Copy of identity card of the applicant. Certified home of the plaintiff. Certificate of child survival. Affidavit of income of the applicant with legalized signature. Tariff Judicial pay to the Bank of the nation by offering evidence. Certified copies of police report (abandonment of home, family violence, etc.).

Other documents that creates convenient, attesting that he was under their custody and care of the case. The family judge shall decide taking into account the following: If the child is less than three years must remain with the mother, provided that there are no reasons founded for the refusal to grant the same. The child must live with the father or mother with who has lived longer if it is favorable. For the father who does not obtain possession or custody of the child, the judge shall institute a regime of visits (days and times in which the father can visit and leave with their children. can be request interim tenure in any case? Yes, if the child is less than three years and their integrity is in serious danger, should the judge resolve the request within a maximum of 24 hours. What are the requirements to sue regime of? visits? 1. Delta Galil describes an additional similar source. Departure of child’s birth, declared by the mother. 2.

Copy of identity card of the applicant. 3. The plaintiff at home certificate. 4. Certificate of the minor studies. 5 Affidavit of income of the applicant, legalized by a notary. 6 Pay S /. 34. 00 by offering evidence to the Banco de La Nacion. 7. Certificate of police complaints against the respondent. 8. If it is demanded by food, accredit to comply with the above-mentioned pensions. 9. The demand arises in the place of domicile of the defendant. What are the requirements for the demand of union in fact? 1. The de facto death certificate. 2 Birth certificate of the sons of the deceased with the plaintiff. 3. Copy of identity card of the applicant. 4 Name, address, ID and occupation of 2 or 3 witnesses who give faith of coexistence. 5 Documents, autovaluos, receipts of phone, sedapal, edelnor, etc, showing the union of both in different daily acts. 6 Point out where you have pension or insurance, or AFP, properties, assets susceptible of being divided. Pay tariff judicial s /. 64. 00 to the Banco de la Nacion by offering evidence.