Our modern dogs, do not have to work to get your food, we provide them daily without represent this effort by our pets. Farmers do not go to help hunters pick up birds, the Dalmatians already do not run alongside horse-drawn cars, the Rottweilers already do not graze livestock or guarding the money of the butchers, and the Fox Terrier already not hunt mice or animals burrow.For dogs, however inherited impulses of their ancestors for hundreds of years are still inside. Imagine pretend to have all this gene, inactive quiescent within an apartment or a House. And is that the problem is not space and that in the majority of cases our dogs need activity and activity good, running, chasing and being chased dominate and be dominated spend so much energy accumulated.

Do if we talk about harmful puppies must add you more than energy, and the typical immaturity of the first months of life, then we think would leave you to your baby human from two years alone and without supervision within the House? . So that when a dog does damage this boring, do not for evil, for revenge or grudge with their masters, simply lacks activity and attention to balance your energies. Have you thought for a moment, that would mean for a normal human being, a full day of inactivity? Zero outputs, zero TV, zero music etc. etc.? Complicated truth? That is the case of our modern pets ceased to be major assistants of the workings of man to become only company mascots. It is then our responsibility as owners provide to those wonderful in unconditional friends dogs, what they need, since they not asked to be on our side.Before judging our furry friends, we reflect and have some compassion and justice with them.

Start Earning Money Online

Start to make money on the Internet may seem simple and easy, but it is not exactly the case. It needs a lot of time and effort to be successful and get to win fluidly. If you’re thinking about starting an Internet business, you must do several things in order to create a solid base, which is crucial in the development of a business process. 1. Find your lugarHay thousands and thousands of niches, and is not as simple to choose one of them. First that nothing will have to make an analysis before choosing the niche which you’re going to go. Basically, it is best to choose a niche that interests you. Ideally, it is best to find a niche that interests you, and that is profitable.

Then you will need to analyze the competition and see the ways to overcome them little by little. 2. Analyze the mercadoEs of great importance analyze market thoroughly before entering into this adventure. You will need to check other sites in that market, you have to check the supply and demand, you will have to check which approach will be the best, then apply it. 3.

Choose a good name of dominioNo settle with any domain name. I do not think that you will find the best because it is safer than already this busy, but at least try to get one of the best in that niche. Ideally, you choose a dot com, with your keyword (s) in it. Either choose a domain name with many scripts, because search engines that don’t like. Choose a domain name that is short, easy to remember and that contains key words. 4. A good Disenosi are not a designer, you can hire a designer to design your web page. It’s really worth it. A web site with a great design is more pleasant for the eyes of visitors, which makes them remember the site and its quality, what often has as a consequence the later return of the visitor. 5 Investing in content content is the main thing of all, they say.

Bridal Hairstyles

How is it done to find a hairstyle for brides incredibly well? Normally, even stylists with more experience will not offer something extraordinary; they have a few few hairstyles of girlfriend who usually made for its clients, and most are hairstyles with waves. But what if what you want is something innovative, different from what people are used? Well, this situation is difficult, but not impossible to resolve. First that nothing, you have to be creative. Always use accessories is a good way of doing that your Bridal hairstyle will look spectacular. Buckles with jewels or fine binchas are good choices. You have to choose your Bridal hairstyle accessories wisely.

You try to select something that you can use after the day. You can also save money if you use an old necklace, rings, or any piece jewelled as styling accessories. The use of small jewelry is widely used in wedding hairstyles; even if they are very small, they make a significant change. Anything between pearls even diamond will do to your hairstyle see more than special. Flowers are also a great way to decorate your wedding hairstyle, but don’t forget that you have to do the merge. A collected hairstyle fits with a single array or multiple small flowers. If your hair flows down, one or two large flowers will suffice to decorate it. On the other hand, if you find it difficult to let your imagination do the work, you could search for new ideas of modern brides hairstyles in any of the numerous web sites or magazines.

If you find something interesting, not necessary that you copy the hairstyle exactly as it is. You try to come up with several different bridal hairstyles and works to make an inimitable combination. Choose the most interesting and beautiful hairstyle and tries to assemble your own creation. The most important recommendation here is to listen to your tastes and your intuition. At this time, you’re unique; all you need to do is snap your girlfriend with your personality style. Do not worry or fall into frustration. Look at the process of choosing your hairstyle as an interesting adventure, goes through the local and studying magazines. Wait until the perfect idea about your Bridal hairstyle. You’ll see that it is an exciting activity that you enjoy.


You can sell products with great success through the Internet. It is quite possible and a lot of traders are making a lot of money through online business. You need to educate yourself in this field and choose the best strategy for your online business. Here are some tips that will help you get a great idea about the process of sales made over the Internet. The affiliate program is the best way.

Sales will increase if you have a good traffic. Give a small Commission to each person who advertises your product is one of the oldest and most profitable techniques that exist today. It is also a very easy technique apply in the Internet world since you pay your affiliates while you receive higher earnings. A search have on Google and found some guidance getting started in the affiliate market. The optimization of your website in search engines is also one of the most effective ways to grow your sales index.

Since thanks to that more people are going find more easily your product. If you’re good at optimization in search engines you can sell your services. Get traffic from search engines is essential since there it depends on if your sales increase significantly. The use of social to sell media is not a new idea. But sites like Facebook and Twitter can help a lot since people helps to disseminate your product or service and that attracts more visitors to your Web site. Both can offer you a great amount of sales and popularity. Links from social media sites are treated as backlinks in Google so have a great value in SEO. It takes into account that love people receive gifts. If you offer some type of discount or promotion, you can be a motivating factor for any client that use your service or buy any of your products. There are many options that offer systems of coupons that you can use with great efficiency thanks to the popularity and the amount of people who use social media in a daily manner.