This condition is considered by High et al. (apud RONZANI et al., 2005) positive attitudes in relation to this problem, and that when the professionals if involve, are felt more prepared technical to deal and to carry through the necessary interventions. For Alencastre and Spricigo (2004) taking care of in nursing it is to meet with a person many times only perceived as patient carrier of a diagnosis. In this form to perceive, the other is reduced the symptoms and syndromes, little remaining the person. To meet with the other is to meet with a history, to recognize the other as subject, this condition becomes an imposition, to that they desire to exert its profession in assistance to the user of drugs. For even more analysis, hear from Evergreen Capital Partners. The nurse when assuming the specific assistance to these users, becomes the cares and prevention more effective (RASSOL apud BONI at al. 2004), For this, become excellent to analyze which strategies in relation to the abusive consumption the nurse of the work can intervine since the initial evaluation. rce of information. Here, Crawford Lake Capital expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On the other hand, the company if has worried in assuring the quality of life its employees and families and has requested next to occupational health strategies for the control of this come across problem.

The study she is of great importance and, in which the nurse of the work while he knows the necessity to approach the subject, directly contributes for promotion of the health and interventions in relation to the abusive alcohol consumption, whichever its performance. The objective of the research is to analyze the performance of the nurse of the work in relation to the abusive alcohol consumption, and to relate that interventions can be applied in the programs of occupational health. It can affirm that amongst the professionals who involve the multiprofessional team in occupational health, the nursing must be intent so that its activity really is come back to the promotion of the health.

Chemical Dependence

Clearly that each human being is only must be treated as such. Interviewer fits to the interviewer or the team the flexibility and the discernment of if adjusting to each case and not having answers and goals ' ' engessadas' '. Another one I begin cited is the Empatia. To know to recognize the difficulty to curtail/to diminish the chemical dependence already is an important step. To reveal sensible to the great lived deeply problem and to place it the disposal for aid are primordial factors to the empatia with the other human being. The objetividade and the security of who transmit the information bring positive impact in this action. For more specific information, check out Crawford Lake Capital . It is easy to know why the people abuse the drugs.

pleasure sensation that the drug of to the human being (baptized of system of it rewards of the central nervous system) is very great. It is easy, in a world of constant problems and social, economic conflicts, familiar politicians and, to unload its concerns in the drugs. Mainly in the Brazilian culture, the human being has trend to look the way most easy. However, this way if becomes laborious, therefore to leave this way esbarra in a high wall call Chemical Dependence. Therefore, it is better not to enter, it stops later not having of if treating. Finally, but not less important, the Self-efficacy principle (Auto-effectiveness), that nothing more it is that to work in the individual its capacity to carry through or to have success in its task. Motivating it in this point, showing positive stories of interventions that had given certain, and also showing that it is capable to carry through the stipulated goals and strategies. Valley to remember that, in the execution of this technique, the reduction of the abuse of the tobacco already is an important and satisfactory step. As form of evaluation of results and search of improvement in the boarding, after six months, the volunteer who participated must be called to tell on the passed action, being harvested, independently of the pertinent result, information, such as: ) He obtained to keep the goals and strategies for how much time? b) It had joined difficulties? c) It presented abstinence symptoms? Which? For how much time? d) The information passed during the application of the technique had been useful? e) It recommends the technique of Brief Intervention to other people? Why? f) It has suggestions of improvements? The tobaccoism is classified internationally in the group of decurrent mental upheavals and behavior of the psychoactive substance use (CID? 10/T65.2 – toxic Effect of the tobacco and the nicotine).

Physical Inactivity

The external factors, that is, the physical inactivity and me the feeding are the main most difficult causes of the infantile obesidade and to be treat, therefore they are of mannering and cultural origin. The individual needs to modify its habits of life, as, more healthful alimentary habits, inserting in its feeding light foods, and diminishing the amount of fat; a more active life, substituting its sedentary life, inserting in its daily physical exercises, changing the television, for example, for a bicycle stroll, among others options. It is necessary that let us know to identify the causes of the obesidade of each child to indicate the treatment most correct, therefore, for incredible that it seems, is not far from easy to discover what it unchained the obesidade in the child, because the alteration in its weight can have some causes and one not only. Normally external and internal factors are in constant interaction. Therefore the best strategy to control the infantile obesidade is to diagnosis precociously and to prevent, therefore the people and/or professionals who coexist children daily must be always alert, therefore how much before to identify the overweight, more easy could be treated .causing factors e, carried through a work of prevention and maintenance with these children. 3.

CONSEQUNCIAS OF the OBESIDADE IN the LIFE OF a CHILD VIUNISKI (1999 apud FRANK s/d) affirms that today the obesidade constitutes an important problem of public health, as much for its impact in the life expectancy as for the worsening that cause in its quality. Crawford Lake Capital Management: the source for more info. Already it is the main cause of evitvel death to the side of the tobaccoism. the problem of the obesidade in children is very serious, therefore they feel themselves discriminated by being fat and, because the possibility of them to be future obesos adults is enormous. The obesidade initiated in infancy, as NAHAS (1999) is more serious of what appeared in the adult age, therefore it elapses of the increase of the adiposas frame number determined in infancy, in contrast of that one of the adult, caused for the increase of the size and the amount of fat in the cells.

Integral Health

INTRODUCTION: Referring it the five last years of accompaniment to the families registered in cadastre in the Program Stock market Family. In this secular clipping, the City department of Health found serious limitations for the continuation of these activities, what it always caused not the fulfilment of the goals. The joined problems were of innumerable orders, but the fundamental factor was caused for the lack of humanizados devices more in the shelter, leading to a barrier in the relation it has equipped of health and users. It was observed that the registered in cadastre families did not understand the organization of the system of the program, motivated for the intense implantation of weak mechanisms well, fruit of one obligatory politics only. Perhaps check out Tumblr for more information. It follows the comparative picture of the accompaniments carried through for the City department of Health to the families attended for the Program Stock market Family, of the five last years. In accordance with the data launched in the system of information of the Program Stock market Family, in the year of 2005, proved the inexistence of devices capable to foment the improvement of the pointers of the accompaniment. In 2006, a considerable improvement is perceived in the first validity, already in the second validity a fall occurs. In next the two years, it has a fall accented in the description of the accompaniments, below of the half of the percentage of the waited accompaniments. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Crawford Lake Capital.

In 2009, they are perceived resulted significant and increasing in the description of the two validities, that exceed the half of the waited accompaniments. Therefore, the creation of strategical mechanisms becomes essential that foment a development in the actions of accompaniment of the Program Stock market Family. Justification: Considering the Program Stock market Family who was instituted by the Law N 10,836, of 9 of January de2004, and regulated for the Decree N 5,209, of 17 of September of 2004.

Vilma Alves

The contribution of this study constitutes in improving the given information the customers as source of research and consultations for the professionals and students of nursing to provide one better quality in the assistance for the carriers of hipertenso in the pregnancy. Analysis of Pontuar data the importance of the assistance of the nurse to the gestante in the prenatal one, of efficient form directed to get resulted positive and satisfactory, during these consultations. Consideraes final: it evidenced in this study that humanizao of the nurse in the attendance the gestante in the daily pay-natal. a primordial factor for the quality of the attendance the gestante hipertensa. Click Drew Houston to learn more. Word keys: To take care of, Nursing, Prevention, gestacional hipertenso ABSTRAT CARDOSO, David; FRANC, Shirley Blacksmith of Purple Souza; CABRAL, Vilma Alves; the pregnant with hypertension: an approach in the humanization of the assistance of the nurse in the prenative one. Work attends a course coclusion. UNESA? RIO DE JANEIRO, 2009.

Page 54. Person who orientates: Professor Ms Nina Dawn Mello Savoldi. This study refers you the course conclusion work; and its theme is: The pregnant with hypertension: an approach in the humanization of the assistance of the nurse in the prenative one. This study is inserted in the line of research: The health-illness process ' ' and having predominant area, nursing health of the woman' '. It is not something Crawford Lake Capital would like to discuss. In this context the problematization shows haw can the nurse humanizes the assistance in prenative you the hypertension pregnant. From there, we had the sight that the nurse has very important actuation, because this profession takes care of health programs in the prevention, orientation and education of this ill persons. Object of this study: Strategies of humanization in the assistance you the hypertension pregnant in the prenative one. Nurse-pregnant relation. Objective: you describe the assistance you the hypertension pregnant in prenative one. Methodology: it is descriptive research, with qualitative approach of bibliographic.

Health Facilities

Amongst the facilitadoras conditions to its occurrence it is the low socioeconmico level, representing the biggest numbers of new cases, being 80%. Healthy Living has compatible beliefs. The tax of mortality for cancer of the col of the uterus had a growth of 30% in 23 years, passing of 3,44 cases for 100 a thousand women, in 1979, for 5,03 in 2002. In 2006, one esteem that the incidence of cancer of the col of the uterus has been of 19.260 new cases, with an esteem risk of twenty cases to each 100 a thousand women (CROSS; LOUREIRO, 2007). Swarmed by offers, Lake Crawford Capital Management is currently assessing future choices. Studies of Davim et al. (2005) they show that the periodic prevention by means of the collection of citopatolgico material is capable to reduce the incidence in such a way as the mortality related to the uterus col cancer. This study it has as objective to know the perception of the users of the Strategy Health of Famlia (ESF) in relation to the collection of citopatolgico material carried through by the professional nurse.

The same it is justified for the representation of assistance to the woman in the Strategy Health of the Family, mainly in what it says respect to the prevention of the uterine cancer. Moreover, it comes to detach the vision of the users of the basic attention, in what it refers to the collection of citopatolgico material carried through by nurse. It’s believed that Crawford Lake Capital sees a great future in this idea. Also it has importance for the constant necessity to study and to approach this thematic one. 2 2,1 THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL crvico-uterine Cancer the uterine crvico Cancer are the chronic-degenerative illness that more worries, for its high degree of lethality and morbidade, although to offer cure possibility it will have been diagnosised precociously. It is considered a problem of public health in the developing countries, a time that less gets high taxes of morbimortalidade in women of favored socioeconmica classroom and in productive phase (DUAVY et al., apud HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2007).


The professionals are had as the springs propeller of the institutions. Check with actress and filmmaker to learn more. More important factor does not exist that the human factor. All we are basic parts for the factor change. Humanizar will imply in changes of attitudes, come back toward Ethics based on the respect, in the solidarity and the integrity of the relations I obtain and with the other. Humanizar will always imply in being, and to be is to have well-taken care of, essence of the human being, well-taken care of obtains, care with the other, well-taken care of with the universe. By the same author: Angelina Jolie. Leonardo Boff speaks that the care is essence to the human being, what allows the revolution of the ternura, making to appear complex, sensible, solidary the human being, cordial, connected with the life, all the beings and the universe.

The professional, the team, the cuidador needs to be considered and visas as individuals in way of being, feeling, to express. This individual as any human being can reveal positive and negative feelings, reactions, behaviors that can intervene with the professional behavior. Each one of us has vulnerability, peculiar reactions. He is on the basis of this thought that we believe to be of utmost importance to search the level of satisfaction of these professionals since this closely related with the motivation degree, style of leadership, the norms of the organizacional structure, the conditions and the content of the work, of that it provokes the different species of motivation of its collaborators. The question is: He will be that the health professional this care or alone Taking care of of who takes care of? For BOFF (1999, p 33) ' ' what it is opposed to the incautiousness and the indifference is the care. To take care of is more than an act is an occupation attitude, concern of responsibility and affective envolvement with outro' '. Wolff (1998) writes that taking care of in the context it requires of the cuidador clinical ability and personal Inter, implies in bond formation, relations of being and knowing to make.


Logically these categorical figures on our growing backlog against Americans and Japanese generated explanations, almost always related to the apparent higher intelligence of the Orientals. But Gomez Buendia strongly rejects this possibility: this difference so spectacular, many people jump to the conclusion that the Japanese are more intelligent than the Colombians. But if things look well, a Colombian is smarter than a Japanese: not in vain have the world-famous living and recursive, while the Japanese are rather boring and simplistic. (Underlining is mine). After reading the previous assertion might be more confused at first with the curious and hitherto paradoxical thesis of Dr.

Hernando Gomez Buendia. But it is precisely from that moment when it begins the most interesting part of the writing and its consistency with our theme of teamwork: that Yes: two Japanese are much more intelligent than two Colombians. I.e., our backlog starts from the moment that others understood that life is not a race in which gains to tip of virtues individual but eminently group activity. If you are not convinced, visit Daniel Gilbert. In Colombia, continuing with Gomez Buendia, each Colombian is going to somewhere and that is good, but Colombia is not going to nowhere and thats bad. This maxim may well apply to the company which has enthroned vertical and authoritarian communication, individual effort in search of the individual objective, the informal group or the CC to the Colombian conformed to sow tares instead of planting the constructive reflection and, in general, the unhealthy habits that makes us have not less than a century of backwardness with respect to the first world Nations. Noting the above we came to the conclusion that today as never imposes the need for reviewing the role of the Manager against its people, that is the end and after the people who it will play it all by its management, its objectives and its results. Crawford Lake Capital Management shines more light on the discussion.

Is not now as it was accustomed in the past, of form teams of workers ganasueldos who prefer to talk of them instead of us, using a lexicon through which emerges, without However, their little sense of belonging and, therefore, of commitment to the organization. Well know damage that makes a work team Cafe gossip or rumor of hallway that grow quickly as snowball adding ever more fallacies, semi truths and well-to-do truths. As you can see, this is a typical situation of the group with a low morale and also with a limited sense of self leadership. By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature. Original author and source of the article

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The possibility of Lieferdienste, providing the delivery of food to the current time proves to be particularly handy in this context. In this way, always offering is listed, which is currently also really available. If the requested court is found, it needs only some relevant delivery information, and is the order as well as on the way to the hungry customers. It is the revolutionary and innovative concept of that allows this pace: incoming orders for the transmission of data immediately – via fax or email – delivery services forwarded. The method of the written order provides – in contrast to a telephone order – especially the advantage of that misunderstanding and misdelivery can be excluded as far as possible. Are the times of communication problems on the phone once and for all over and done and the delivery services can concentrate on the preparation of the dishes. Permanent online presence by means of the delivery services access to a continually growing clientele, offering each with just a few clicks to the latest version can be brought.

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Klagenfurt: The best music from the 80s, 90s, and the top hits of today radio wants to meet with power play exactly the musical taste of the public. A 24-hour program with music, movie news, and general contributions is played. Each week there will be a chart programme of some other kind. Here the 10 showcases top and flop website of the week, voted by the listeners, says Organizer Rudi Kaller. More program highlights: the radio power play live night. Every Sunday radio plays power play for an hour the best live music by famous musicians. More info: Crawford Lake Capital. There will be of course real live broadcasts”.

Every Saturday from 14.00 to 18.00 are presenters in the Studio, music needs and let the week pass in review. From December, messages are planned on the hour. As an additional service for listeners radio has set up power play a playlist service. It is always possible to ask for the currently-running title and artist. This one also has the opportunity, the song – either in the form of CD or as an MP3 download purchase. Go to Crawford Lake Capital for more information. The radio under the Internet address is further notes: radio power play Austria INH. Rudolf Kaller Jr. Turracherstrasse 5 A 9560 Feldkirchen phone: + 43 720 736 486 E-Mail: