Partial Reports

When we ask to which ' ' the topics that are boarded in the autoone; ' , 25% of the interviewed ones (pupil) said that the evaluation of the pupils occurs only, 25% (managing) said that it has the evaluation of the series, 25% (managing) placed that the evaluation of the staff exists administrative technician, 25% (teacher) said that it has the evaluation of the faculty, 25% (managing) said that it has the evaluation you discipline of them and 75% (pupil, director, professor) had been unanimous in saying that has the evaluation of the pertaining to school management. However, with regard to this item of the interview, the interviewed father placed that ' ' if he happens the auto-evaluation, this is internal, only with professors and direction. When the parents participate say themselves of each specific pupil, not of the one general panorama of this institucional evaluation, as a reflection to the act of avaliar' '. Thus, but a time is possible to make mention to the previous paragraph, where already it was placed of the importance of the participation of all the segments of the school, including the parents, in the processes of institucional evaluation. In the sequence, when &#039 was asked if; ' its school carries through the sensitization to promote the shelter, the construction and the participation of all in the avaliativo process? ' ' , 50% of the interviewed ones (pupil and professor) had said that this occurs to the times, 25% (managing) placed that this always happens and 25% (father) spoke that this never happens. With this, we perceive one more time we perceive that, either even so necessary the presence of the parents in the process of institucional evaluation, this does not occur in fact as it would have. After that, when we question which actions that happen to prepare and to develop auto-evaluation in the school, 75% of the searched citizens (professor, director and pupil) had said that accomplishment of meetings with all exists the segments of the Institution, 50% (professor and director) explained that it has collective construction of the pointers and instruments of collection of data, 75% (professor, director and pupil) had placed that all participate of the definition of the methodology of application, analysis and interpretation of data, 25% (managing) said that it has the analysis and interpretation of the data Partial Reports, only 25% (professor) clearly left that quarrel of the results with the community exists intern, 75% (professor, professor pupil) said that it has spreading of the result of the internal evaluation for the pertaining to school community, also to the responsible ones for the pupils and finally, only 25% (professor) said that after all process of auto-evaluation is made a reflection concerning the avaliativo process. .