Physical Inactivity

The external factors, that is, the physical inactivity and me the feeding are the main most difficult causes of the infantile obesidade and to be treat, therefore they are of mannering and cultural origin. The individual needs to modify its habits of life, as, more healthful alimentary habits, inserting in its feeding light foods, and diminishing the amount of fat; a more active life, substituting its sedentary life, inserting in its daily physical exercises, changing the television, for example, for a bicycle stroll, among others options. It is necessary that let us know to identify the causes of the obesidade of each child to indicate the treatment most correct, therefore, for incredible that it seems, is not far from easy to discover what it unchained the obesidade in the child, because the alteration in its weight can have some causes and one not only. Normally external and internal factors are in constant interaction. Therefore the best strategy to control the infantile obesidade is to diagnosis precociously and to prevent, therefore the people and/or professionals who coexist children daily must be always alert, therefore how much before to identify the overweight, more easy could be treated .causing factors e, carried through a work of prevention and maintenance with these children. 3.

CONSEQUNCIAS OF the OBESIDADE IN the LIFE OF a CHILD VIUNISKI (1999 apud FRANK s/d) affirms that today the obesidade constitutes an important problem of public health, as much for its impact in the life expectancy as for the worsening that cause in its quality. Crawford Lake Capital Management: the source for more info. Already it is the main cause of evitvel death to the side of the tobaccoism. the problem of the obesidade in children is very serious, therefore they feel themselves discriminated by being fat and, because the possibility of them to be future obesos adults is enormous. The obesidade initiated in infancy, as NAHAS (1999) is more serious of what appeared in the adult age, therefore it elapses of the increase of the adiposas frame number determined in infancy, in contrast of that one of the adult, caused for the increase of the size and the amount of fat in the cells.