Many people have the belief that anyone who has a mere knowledge of two languages can translate. But this belief is completely false and, often, dangerous. A professional translator is a person who not only have knowledge of linguistic and grammatical aspects of two languages but it also dedicated many years of study to learn the techniques that allow to perform accurate translations and quality. It also delves into diverse areas of knowledge which will define their fields of specialization. It is important to educate the people and teach that not anyone is apt to translate and which depends on the professionalism of the translator the final outcome of the product. When is needed to translate legal documents (contracts, acts, powers), technical documents (manuals, instructions on how to operate specific equipment, computer-related documents), Web sites, brochures or need a job of dubbing and/or subtitling, among others, there are that recourse to a professional translator. In these cases, the translator must demonstrate a perfect mastery of the languages with which we work and an excellent knowledge of the subject on which will be translated.

Of course, an excellent spelling and an impeccable writing are other so long-awaited features that must have professional. It should not be forgotten that the recipient of the translation should read the text as if it were an editorial in their language of origin. Also, the translator must be able to transport from the source language to the target language as many characteristics of the text, i.e., to recreate it. Another very important aspect is adjusted to each customer’s specific orders. In summary, the translator must have a clear idea of the topic on which will be translated, who will be the recipients of the translation and what use will be given to the final product. Specifically, the translator must guarantee the fidelity of translation which produced.