Shared Construction

Shared housing – is a type of construction, in which the residential or nonresidential building construction funds for civil-holders, who, after putting the object become owners of apartments in new buildings. Contract of participation in joint construction – a document to sign which must be taken with all the necessary conditions of the contract .K shared construction include the following: 1. Determination of non-transferable specific object of shared construction means an indication of his contract design features in accordance with project documentation. Add to your understanding with Drew Houston. Parameters of the property, which should be necessarily included in the contract, nor By law to participate in the joint construction, nor the Regulations on the peculiarities of state registration of a joint construction, the rights and restrictions (encumbrances) of rights to immovable property in connection with equity real estate construction property, approved by Order of Russian Ministry of Justice on June 9, 2005 N82, are not specified. In practice, the contract usually specifies building street address, the type series at home (if model construction), the number of floors, number of sections, and floor on which the apartment building apartment number and its area. Annexes to the contract typically serve a copy of floor plans of the premises on which visually observed the location of the transferred facilities. 2.

The term of the transfer – a significant term of the contract of a joint construction. In Art. 6 of the participatory construction contains the regulatory requirements for Transfer deadline participatory construction of the object of participatory construction.