Experience Report

Spiritual life coaching by Lina life awareness expert knowledge of karma and karmic relationships spread increasingly in the West – and yet Karma for many people remains more abstract theory from a foreign Eastern worldview. “Sometimes karma is even misused pretext as compassion to abandon the other has shut their own fault to have created such a bad karma” and the meaning of karma does not meet. Karma is a reality that shaped people’s lives. That is why it is very important, with karmic becoming familiar contexts, if one wants to improve his quality of life. Can be concretely experienced karma and overcome the entire human karmic system awareness expert Lina describes how life in their review of spiritual death”.

That awareness expert Lina life perceives Karma personally experienced, subtle, and even paints, can the various Eastern traditions such as Buddhist karmic cycle, subtle energy performances and Vedic With Western methods of psychotherapy (inner child, therapy) to an integrated coherent system connect involution theory. Karma is specifically experienced in everyday Western. Spiritual death”by Lina life is a fascinating experience report that specifically and vividly makes karma and at the same time offers a solution, as particularly bad karma can be overcome. The report provides explanations to the karmic contexts and the development path the reader / reader’s Guide might therefore that awareness expert Lina is already personally gone the way of spiritual life – always bearing in mind. The response to the spiritual death experience report”by Lina life awareness expert shows that there is significant need for advice to karma.

That’s why awareness expert Lina has decided life, to offer telephone advice of karma and to support people on their personal spiritual path. The Western world is now interested in karma and there is very qualified advisory services important, the Karma will be concrete and practical can be and integrated into everyday life. To the review offer spiritual extinction”(ISBN-13: 978-3-8334-5336-6; sites.google.com/site/spmissbr) and the personal telephone consultation with awareness expert Lina to life. Detailed information about the Karma advice, feedback and also the dangers of repatriation can be found on the website and erfahrungsbericht.html content: dissolve karma, Karma return, Karma consulting Norderstedt, Lina, life 14.02.