The Report

Methodology of the Problematizao has a general orientation as all method, walking for distinct and chained stages from a problem detected in the reality. A true methodology, understood consists as a set of methods, techniques, procedures or activities intentionally selected and organized in each stage, in accordance with the nature of the problem in study and the general conditions of the participants. (BERBEL, 1998). Today the universities but they aim at the market and the students feel themselves guaranteed more with a professional formation by means of a superior education, preparing itself for the society that each time more is demanding. For not feeling itself excluded socially, many pupils make random choices in the courses future, resulting in not the identification with the course and a defection. As Cobra and Braga (2004): one of the main challenges of the IES is to understand that the pupils do not buy courses, buys, in the truth, a professional career of success. that the necessary school to add value its courses so that its pupils have conditions to dispute space in the work market.

Still a bigger investment in public politics is necessary, that effectively the population will bring an orientation concerning the insertion of the society in superior level, where if has as example in the accurate courses of the defection is well bigger that the area of human beings. Without a doubt, scientific research must be increased by the pupils so that the society it can be informed which the courses that its locality really needs formed professionals, with the qualification due. As we can evidence the courses of accurate sciences do not withhold the exclusiveness of the high taxes of evasion. The data in itself can take the conclusions precipitated on the institucional efficiency. The Report of the MEC recommends that in specific areas the evasion of incomplete generations is studied to locate its causes better.